1. M

    I want to get Phd degree from Germany

    I live outside EU and I want to get My Phd degree in modern and contemporary History from Germany next year, what are the available universities for apply ?
  2. Thegn Ansgar

    Pierce Furlong's PhD thesis and implications in chronology of Ancient Near East

    I'm wondering how many have read Pierce Furlong's PhD thesis. If you haven't, you can find free access to it here. Hoping to have a good discussion about the chronology of the Ancient Near East. I know a few members are...
  3. RLJ1874

    Academic Guidance Unwise to do MA thesis in the 20th century if I want my PhD to be in early modern?

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to ask for some advice. I completed my bachelor in history where I concentrated on the early modern period in my last year and wrote my dissertation on the Thirty Years' War. I then moved to Germany to complete a master. I've focused mainly on late medieval/early...
  4. Hessian Historian

    Academic Guidance Apply for Phd-track Masters program if I intend to switch universities for PhD?

    I am looking at applying to the University of Iowa history program for my Master's degree. My plan is to complete my Master's at UoI, and to then apply to one of the top-ranked universities for my doctorate in history. Degree Requirements | Department of History | College of Liberal Arts &...
  5. Bastard Son

    Can one use speculative history for a PHD dissertation?

    Say for the moon hoax if one provided compelling evidence
  6. E

    Academic Guidance Any graduate students or phd's here?

    Hello, are there any graduate students (master or doctorate) or phd's here interested to (cross-culturally) exchange ideas and opinions on each other's theses? Currently, I'm writing my master's thesis and I'm preparing a dissertation proposal for future phd applications. I have some colleagues...
  7. H

    Prospective topics on USA and/or Western Europe for phd dissertation?

    I am interested which themes of most contemporary (current) history is not elaborated by scholars in their thesis by american and european historians. What points and issues require the dissertation research (with the appropriate sources and literature)?
  8. W

    Academic Guidance How should I get my PhD??

    Hello all. Recently I have been considering my graduate degree paths after finishing my bachelor's program. I'm not really aiming for a country or a university in mind, but looking for study options in institutions around the world from the U.S., Australia, to Europe. I've noticed that there are...
  9. Andros

    Academic Guidance phd by distance

    Good evening everyone! I disturb you for asking a question, perhaps, a bit naive. :laugh: That you know, there is any possibility to do phd by distance? Let me explain better, I have a research project that relates to Italy, so then I see "natural" a continuous move between the" theatre" of my...
  10. Kirialax

    Academic Guidance Selecting a Ph.D. topic

    For those of you out there who are working on or have done doctoral degrees in history, how did you select your topics? How thorough and advanced were your research questions when you made your applications to programs?
  11. Idris

    Advice for admissions into PhD Programs

    Hi, I need advice. I am interested in applying to PhD programs in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization (emphasis Ottoman Turkish Studies and Ottoman History), but I need to know what will make me a competitive applicant. I have an undergraduate GPA of 3.82. I obtain a BA in Middle Eastern...
  12. CIowa

    PHD system broken and cruel?

    Reform the PhD system or close it down : Nature News
  13. Psellos

    Online Phd theses, papers, journals

    Online Phd theses, papers, journals...about history, with free access to public. I found that kind of research very helpfull instead of monothematic books(which are also useful of course). I have some in mind: - Follow research -Just login, and have access to various papers. -...