1. K

    An ilustration for the period before WWII

    - group of Bulgarians suffer the consequences of their choise.
  2. B

    Comparisons of level of literacy in different societies during the medieval period?

    In what societies, literacy was most prevalent during the different times in the medieval period (400-1500). At the risk of being a Euro-centric classification, we can use this classification of the medieval period into 3 phases: 1.) Early medieval, 400-1000, 2.) High medieval, 1000-1300, 3.)...
  3. WhatAnArtist

    What period of history or historical figure makes for the best story?

    By story I mean exactly that; a series of events told in a fashion that is meant to entertain or excite. Disregard many important things we usually consider when discussing history like the morality of the events or actions, the success of them, the legacy of them, the lessons of them, etc, and...
  4. Balian

    What period of Russian history is your favorite?

    What period of Russian history is your favorite? Mine is the Russian Empire 1721-1917
  5. M

    Late Sengoku Period Japan (Nobunaga, Tokugawa) vs European armies of the same period

    Late Sengoku Period Japan (Nobunaga, Tokugawa, etc...) vs *any* western armies (European or Middle-Eastern ones) of the same period. Ottoman, France, Britain, etc... How do you think these armies would compare? And who would you bet on if somehow, let's say magically, Japan appears next to any...
  6. VHS

    German military advisors in China during the Interwar period

    Although the German-trained divisions were decimated early during the Pacific War, we shouldn't ignore the fact that Germany invested in the Chinese military during the Interwar period. Otto Braun was much inferior to Mao Zedong in strategic and tactical achievements (he was literally a...
  7. Balian

    Which period of US History do you find most interesting?

    I admit that my knowledge of US history is limited. But based on the little i do know which i admit is not much i do find 1918-1945 to be the most interesting period in US history.
  8. JM1906

    European presence in Central Asia (Middle Age and Modern Period)

    Hello fellow history lovers. I'm writting a paper about Portuguese presence in Tibet (Jesuits in the 17th century). I would like to known about previous traveling (by land or ocean) from Europeans to Central Asia, and what were the impacts and news back in Europe. Thank you all.
  9. notgivenaway

    were ancient Chinese philsophers superior Westerners of the same period?

    Most of what Aristotle, Plato or Socrates said has been proven wrong or false, with notable exception such as the Allegory of the Cave, or Aristolte proving the water cycle. Compared to Sun Tzu, or Confucius, haven't they both had more longevity, and said things that are near timeless?
  10. E

    What was the most deadliest events during the 3 kingdoms period of China?

    What was the events that caused the death toll of the three Kingdoms period of China to be the third most deadliest conflict in human history?
  11. P

    Medieval warming period

    What happened in Europe after the 400 year Medieval warming period came to an end? I know that during the Medieval warming period population increased in some places doubled.
  12. VHS

    Song Dynasty: The Other Three Empires Period

    Since the Song Dynasty failed to fully control what is known as "China proper" to Westerner. (Contemporary People's Republic of China, excluding the province of Tibet (or Xizang), Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang and Jilin), this era is often known as another period of "Three Empires"...
  13. Oda Nobunaga

    Best Warlords in the Japanese Sengoku Jidai period?

    I'm interested to know what people think of this, obviously my name conveys what I think as well as Hattori Hanzo being awesome.
  14. T

    What big budget movie do you really feel does the period it depicts justice?

    We all have had our cringe moments with our "Braveheart"s, and "The Vikings", but what big budget films or TV shows do you really feel did the period some justice, and handled its subject matter with a fair amount of balance and tact My nomination would be Ridley Scots' 2005 movie...
  15. SNascimento

    A question about roman horseman in the republican period.

    So, there is something that I'd like to know: did any type of roman cavalry (including ally cavalry) from the Roman Republic, between the Punic Wars and the Marian's reforms, used two-handed lances? I searched a bit and I found someone saying that the Campanian Cavalry used lances, but I...
  16. EmperorTigerstar

    Most Interesting Roman Dynasty / Period

    The Roman Empire had multiple ruling dynasties. Especially with so many emperors dying a horrible death. Which dynasty or period of rapid change is the most interesting to you? To simplify it, this only goes up to the creation of Tetrarchy, as things got more complicated in terms of ruling...
  17. Alexander Walker

    New fiction film set in Europe's Migration Period

    A new fiction film project on Kickstarter is set in Europe's Migration Period. A multinational team is researching and developing financing for a drama set in ancient Europe. Filming is planned for next spring and summer in France, southern California, the Sierras and Mt. Whitney area. Project...
  18. Jeff UMN

    How effective would Roman* doctrine/equipment have been against later period armies?

    *Referring primarily to Roman civilization at its apex (~50 BCE - ~ 200 CE, with obvious margin of error), though comparisons throughout the whole era would also be welcome. Popular knowledge would seem to indicate that the equipment, infantry tactics, and general doctrine of a Roman legion is...
  19. S

    Logistical capabilities during the Warring States Period

    When reading about accounts of warfare during China's Warring States (475 BCE-221 BCE), it has become apparent to me that the number of soldiers each of the individual states are able to field are just impossibly high for that period of history. eg. The numerical figures for the Battle of...
  20. JDW

    Learning about medieval period?

    Hi, I would like to check out the entire history around the medieval period. From the 6th century with its beginnings (I think?) to its end. All the bits like the Mongol invasion and well everything but not the minuscule events just the key events. Is Wikipedia underrated in this type of...