1. F

    Dislike is not "phobia"

    When is a "dislike" or even hate "phobic"and when understandable? When is fear like paranoia when fully justified?
  2. P

    Spanish phobia and the bias of history

    (I was born in Spain but I am US citizen from birth. Welsh American from both sides of my family, I have as high regard for my British ancestry and heritage as for my Spanish one). If there was anything that interested me in school growing up, that was history, and the history of the country I...
  3. YouLoveMeYouKnowIt

    Where does LQBTQ+phobia come from?

    Does LQBTQ+phobia come from effects as a result of normalizing/popularizing LQBTQ+ or does it come from the mere existence of members of the community in public? A rally happened in Toronto not too long ago over a proposed bill - you must address transgenders by the pronoun they identify with...
  4. Efendi

    Does phobia empower Church also empower Islamism?

    Does phobia empower Church also empower Islamism? There seem to be something like a tennis game between these guys, islamophobic and christianophobic(what ever you name them). This refinerized phobic guys owe their existence to the tenis game, as tennis players owe their career to the tennis...