1. Futurist

    Territorial claims in Europe in the pre-WWI and post-WWI time periods

    I want to do a list of territorial claims in Europe in the pre-WWI and post-WWI time periods. Basically, I want someone to correct me if I missed some territorial claim(s) and/or got anything wrong. Anyway, here goes: Pre-World War I: *France: Alsace-Lorraine *Belgium: Malmedy? *Germany: None...
  2. V

    Periods of disunity in ancient China

    I have a question about the following quote: “Western Europe was never effectively unified after the fragmentation of the Roman Empire, in spite of several relatively short lived attempts in early and modern times. China on the other hand was successfully unified to a strong central...
  3. kdbooklover16

    What historical periods are you sick and tired of studying?

    Title says it all- with what historical periods have you had your fill? I think, for me, I would say that is the case for the American Civil War, World War II, and the Tudor era. I'm sure the Tudor era is a common one for this. It's just talked about way too much. I've had enough of Henry VIII...
  4. P

    Periods in French History

    Similar to the thread about English history, I decided to make one about France's history as well. What period do you find the most interesting? Just like the English thread, try to limit your choices to three. - Pre-Roman/Gaullic History 500BC-50BC - Roman Gaul 50BC-486AD - Merovingian 486-751...
  5. Balian

    Periods in English history

    What are your 3 favorite period's in English history ? Mine are The Victorian era, The Tudor Era and The Stuart Era
  6. A

    Anthropogenic Indicators in Palynology and Migration Period(s)

    Map of locations in Poland from which high-resolution pollen diagrams are available (state of research as of year 2003): Palynological evidence seems to confirm that there was a hiatus in occupation or a large-scale depopulation in most of present-day territory of Poland during the so called...
  7. J

    Periods of single-party rule in the US — Positive or negative impact?

    I have a question for historians: Is there a general agreement on whether the periods of single-party dominance in American history had a positive or negative effect on the country? For the sake of clarity, let's define "single party dominance" as a political party having control of the White...
  8. The Feynman

    Your favourite book recommendations!

    Hey new guy here. I've been thinking about what my first post here should be, and I decided to start a lame recommendations post... only hopefully this one will not be so lame. I'm interested In finding books that cover the ancient peoples (preferably Romans but all are welcome), from any time...
  9. Balian

    Never mind

    Never mind
  10. ez123

    US vs UK, millions vs billions, commas vs periods

    Sometimes I notice differences between the US and UK and perhaps other European nations in the handling of numbers. For example, millions and billions seem to be used differently. Commas are used instead of periods for a decimal point. Where, when, and why did these differences happen? I...
  11. Gilda

    Historical periods they don't teach enough in BOOKS?

    Inspired by EmperorTigerstar's "school" threads: Which historical periods are so complex that you can't find books covering more than a narrow subject? My vote would be the first half of the 16th century. The Italy of the Medici popes, Leonardo, and Michelangelo is a separate subject from the...
  12. A

    Is Indian Art,Architecture, and Literature divided in periods and schools?

    I asked this question because syllabus of CSE mentions this topic by name, and it is one of the topic for which I do not even have faintest of inkling as to "what does this topic even contain!!". I am so at sea in culture department that I don't even know how Art, Architecture, and Literature...
  13. G

    Areas which remained Hindu strongholds during Buddhist-Jain peak periods

    Which areas in India specifically remained citadels of Hinduism even during the Buddhist-Jain peak periods (from the time of their inception to the emergence of the Guptas). How did these areas remain strongly adhering to Hinduism? What kept them insulated? I ask this because when I read the...
  14. A

    New User, love History all periods, preference Ancient

    Hey Guys! Love Armenian, Proto-IE history
  15. HistoryFreak1912

    Lesser known periods of American History

    So according to this forum, it seems the two most popular periods of American History are the Revolution and the Civil War, but I'm curious: all together, what period of American history do you think is less talked about? In this forum and otherwise? Just curious, because I remember opening up a...
  16. Fabius Maximus

    What are the factors behind periods of artistic brilliance?

    As the title says, what are the factors that lead to brilliant outpourings of artistic and literary talent, as in 4th- and 3rd-century BC Athens, 1st-century BC Rome, or Renaissance Europe? One factor that I've noticed with these periods is that they all witnessed a lot of political...
  17. K

    Intermittent Peace Periods

    Is intermittent peace periods predictable? The human world has gone through wars and natural disasters that come after a period of peace, and the cycle continues. If a chart of intermittent peace period since the onset of recorded history is drawn, could the length of our general peace period...
  18. Unstofam

    Most interesting time periods in history?

    What type of history do you find interesting? We all have different interests. I find the 20th century (specifically American history in the 20th century) to be especially fascinating. It seems to be a perfect mixture of technology and modernity and simplicity, but not too much technology like...
  19. Apachewarlord

    Why do great men appear at the same time in history, while other periods lack such me

    I've often wondered this. For example I've been studying the founding fathers late me and have been struck by the massive amount of brilliant and capable men in this time period, and was wondering why so many came about at the same time. At first my answer to this was that because it was such a...
  20. Xenology

    Who had the greater military minds during their time periods?

    So I'd like to know guys who in your guys opinion is the greater military minds of their time now I know a lot of people are going to say Atilla, Alexander, Sun Tzu, And Ceaser. But are their any others here are mine which aren't in order from my favorite to least favorite. 1.Alexander The...