1. C

    Physical Appearance of the Phoenicians

    Do we have sources of this? The Greeks described the appearance (pigmentation, height etc.) of Scythians, Celts, Ethiopians etc. in decent detail, do we have any - Greek or otherwise - descriptions of the Phoenicians? I'm expecting red hair to be a thing, given the large amount of it among Jews...
  2. F

    What inadequacy hurts self-esteem & relationship even more: financial or physical?

    What inadequacy hurts self-esteem & relationship even more: financial or physical? Does physical inadequacy (such as impotence, invirility, unattractiveness) frustrate oneself and one's partner even more than financial inadequacy does? Speaking of how much damage perceived financial...
  3. N

    physical evidence of hastati

    Hi fellow historians, I am looking for an artifact that depicts a representation of a Polybian era hastati. I know that Polybius wrote about them but for history lesson I'm writing up i'd actually like to show a picture of an actual hastati. Any help much appreciated Matt (nullateacher)
  4. F

    Appeal: inequality between physical and behavioral

    I'd like to point out the inequality between physical and behavioral appeal: how easily physical attractiveness can compensate for behavioral deficiencies, and how much harder it is for decent behaviors to compensate for unattractive appearance. For instance, if she/he find you physically...
  5. Azad67

    Amir Khusrao's description of physical appearance of Mongols

    Amir Khusrao, a Turk by origin, was 13th century poet of Persian language in the service of Turk and Khilji Sultans of Delhi. For brief time, he was captured by the Mongols. He describes the Mongols as "squat bodies suited to attack, bow legs and ugly faces marked by prominent ears and flat...
  6. V

    Earliest physical depiction of Buddha?

    As we all know,Buddha was never physically depicted in the early imagry.He was mainly replaced with anionic symbols of Stupas or Trees.But I have recently found an image from Chandraketgarh(dated to 2nd-1st cent BCE),which might possibly be the first ever physical depiction of Buddha or a...
  7. Fireatwill

    Is Yoga physical or spiritual?

    The popularity of Yoga is widespread, even more so in the west than its original home in India. But the question is how one can use a physical exercise to attain spirituality? People have always walked, as a way to find 'the Truth' or have sat in meditation in secluded areas, what does body...
  8. D

    Physical appearance of Early Medieval Slavic people

    I've just found this article (in Polish): "Phenotype of old Slavs, 6th to 10th centuries", by Łukasz M. Stanaszek. I. Byzantine sources: 1. Procopius of Caesarea (6th century): - "(...) Valerian chose one of...
  9. JohnnyH

    King Alfred the Great: Mysterious physical ailments?

    King Alfred the Great, who fiercely led the resistance against the viking invasions and so is often acclaimed as saving what was then becoming known as 'Angle-Land', or England. Yet he suffered from some mysterious but painful and recurring illness. Asser (Alfred's Welsh biographer) wrote...
  10. F

    Was using spears defensively to kill effectively required little training & physical

    Was using spears defensively to kill effectively required little training & physical I notice many movies portray spears as being a very easy weapon to use. You just hold the spear and wait for the enemy to stupidly run into it. The best example is the Stirling Battle Scene in which William...
  11. P

    music that is physical

    Music has forever been physical. what songs make you move(not emotionall)? This is one song that does it for me. Santana Feat. Rob Thomas - Smooth - YouTube
  12. Jake10

    How do the views of physical touch in different societies influence citizens?

    Some societies encourage physical contact while others discourage it. How does this affect the people living there in the long run? '+windowtitle+'
  13. Jake10

    How does our physical appearance influence our character?

    Does it at all? Attractive people receive more attention and opportunities, while other features result in stereotypes. The stereotypes may be invalid, but this does influence us. How...
  14. No Bias FTW

    Physical Geography

    Sorry in advance if I am asking stupid questions. 1. Physical Geography is more scientific and objective than Human Geography, correct? 2. Is it correct to say that Physical Geography is a "hard/concrete" science while Human Geography is a "soft" science? 3. I am under the impression that...
  15. P

    Pharaoh's Physical Characteristics

    What are some of the Egyptian Pharaoh's typically chacteristics? -Body type (muscular for battle, athletic, skinny) -Skin tone (very tan, somewhat pale) -Hair type/color -Voice type (accent) Thank you for all of your help
  16. S

    Physical Apperance of Thomas Jefferson?

    i been trying to find out more info on the physical apperance of TJ. this picture im sure alot of people have seen, he is wearing a wig in this one here is another portrait of TJ without a wig from what i gathered, and from discussion with many people.. it seems like TJ was tall and...
  17. pixi666

    Christians, is the Garden of Eden a physical place?

    As in it existed on the Earth and could theoretically be pinpointed on a map.
  18. G

    What were the physical features of the Celts?

    Are there any other sources depicting the physical appearance of the ancient Celts? - What difference with germanic peoples? What is the generally accepted modern definition?
  19. M.E.T.H.O.D.

    Physical Appearance of Roman Emperors

    I find interesting(and funny too) reading about the physical features of Roman Emperors:they were "one step beyond human beings" but they had flaws and were affected by common problems and illnesses. Most of the descriptions (roughly until the second half of the II century) are provided by...