1. F

    Sacrifices in all parts of the planet.

    Since remains from sacrifices to whatever "higher forces" or deities the locals believed in seems to appear so often in the archaeological record it seems to have been part of religious practice i almost all major parts of the earth.Such findings include remains of both animals and humans, from...
  2. MrKap

    Phaeton (hypothetical planet)

    I've been mulling this "historical" scientific theory around for some time now. I suspect it may still be valid. even though it's original promoters, have been discredited. Has anyone taken this idea seriously? It seems to be...
  3. AlpinLuke

    A far giant planet in our system

    It seems that our Solar System, after losing Pluto from the list of the proper planets, could acquire again a ninth planet. And this time it would be a giant object at the limit of the Kuiper belt. Caltech researchers are sustaining this, so the matter deserves to be taken in serious...
  4. Menshevik

    How would we colonize a inhabited planet today?

    Suppose the technology exists that could get us humans into another solar system. Suppose that it's somewhat of a pressing situation, that is, mankind's need to find another planet to live on. Suppose there is a planet in this hypothetical solar system that is nearly identical to earth in terms...
  5. P

    Geatest military aviator ever on planet earth

    The (Glasgow) ''Herald'' newspaper today-Friday September 11 2015 has a good photograph of planet earth's greatest ever military aviation test pilot from Leith Scotland-Eric ''Winky'' Brown standing beside the ME 163 ''Komet'' rocket powered fighter which is on display in the Scottish aviation...
  6. Ruiy

    Some of the most delirious religions on the planet.

    Nowdays religions with the highest number of faithful are: Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. However this does not exhaust the cumulus of religions that exist in the world and those mentioned before barely are a sample of them. I will list a list of religions that seem to me...
  7. Naomasa298

    The Ninth planet

    As far as I'm concerned, it's still a planet - it was a planet when the New Horizons probe was launched, so goddamit, it's still a planet - albeit a dwarf. And finally, the New Horizons probe is about to arrive at the most distant world visited by a man-made object, and I'm really looking...
  8. Brisieis

    Picture of Planet Formation

    From: BBC News - Planet formation captured in photo Quote 'The sun-like star at the centre, HL Tau, is less than a million years old and is 450 light years from Earth in the constellation Taurus. The image was made possible by Alma's new high-resolution capabilities. Because the...
  9. wingerman

    What is planet Earth's carrying capacity?

    For humans that is. In the future I say in the trillion range due to arcology being used. Now it is around 10 billion range. In the past without any creative technologies like skyscrapers or industrial complexes the carrying capacity would have been the individual village that fed off what it...
  10. Underlankers

    Why are humans the only bipedal apes on the planet?

    After checking this forum and seeing the last thread on this topic is from 2011, I decided that two years is too old to bump up a thread. So I'm making a new one on that topic. Why do you think that humans are the only bipedal apes on the planet? Neanderthals, the Flores Hobbits, and perhaps...
  11. Cavanboy

    Do you consider Pluto a planet?

    Forget what the scientists say, do you consider Pluto a planet?
  12. Cavanboy

    Planet made of Diamonds discovered

    Astronomers discover planet made of diamond | Reuters
  13. Cavanboy

    Scorcher Planet 4.3 Light years away

    Alpha Centauri planet discovered
  14. Brisieis

    Planet Discovered with Four Suns

    This is really interesting. BBC News - Planet with four suns discovered by volunteers "Astronomers have found a planet whose skies are illuminated by four different suns - the first known of its type. The distant world orbits one pair of stars which have a second stellar pair revolving...
  15. Bluehawk

    Planet Earth - 2100 AD - Then what?

    Few of us will be here still. If lucky, some of our offspring probably will. Yet, in the manner of a Science Fiction writer or Futurist, and taking what may be relevant of the uncountably and unaccountably dire predictions in which we are bathed each day - what will our blessed earthly home and...
  16. jeroenrottgering

    Your theory on how life emerged on our planet

    A found a few to chose from, but if you have a different view feel free to add. - The seeds of life were brought by an intelligent lifeform - The seeds of life arrived on earth by comet/meteorite - Life emerged troughout chemical interactions - Life is a unique mistake from nature and earth is...
  17. Nyneve

    Planet Vulcan: did it exist?

    In the 19th century, because of apparent anomalies in the orbit of Mercury, a planet even closer to the sun was postulated, called Vulcan on account of how hot it was likely to be. A number of people actually claimed to have seen it through telescopes, but when Einstein's theories came along...
  18. F

    General views of history and mans existence on the planet

    A place for discussion about "larger views" of history seems relevant. There has been a number of views, even "theories" of history thyrough the ages, and probably even the members of this forum would agree at least to some views, though of course such "philosophies" can vary much and contradict...
  19. F

    What peoples knew about the rest of the planet.

    Though most lands of the planet has been peopled for thousands, even ten thousands of years, only for a few centuries have people known about the rest. But how much could people from one part know about the rest - how far out were their "horizon" of knowledge - if we can call it so? We may ask...
  20. jeroenrottgering

    Most beautiful creature on this planet?

    What do you consider to be the most beautifull creature on earth. Based on inner beauty, outer beauty and terms of capabilities, emotions etc. Both bactaria and humans are a possibility to chose from :p?