1. L

    Hello~just found this amazing place

    HI everyone:laugh: I am a college student from Taiwan and an enthusiast about history. Familiar with the history of China and Japan, but recently I fell in love with the Byzantium!(Don't know why, probably the splendor of Constantinople.) Look forward to the discussions with you~
  2. S

    What kind of value did men place on fertile women in the earlier dynasties of China?

    The numerous articles I've read about daily life in Ancient China confuse me a little. They make it clear it was a very patriarchal society. But go even further and paint a picture of a society where women are often disregarded and sometimes even killed at birth for not being male. This confuses...
  3. Dose

    Hey there! This place looks fun!

    Hey so I stumbled across this forum recently but am only now deciding to create an account. I own a fairly new YouTube channel with my brother. We make short and digestible videos that cover interesting historical topics or questions. I thought this might be a good place to learn more about...
  4. gordopolis

    The Place of the Lion (New Kingdom Egypt)

    Hi, I'm researching the Egyptian military road - the so-called 'Way of Horus' - leading from the Nile delta into Palestine. There were several forts dotting the way: The mighty Tjaru The Place of the Lion Migdol and maybe four others Does anyone know the location of 'The Place of the Lion'...
  5. Futurist

    What was the most logical place for Poland to acquire living space?

    Here is a question for Lech Wielkepolski (sp?) but also for other members of this forum: What was the most logical place for Poland to acquire living space? I mean, Poland did acquire a lot of living space in the West in 1945, but the flight and expulsion of the existing German residents of...
  6. E

    Hi All, Love this place already

    I found while looking for Hallstatt - La Tene info on Google. I found a most intriguing thread and was reading it for almost an hour before I joined up. My main areas of interest in history are pre-history and ancient textiles. I'm also a big fan of etymology, so I may have some...
  7. Lawnmowerman

    What's the most confusing place and time in history???

    Occasionally we come across a brief period of time during one countries history which is just about incomprehensible to follow. Whether it be for the sheer number of important people involved, constant side switching of said individuals, similar names of important individuals (Obama/Osama) or...
  8. M

    Obsolete place names

    Now and then I run into names of places that I can’t locate by googling, simply because the names have been changed through history. I hope this thread can help me and others locating “forgotten” places.
  9. sailorsam

    Best Time / Place to be Alive?

    mirror thread to Worst Time / Place USA 1946-today
  10. Joe Freeman

    Worst time and place to be alive in history?

    What is, in your opinion, or was, the worst time and place in history to be alive? I think for me it'd probably be WW2 Eastern Front, or northern Europe in the Dark Ages(probably England in the 7/9th centuries). Also any place that was invaded by the Mongols must have been a terrible place eto...
  11. Von Ranke

    I have neither eyes to see or tongue to speak....

    In 1642 these words, which have been a mantra for every democrat who believes in the supremacy of Parliament, were uttered in response by Speaker William Lenthall when Charles I tried to have five MPs arrested and laconically remarked "I see the birds have flown." Today Speaker Bercow firmly...
  12. Y

    Shortest Place Names

    I know that this topic isn't historically significant in the slightest, but can we come up with really short place names that existed in history? I'll start with: E, in what is now Hu-pei (Hubei) Y, in France
  13. F

    (Im)plausibility of extraordinary developments before they took place

    How implausible would the Mongol conquest of Eurasia sound in 1200? What makes it sound plausible other than Monday morning quarterbacking? How implausible would the Mamluk victory over the Mongols sound in 1250? What makes it sound plausible other than Monday morning quarterbacking? How...
  14. C

    Is it plausible that the Ostrogoths could take Franks' place?

    I've been doing some limited research on the Ostrogoths and they seem like they'd be one of the hugest missed opportunities in European history. What if instead of the Ostrogoths being dealt defeats, they were victorious against the Byzantines/Romans, and more importantly, the Franks? Insert...
  15. JeanDukeofAlecon

    The out of place sword of the dying Gaul.

    When looking at a photo of the famous "dying gaul" sculpture I noticed that the sword laying beside the gaul looked straight out of the 1400's, not a little bit odd for a roman copy of a Hellenistic sculpture. I've looked into this quite a bit but I haven't found a single mention of it being a...
  16. RomanEmperor

    Best Place to Live in History pre-1900

    What was the best place to live in history, and at what time before say 1900?
  17. H

    Trying to place time period of military uniform for a history class

    I'm trying to place the time period this uniform came from, for a museum studies course I'm taking. They have it marked as Spanish American war, but the folks who did that have left and we cannot find the paperwork that supports that claim. Can anyone tell me anything about this type of...
  18. D

    Mount Vernon: Great place to visit

    Here are one of the few reasons we should all have Mount Vernon on our bucket list: This place should be on everyone's bucket list
  19. Naomasa298

    The internet has made the world a more dangerous place

    We all agree that the internet has brought a lot of good to the world, right? Instant communication, limitless information, big data that could help us become a more efficient species. But is the internet really a good thing? It has made the spread of dangerous ideas much easier - I need not...
  20. notgivenaway

    should the West place curbs on access?

    Like a points system, based on people of similar culture fitting in, or education levels?