1. Scaeva

    Druids and the Picts

    Is there any evidence of Druids among the Picts as well, or were all Druids in Britain limited to Anglesey?
  2. King Arthur

    Were the Kings of Strathclyde Picts?

    The progenitor of both Royal family branches in Strathclyde seem to be Ceretic Guletic (Caratacos ap Cynlop). The branch that interests me is Ceretic's son Erbin: he married a Pictish princess, which seems to not have been very diluted when his son and grandson became Kings. I'll explain my...
  3. R

    Was Gildas referring to Picts or Saxons re: "the notable storm"?

    I'm still trying to figure out who was the main adversary that threatened post-Roman Britain in the mid 5th century. We know that the Picts were a threat after the Roman withdrawn in about 409, but did they carry out their raids and invasions for many decades deep into the 5th century? Were...
  4. Druzhina

    Illustrations of Picts on Pictish stones

    Here is a collection of Illustrations of Picts on Pictish stones Hilton of Cadboll Stone with hunters on horse and foot, Cadboll, Ross And Cromarty, Scotland, 7th or 8th century Birsay Stone with Picts with spears and square shields, Orkney, c. 700 Scoonie Stone with a hunting scene, with the...
  5. Salah

    The language of the Picts

    I've commonly seen it claimed that the Picts of what is now Scotland are not to be considered Celts, as their language was supposedly not a member of the Celtic family. To my uneducated eyes, however, this doesn't seem accurate. Caledonian personal names attested in Roman writings and...
  6. Salah

    Were the Caledonians and Picts the same people?

    I've encountered a number of contradictory claims on this subject. Strabo and Tacitus attest to a dozen or so tribes living in what is now Scotland, who were described collectively as Caledones. The only two Caledonians to appear in written history are Calgacus, who commanded the Caledonian...
  7. Centrix Vigilis

    Links on the Picts

    Pictish Nation ® Orkneyjar - Who were the Picts? The Picts The Picts--The Shadowy Painted People of Old? 1.5
  8. Chookie

    Who were the Picts?

    Recently there have been a couple of films based on the Rosemary Sutcliffe book “Eagle of the Ninth”. Both the films and the book are based on a false premise in that they refer to Picts. While I don't have much of a quarrel with the application of poetic licence, this gives a false impression...
  9. Ri Fhionngaill

    Picts: Indigenous or Invaders?

    Does anyone else here think that there is a strong argument that the Picts are not native to Caledonia, but were instead from elsewhere, presumably Scythia (or at least somewhere in that direction)? What's your opinion on the origins of the Picts?
  10. Salah

    Picts vs. Maoris

    A warband of 100 Picts are shipwrecked in New Zealand, and clash with a party of 100 Maori warriors. Who wins? Admittedly, I don't know much about Maori equipment, but the Picts are fighting with small rectangular shields, short swords, and hand axes.
  11. Salah

    Caledonians and Picts - two different peoples?

    Until the late 3rd Century, the Romans knew the various warrior tribes living in what is now Scotland as Caledonii. These people fought the great Battle of Mons Graupius with Cn. Julius Agricola, made raids on Britannia throughout the 2nd Century, and were the subject of a bitterly waged...
  12. L

    the celts and picts

  13. Salah

    Picts vs. William Wallace

    Let's imagine an encounter between two small armies - say of around 1000 men - of two generations of Scotland's history. Calgacus the Caledonian vs. William Wallace and his Scots.The nucleus of the Caledonian warband is Calgacus and his retinue of around 50 warriors. They ride in chariots...
  14. CelticBard

    What happened to the Picts

    The Scotti, a tribe from Ireland, invaded Caledonia around the same time the Saxons were invading Southern Britannia. The Roman writers spoke of Picts, latin for painted ones, they had a strong, but traditional army that was more accustomed to raiding than pitched battles, and a suberb navy...