1. H

    Qin Pike Square vs Macedonian Phalanx

    Whose cuisine reigns supreme? Qin pike squares are shieldless, whereas Phalangites are shielded. I imagine that the pike square is more manouvrable andcan charge at the enemy in formation similar to how Tang infantry could; wielding the pike with both hands also allows more frequent thrusting...
  2. Incendio

    Pike & Shot warfare

    I've been reading a book covering some of the Pike & Shot warfare era: Fighting Techniques of the Early Modern World: Equipment, Combat Skills, and Tactics: Matthew Bennett, Christer Jorgensen, Michael Pavkovic, Rob S. Rice, ... Is a shame, there is only just some chapters covering this...
  3. Darth Raidius

    Spear & shield vs pike

    In the early middle ages, pikemen were unheard of in the northwestern areas of Europe where the armies heavily relied on light infantry with axes and shorter spears, with shields for protection. This changed in feudal times, when long and heavy pikes wielded in two hands came to dominate...
  4. ummon

    Pike vs. Spear and shield vs Sword and shield

    Looking at the battles of the Macedonians (pikes), Greeks (spear and shield), and Romans (sword and shield), as well as later battles between European footsoldiers, it would seem to me that there is a rock paper scissors between pike, spear and shield, and sword and shield for footsoldier...
  5. Majasprat

    Hoplite or Pike

    I have a question that i can not find a definitive answer to. In a game I play they depict the hoplite as having a rather short spear. They also have another unit called a pike man which has a very long spear. I am sure you are all aware of hoplites and phalanx formation. So I was wondering in a...
  6. E

    When did the pike last fall out of use?

    At what point in time did the pike cease to be an integral part of modern armies? Let's exclude cultures that had to rely on pikes and other melee weapons.
  7. Fabius Maximus

    Why did the pike fall out of use?

    It seems that in battle a formation of men armed with pikes would best a formation of men armed with muskets, even in the 18th century. Smoothbore muskets were so inaccurate that soldiers used to joke that it took a man's weight in lead to kill him, whilst one Prussian officer during the...
  8. M

    Hellenistic warfare-Pike vs Pike combat....suicidal?

    Title. The Sarissa really was designed to counter spears longer than you. But what happens when the spears in the same length? The pikemen's shield is smaller than a hoplite shield. Wouldn't the front ranks just get speared to death? Think about it even when there is a shield, the density of...
  9. Salah

    Pike phalanxes in Renaissance-era warfare

    Pike-armed infantry seem to be a staple of most late medieval/Renaissance European armies. How exactly did these units function on the battlefield? Their value against cavalry is obvious, but what was their relevance in an era when cannon and primitive handguns were becoming common?