1. VHS

    Secondary philosophy or primary philosophy

    Many, if not most, people may not read primary works of philosophy, such as the original works of Hegel, Kant, Bertrand Russell (to me, he was more a popular writer than a philosopher), Karl Marx, or more. Consequently, we are often dependent on encyclopedia or secondary works. Open Society...
  2. R

    Is the liberal philosophy basically about indulgence?

    Basically it seems from a general philosophical point of view conservatism seems to go along the lines of self restraint, or restraining one's impulses in favor of tradition, while the liberal philosophy is that of something feels good, then the best course of action is to indulge in it? Or at...
  3. pauoliver

    Did Alexander the Great tutor someone?

    Socrates taught Plato, Plato taught Aristotle, and Aristotle taught Alexander the Great. Did the chain end there? Or was there some student from Alexander who continued to pass on this mentoring chain?
  4. E

    Who started the Philosophy: Were the Greeks or Egyptians?

    I'm reading a book called "Stolen Legacy" by George James (I'm in the beggining), and he said, for example, that the expression "think thyself" came from the philosophy schools from the Egypt and the History (someone in) says that this sentence is from the greeks, and the New Testment were...
  5. D

    What of Old Philosophy Texts in Age of Science?

    What of Old Philosophy Texts in Age of Science? I can see studying the ethical and moral arguments. Anyone here actually spend Friday nights reading about metaphysics and water as the basis for all matter?
  6. Quill And Ink History

    Aristotle's outstanding contributions to the ancient sciences.

    I recently made a short educational video covering the outstanding contributions that Aristotle made to the Greek sciences. The main focus of the video is to cover Aristotle's treatment of the philosophical problems such as the questions change and knowledge that were posed by the philosophers...
  7. R

    Government Assisgnment Help

    Hello, I have a research paper to write for my American Government & Politics class and the subject is really vague. I was hoping someone could offer me advice or any opinions. The paper says: For the research paper, each student will contrast the philosophy of judicial restraint to the...
  8. F

    So, What has Over 2000 Years of Philosophy Taught Us?

    I like "Know thyself" said by Socrates, I think.
  9. S

    Philosophy isn't dead. There is work for people with philosophy degrees. The idea seems to be they are viewed as having been taught critical thinking. Philosophy courses have long been recommended for pre-law students. On the other...
  10. C

    Thank you all

    I am Dr.Chith K.Aravind, an orthodontist and a writer. I published a book in India called as 'The Book of Life' and in Europe ' Sex Cigarettes and Mysticism'. I am interested in history and philosophy.
  11. Kvasir

    Some philosophy on philosophers

    In the history education that I got, we spent a lot of time on philosophers and writers. They were considered extremely important, in fact you could get the sense that Locke invented liberalism or Marx was the sole cause of socialism in Europe. The point is, I've always been rather critical of...
  12. R

    Science and philosophy in the Low Countries

    Flanders and the Netherlands both have a long, venerable tradition of cultural/intellectual achievement. These two splendid nations have produced many great scholars and researchers in all scientific and metaphysical spheres: physicians, astronomers, geographers, mathematicians, philosophers and...
  13. R

    17th century Dutch philosophy

    I've just discovered this great page; it's something to explore! The political theorists are especially interesting; but please have a look at the biographies of all the philosophers mentioned...From this link, we can get a...
  14. R

    Byzantine philosophy?

    Did purely philosophical treatises (as opposed to Christian metaphysical arguments) continue to be written in the "New Roman Empire" (that is, Byzantium) after the time of Justinian? Was ancient Greek philosophy still taught in Byzantine schools, or was it discouraged?
  15. D

    Introduction to Philosophy, BEST BOOK ?

    What is your best two or so books for starting into Philosophy?
  16. R

    Demetrius of Phalerum and the rule of philosophy

    Demetrius of Phalerum, a disciple of Theophrastus, seemed destined for greatness from his birth. Born in the Phalerum district of Athens around 350 B.C., he was an exceptionally beautiful boy, and was compared to a young god. Demetrius' family was not aristocratic; but the lad's bearing and...
  17. Robert165

    Did the Greeks really invent Democracy and Philosophy?

    Did the Greeks really invent Democracy and Philosophy? A quick browse of Google for this exact topic seems to indicate that they get credit for this, but, since you guys are the history experts I ask if you agree or disagree that the Greeks invented philosophy and democracy?
  18. ThePhantomGuiness

    The Philosophy of Post-Modern-Evolutionism

    I made this philosophy up, and it revolves around the "overthrowing" of style. The philsophy states that the bells and whistles of humanity is holding us back from evolving further, and if we strip style from society we will be greater.
  19. civfanatic

    The Rise of Modern Science in the West: 400 Years from Petrarch to Joseph Black

    In his 1796 "Lectures on Chemistry," the British chemist-professor Joseph Black stated: "It is the desire of knowledge, of improvement, of obtaining new facts in any Subject which they take into consideration which distinguishes a Newton or a Boerhaave from the rest of their contemporaries. They...
  20. R

    How much does Greek Philosophy owe too Ancient Egypt

    I have always heard this revisionism argument...that Greek Philosophy was simply Egyptian thinking that Plato, Socrates, Aristotle all went and studied under the Egyptian scholars, and that all of Greek Philosophy was based on Egyptian ideas