1. MinecraftEsportsPro

    Is Alexander the Great actually as bad as some people say he is?

    The main criticisms that I hear some people have of Alexander the Great is that his Army was already trained by Philip and that the Persians had a very weak army and incompetent leader. Of course he had a great army, and I'm sure it helped, but I don't believe all the credit should go to the...
  2. Kirialax

    Trajan's conquest of Parthia

    My second-century AD Roman history is pretty poor, but do we know what Trajan's intention was when he set on his Parthian campaign? Did he make a coherent effort to occupy Parthian territory and install Roman or friendly administration? I ask this because from a rather "zoomed-out" perspective...
  3. P

    Which Empire is most likley to reunite?

    I was wondering which empire is most likely to runeite in the persian-arabian-african region? Much Thanks!:rolleyes:
  4. Tammuz

    The Persian goddess Anahita

    The goddess Anahita is the Persian equivalent of the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar, the Arabic goddess Allat and the Greek goddesses Artemis and Pallas Athena as well as (less often) Aphrodite. She can partially be traced back to the Elamite Anahiti, who was modelled, like Allat, on Ishtar (see...
  5. Draki

    Racism in Eastern cultures

    It is fairly well known that Greeks referred to anyone that didn't speak Greek as a barbarian, however they had a particular distaste for most Middle Eastern cultures, literally considering them "subhuman" and "destined to be slaves". Most Greek thinkers held these views until the Hellenistic...
  6. L

    What is the legacy of Ancient Persia

    Well, what cultural or scientific advancements or any other important thing did the ancient Persians give us?
  7. Tammuz

    Roman Mithra´s rock birth known in 7th century Persia?

    Of course, Roman Mithraism stopped existing in the 5th century, however, is there indication that its myths (especially the rock birth of Mithra) had spread to Persia and somehow survived there until the 7th century? Or asked more simply: Was Roman Mithra mythology and especially the rock birth...
  8. M

    500 BC: Time-Traveller teaches Ancient Greece and Persia to make Gunpowder Weapons!

    In the date, January 1st, 500 BC, a Time-Traveller goes back to the Ancient Past to teach both the Greeks and Persians how to make and use Muskets and Cannons He spends three months in each city teaching its inhabitants: -Babylon (Persia) -Athens (Greece) -Sparta (Greece) -Pasargadae...
  9. M

    Bush's America helps Cyrus' Persia

    The US does not invade Iraq in the year 2003 Instead, President Bush initiates Operation Persian Revival... ...a joint American and British operation to go back in time and make the Achaemenid Persian Empire better than it was historically -Using advanced technology, they have built a portal...
  10. B

    I've started making historical battle animations

    I've loved history, It was my favorite subject in school but unfortunately there was never enough time in school to learn it all. recently I've found a way for me to have a reason to continue learning history and that was by sharing it. And what better way to share it than youtube right? So I've...
  11. E

    Achaemenid Persia - Women's Clothing

    I'm reading that during this period women actually (in comparison to other contemporary nations) had a lot of power/rights. They could own land, earn their own wages, had some political power, were educated, could travel freely, etc.. But, there is nearly no depictions of them, while there...
  12. D

    How does the Caste system runs in Persia Sassanid Dynasty?

    How does the Caste system runs in Persia Sassanid Dynasty? Is there any dynasty of Persia has Caste system?
  13. R

    Emperor Maurice and Khosrow II of Persia

    Emperor Maurice (ruled 582-602 B.C.) has been called the last of the Roman emperors and the first of the Byzantine. Indeed, his activities and efforts as sovereign were equally divided between what had been the western and the eastern halves of the Roman Empire. Maurice himself may have been of...
  14. Azad67

    African slaves in Qajar Persia

    Africans were integral to elite households of Persia. Black men were mostly eunuchs working inside the king’s harem and houses, while black women were servants to Iranian women
  15. N

    Persia without islam(ic conquest)?

    What kind of place Persia would be without islam? Or in other words, what if sassanids would have won islamic conquest? This sounds like an obvious question at first, because reading fast from wiki for example: religion and politics changed, but culture was pretty much persian. Realms and...
  16. P

    Greek humanities in Persia

    It is known that Plato, Aristotle, and Greek math and science were widely disseminated in the Muslim-world. But what about (other) Greek humanities? Did Persians translate Homer or Epicurus or Diogenes or anything like that?.
  17. P

    Why does Persia get it's butt kicked?

    I am kinda caught betwen the fact that medieval Persia was something of a cultural renaissance, and the fact that it spent the period losing out to Arabs, Turks, Mongols, and Timurids. Were the Persians just better poets than warriors? Can a society experience a cultural golden age but not a...
  18. G

    When was the civilizational golden age of Pre Islamic Persia

    Which timeline was their pre Islamic golden age? I believe it should be one of the peak periods of Acahemenid, Sassanids or Parthians but when and which exactly was their civilizational peak (besides just war and territorial glory)?
  19. D

    Cyrus of Persia's Tolerant Empire

    Today's selection -- from Fields of Blood by Karen Armstrong. In the sixth century BCE, Cyrus of Persia (now Iran) created the largest empire the world had yet seen. He did it in no small part because, instead of humiliating and deporting his new subjects as the Assyrians and Babylonians before...
  20. Q

    Turkey and Persia after WWI

    Hi everybody! I have been asked to compare and contrast what happened to Turkey and Persia in the years following the First World War. I am currently reading a History of the Middle East and I feel a need for more information than what has been given. Do you guys or gals have any insight on...