1. Twelve-Angled Stone

    Twelve-Angled Stone

    The twelve-angled stone is an archeological artifact in Cuzco, Peru. It was part of a stone wall of an Inca palace, and is considered to be a national heritage object. The stone is currently part of a wall of the palace of the Archbishop of Cuzco.
  2. Sacsayhuaman


    Sacsayhuamán Cusco, Cusco Region, Peru
  3. I

    More than 50 Enormous Ancient Drawings Found in Peru

    Hi :) More than 50 new geoglyphs have been added to the mysterious Peruvian desert carvings. Some are made by the same culture as the Nazca lines and others show unique designs predating them. Archaeologists made their discovery with an exciting blend of amateur eyes combined with expert...
  4. P

    Peru 1930s registration plate, what is the meaning of the lettering?

    Ola amigos, Can you please help me find the meaning of the lettering on this late 1920s, early 1930s Peru, thought to be for official use. The lettering contains a C, a P and an M (probably). Do you have an idea what this could mean? Does anyone have a photograph with a vehicle from that era...
  5. David Vagamundo

    Oldest use of indigo dye discovered in Peru

    I've copied this link from the Daily Dose of Archaeology thread in the natural environment forum. Earliest Evidence of Indigo Dye Found at Ancient Peruvian Burial Site | Smart News | Smithsonian Another reason to return to Peru lo mas pronto posible.
  6. VHS

    Peru and Incan: the focus of new trendy health foods?

    A few Peruvian or Incan health foods are found in the market: Sacha Inchi seeds (Plukenetia volubris): it is the seeds of the plant that are used as food. Cacao in various forms (nibs, powder and beans): I use cacao powder to make hot chocolate (often without any additives, but occasionally...
  7. Lawnmowerman

    Peru and Pearl Harbour

    Just been reading about Joseph Grew, the American Ambassador to Japan at the time of Pearl Harbour. Apparently he learnt of a Japanese plan to attack Pearl Harbour in January 1941 through agents of the Peruvian embassy. He forwarded this warning on to Washington but it was dismissed by Naval...
  8. oranphil

    The Presbitero Maestro Cemetery-Lima

    The Presbitero Maestro Cemetery (Cementerio Presbítero Matías Maestro) is located in Barrios Altos, Lima and is one of the oldest cemeteries in Peru and is considered the first municipal cemetery in Latin America. The cemetery was commissioned under Viceroy Fernando de Abascal and was built...
  9. Romanianboy2013

    Chincha Islands War 1866 between Spain against aliance of Peru andChile

    I dont know much about this war, only that there were some naval battles between Spain and it's former colonies of Peru and Chile in 1866. Can anyone tell me what this war was all about?:)
  10. Ibero

    How did spanish live in peru after conquering the Inka empire?

    I really wonder about this, how was live there few years after the conquista? I guess they were living mostly at castles build there. Are there any left from this early time today? And how was communication and interaction with the local population?
  11. ghostexorcist

    The Spotted Cat: A Study of Nazca Pottery with Feline Motif

    The Spotted Cat: A Study of Nazca Pottery with Feline Motif By Jim R. McClanahan Double-spout and bridge water vessels are common in many South American cultures. Although used as far back as the Machallila culture (1430-830 BP) of Ecuador, [1] it is most often associated with the Paracas and...
  12. WeisSaul

    Spain keeps Peru

    What if Spain kept Peru, and it became a place where loyalists fled to from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Gran Colombia?
  13. K

    Spanish Colonization of Peru

    Hey guys, I'm hoping you can help me out with this. I'm trying to get a better idea of how the Spanish would have colonized Peru and the Inca Empire. My understanding is that initial ventures into Peru would have been overland from present day Panama City however, I have also read that Pizarro...
  14. davu

    Is this an alien skull? Mystery of giant-headed mummy found in Peru

    i'm not going to say anything BUT --- damn -- they are comparing this to the flathead skulls --- WHAT --- this should provide lots of fun for somebody-- --- :suspicious::unsure::smile1: -- and now the russians are involved --- ??????????? Is this an alien skull? Mystery of the...
  15. davu

    Fourth-century B.C. Astronomy Peru

    Chankillo, Peru. interesting -- this thing with the stars, etc just keeps coming up no matter what civilization we look at --- and they were damn good at it --
  16. okamido

    Daily Dose of Archaeology 2.0

    Inequality drove ancient Peruvians to child sacrifice
  17. S

    The Decline of the Inca

    The Inca, the largest Empire in the Americas, had just suffered from the bloodiest civil war in their history, the war between brothers had torn and ravaged the lands. From the regions in the northernmost coast of the Inca, to southern modern day Chile blood stained the continent. This was...
  18. Pedro

    Drug trade contaminates Peru's Amazon rainforest

    In the interest in keeping you up to date this article is reprinted. Because some day the Amazon rainforest may be history Drug trade contaminates Peru's Amazon rainforest By Omar Bonilla A. LIMA, Peru – Cocaine production in Peru's Amazon rainforest is destroying the soil, polluting...
  19. M

    Pacific War Pisco Peru stolen gold late 1800's

    Anyone out there heard the story about 4 australian mercenaries during the Pacific War , late 1800's that stole 14 tons of gold from a church in Pisco Peru. Later hid it in Tahiti on way home.........Is this just a legendary story, or did it actually happen.:)
  20. Commander

    The Nazca Lines How do you think the Nazca people were able to draw such massive images in the sand with stones. These designs would have only been visible from the sky. Did they have ancient hot air balloons? What would have possessed them to build these? Dare I say...