1. P

    Al-Biruni, the great Persian polymath

    Perhaps I am making too many threads on Islamic scholars but....then again, perhaps Persia's most notable scientist deserves a thread.... Al-biruni is more or less the greatest scientist to come out of Persia. Did he have any groundbreaking discoveries???
  2. Maoistic

    Reconsidering the Greco-Persian wars

    Rather than derail my other thread on China to an unrelated event, better to make a separate thread about the Greco-Persian wars. This post is what inspired it: To start, it's not fully true that Greek cities retained their independence the fifth century. Ionia remained fully annexed to the...
  3. Tammuz

    The Persian goddess Anahita

    The goddess Anahita is the Persian equivalent of the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar, the Arabic goddess Allat and the Greek goddesses Artemis and Pallas Athena as well as (less often) Aphrodite. She can partially be traced back to the Elamite Anahiti, who was modelled, like Allat, on Ishtar (see...
  4. P

    Why are there relatively few Pre-Islamic Persian scholars?

    I am well aware that Pre-Islamic Persia had universities (such as that of Gondashipur), or even a few scholars (a few one's of Greek extraction, and a few others) Regardless, compared to Chinese, Indian, or Greco-Roman civilisation (or the later Islamicate), Pre-Islamic Persia doesn't seem to...
  5. S

    Looking for books on Persian history

    Anyone have any good sources on Persian history? Specifically the Sasanians, the Safavids and Nader Shah. Kudos!
  6. Romaneagle

    What If the Persians Won the Persian War?

    How would the course of history be different if the Persians beat the Greeks during the Persian War? Would democracy have been so prominent? How would this impact philosophy? Would history's republics and democracies disappear?
  7. TheMusicMan

    What makes the Persian Empire.. Well.. Persian

    There were three groups of people. Persians, Parthians, and Medes? right? Now when thinking of the Persian empire, I always just thought of the Achaemenid Empire that was conquered by Alexander, never realizing people grouped the later dynasties a part of the Persian Empire. My question is, if...
  8. Duke Valentino

    Alexander: size of the Persian armies

    Although the size of the armies Alexander had to face doesn't detract from his achievements as a general, I've recently gotten quite interested in it. I'd like to ask the people on this forum to give a rough idea of their own opinion. For Granicus, most historians now accept a figure smaller or...
  9. C

    Persian Brahmins

    Namaskar, i had to start another thread about some Brahmin communities who claim persian origins. one of my brothers distant relative is a Kashmiri Pandit and claims that according to his Grandfather and father, they are of Persian Stock. while i usually ignore their claims i started to think...
  10. L

    What are some good books for to learn about the medieval middle east?

    I want books that are suitable for beginners to learn about the history and culture of the medieval Islamic world.
  11. M

    Aethiopia in Colchis ( Herodotus a propagandist?)

    Aethiopia in the myth of Perseus as always puzzled me, He went there, married Andromeda, the daughter of Cepheus, King of Aethiopia, which seems to be always identified with Nubia , there is no cultural bridge between Greece and Nubia at all. I believe the Aethiopia in the myth of Perseus is...
  12. H

    Byzantine sasanian war question

    Hello I want to know if there was a battle where the byzantine where defeated at the dead sea basin by the sassanins. At the time of 602 till 620 ad The battle of jerusalem was that fought at the dead sea or didnt the christians leave there walls? I really want to know the answer greetings
  13. R

    apogee of Persian history

    Persia, throughout the centuries, has known many periods of intense cultural and intellectual development. In your opinion, what was the highest point of cultural and scholarly creativity in Iran? The Sassanian age? The Safavid period? Or another?
  14. R

    advice on books on Roman, Greek, and Persian History

    Looking for new books to read on my favorite nations. If you guys have any recommendations let me know please and thank you :)
  15. VHS

    Achaemenid Persian military under someone like Qi Jiguang and a better king

    Qi Jiguang was indeed a brilliant military mind; he was both a marital artist, designer, organizer, tactician, trainer, leader. Imagine Achaemenid Persian military was under everything by someone like Qi Jiguang, would Alexander the Great became Alexander the No So Great? What was amusing...
  16. Y

    history of the Persian language

    What is the history of the Persian language? Why do the Iran people speak it?
  17. P

    How innovative were the works of Persian scholars?

    Were the Persians just ripping off Indian scholarship, Arab poetry or Greek logic or Ancient precedents? How innovative were the works of the noted Persian scholars (such as Al-Biruni, Rhazes, Ibn Sina, Omar Khayyam, Al-Tusi, or Marwazi?)
  18. H

    The Persian wars

    My short video on the Persian wars up2m0rg1A-E any suggestions for improvement are welcomed
  19. Druzhina

    6th-7th century Persian archers

    6th-7th century Persian archers Archer in a wall hanging with figures in persian dress, late 6th–early 7th century, Benaki Museum, Athens Archer on 'Khusraw's Dial', a silver plate from Klimova with Sasanian enthronement scene, 7th century. Hermitage Museum S-43 These are perhaps houshold...
  20. G

    What were the Achaemenid influences in the non Persian world

    They held the largest Persian empire. What were their cultural influences outside the Greater Iranian world?