1. AbubakrII

    Any actual photos of the Tichitt-Wallata complex?

    I was browsing images of the Dar Tichitt complex on some forums but noticed that many posters there were unknowingly posting photos of much more recent town settlements such as Kumbei Saleh. This is understandable given the heavy architectural similarities between the two sites, but it suggests...
  2. S

    1970s Europe Photos

    Beautiful Europe In The 1970s Through A Argentinian Traveler’s Lens
  3. Dios

    Faked 1860-1940 Era Photos: Pterosaurs/Pteranodons/Thunderbirds

    Does anyone know the story behind these? I'm not a photo analyst. Some of these are fakes. Why would anyone bother to do that? Is there a story? Let's presume they're ALL fakes. What's the motivation? Selling the photos at a premium? There are more pics .......
  4. S

    Rarely Seen Photos Of America In The 1950’s Show American Life In The Mid-20th Centur
  5. B

    Photos Allen & Robinson Building Waikiki Hawaii

    I'm looking for photos of the "Allen & Robinson Bld." that was in Waikiki, Hawaii. I believe the Queen Ka'ahumanu Center now stands where it used to be. I know the Allen and Robinson building was still standing in 1937. I can find a mention of the building in the "Papers of the Hawaiian...
  6. K

    3.000 years of history in kite aerial photos

    Šilentabor archaeological site, upper Pivka valley, Slovenia. From early Iron age to the Romans, from Ottoman incursions to armies of Napoleon. Hope you find it interesting! :)
  7. shootseven

    5 Historical Photos That Don’t Actually Depict The Famous People They Claim

    Maybe I should have put this in the Billy the Kid photo thread; but along with the alleged "croquet photo" and new Billy photo, it covers alleged photographs of Abraham Lincoln, Civil War Spy Kate Warne, and Doc Holliday: 5 Historical Photos That Don't Depict The Famous People They Claim
  8. S

    Plane-Related Photos

    Hi everyone, this is my first post and I'm trying to identify these three photos. I got them from my great-grandfather's diary. If anyone knows what they are that would be great! He fought in WWII and was a wireless operator
  9. I

    375 world war one unpublished photos

    a collection of 375 original photos taken in the first world war by Andreas Maraski. K.u.k Infantry Regiment Rupprecht Crown Prince of Bavaria No.: 43. Italian front, Isonzo battle. If you are interested visit: World war one photos | Gallery
  10. shootseven

    Photos that are NOT Civil War Spy Kate Warne

    These two photos have been making the rounds as Kate Warne, but they are most definitely not her. This first one, some people wrongly think the person standing behind Pinkerton is Warne disguised as a man. What people who think this is Warne ignore is the caption with the original photo...
  11. shootseven

    Photos that are NOT Billy the Kid

    It's kind of shocking how many recommendations I get for Billy the Kid photos on Pinterest that are not of Billy the Kid (for the record, there is only one authenticated photo of him). Just for fun, I put together a collection of some of these photos, on my "NOT Billy the Kid and Not the...
  12. David K

    Photos: Then and Now, the Spanish Missions.

    I thought I might see if a comparison of photos or drawings over the years may look interesting. I will be adding to this if the interest is there. The 1708-1736 site of Mission San José de Comondú... 1956 2002 2017 ===============================================================...
  13. Seabas

    WWII, April-May, 1945. Red Army. Photos with no propaganda

    Seelow heights. Going to hospital. April 1945 Berlin. Blood transfusion in the hospital. May 1945 Seelow heights. Evacuation of wounded soldiers by dog team. April 1945 Through the fire. April, 1945. Bunzlau city, Silesia (now polish city Bolesławiec) Germany, April-May 1945...
  14. H

    Amazing Historical Photos

    The car in this photo, taken in 1940, was a gift from Adolf Hitler to King Tribhuvan of Nepal. The men had to carry the car for several days to Kathmandu as there were no proper roads en route. This is a photograph of American Civil War veteran Jacob Miller, who survived being shot through...
  15. HistoryFreak1912

    Post-Mortem Photos. Just...why?

    OK, so after an afternoon of looking into the fad of the Victorian age where people would take photographs of loved ones after they died, I must ask: why? Why was this a good idea? Even just going through a Google search of Victorian photographs yields quite a few disturbing images of people who...
  16. J

    Anthropological photos of some European nations (group photos)

    For correct estimation of average pigmentation Do not count the hair color of women , who have frequently dyed / colored their original hair color. Do not count or gray hair of old people, concentrate only on the men)
  17. J

    Budapest photos from 1860 to 1910 period.BP has the 3rd largest downtown in Europe.

    Photos of Budapest between 1860-1910 period. Notice, many of these buildings were destroyed during ww2. Until this day, Budapest had the third largest size historic downtown in Europe after Paris and Rome. I collected only different squares and streets.
  18. J

    3 rare photos of hitler rising his fist

    3 rare photos of hitler rising his fist
  19. N

    Photos from the Artic front of WWII

    Here are some rare photos from Northern Finland and Norway near the end of WWII, probably taken by Soviet photographers. Points of interest: The Germans used the scorched earth in the region closest to the border to Finland (after the war this became the border to the Soviet border) The civilian...
  20. Triceratops

    Colorized Historical Photos

    Photographs of American History redone by colourists Jordan Lloyd and Mads Madsen; Gorgeous Colorized Historical Photos | Q8 ALL IN ONE - The Blog Some more examples; 15 Amazing Photos From the Past Brought to Life With Color - Mandatory # Also got some then and now photos of the ACW...