1. King Caesar I

    Underrepresented Time Periods

    What time periods do you think are most under-represented in media and you would like to see some sort movie/television show based in that period.For me it would be the Crisis of the Third Century.
  2. V

    Possible cult from IVC and its continuation into the historical periods.

    These are two pics of IVC figurines dubbed as "Mother Goddesses".Keep an eye on their "crown". Now this same exact headdress occurs in Sunga sculptures dubbed as "Yakshinis".See the red circle.Also notice the "belt" in the waist,same as in the IVC figurines. There are Mauryan and...
  3. F

    Times of peace deserve more attention

    Though about all wars have their own particular names, and so many of them are described and analyzed in works by historians, at the moment I can only come up with one famous period of relativre (or postulated) peace of any fame: The period of "Pax Romana". Here "peace" were not in any way...
  4. emperor of seleucid

    Tier List of Pre Modern Empires Relative to Time Periods

    Your Top Ten and Bottom five in Terms of Power. 1. Achenemid Empire during Darius's reign- with over fifty percent of the world's population and nearly all of the ancient world, Persia was by far the strongest relative to their time. 2. Maurya Empire during Ashoka's reign- with over 50...
  5. P

    How do you divide history periods up?

    Hi to all, This is my first post. I was wondering how everybody categorizes and divides the different periods of western history, for example: pre-history, ancient history to classical, classical antiquity to middle ages, middle ages to renaissance, renaissance to early modern, early modern...
  6. Corto Maltese

    What is your favorite Periods and eras in English history

    My favorite is the Victorian Era
  7. Caracalla

    Ancient Periods (I hope you're not eating)

    I was watching The Borgia's with the wife last night and there was a scene where the pope was trying to get it on with his mistress. She turned him down because it was that time of the month. My wife then asked me what they used instead for sanitary towels back then. I had no idea, but I thought...
  8. Earl_of_Rochester

    Dealing with the immense time periods

    Does anyone else feel like most other people don't realise quite how old the earth is and how insignificant the history of mankind is compared to everything else? What's the best way of explaining it? I never liked the 24 hour clock version with the dinosaurs being around for so many hours etc...
  9. C

    Looking for a history book about transitions between historical periods

    Growing up I was (and most of us were) taught history as different eras, different segments in time that seemed completely separate from each other. What I want to learn about and find extremely fascinating is the periods of transition between certain historical eras to others. For example...
  10. Salah

    Historical Periods you DON'T find interesting

    We have several threads on Historum about our favorite periods in history, but to my knowledge we don't have a thread about periods in history we DON'T like or find interesting. Well, now we do:p For me: The Tudors. I simply fail to see why so many people find this period so interesting...
  11. Jhangora

    History as an Alternation of Static and Creative Periods

    Found an interesting essay - The Cycles
  12. M

    short discriptions about history periods!?

    Hello, i'm not really historian , so sorry if i write something wrong. I'm single freelancer programmer and i have to make brain quiz game. My idea is to show players progress as humanity progress. I mean like wfhen he beats first level he gets short story about starting of human progress, for...