1. grey fox

    Sugar Plantations of the Old South

    When I was researching overseers of the Old South for my thread "Overseers of the Old South", I read information about sugar plantations that made me realize I have no idea how sugar plantations operated. I decided to create this thread about sugar plantations because this issue is totally...
  2. F

    Historicity of Mandingoesque studs in plantations?

    Rumor has it that planters employed extraordinarily virile slaves to father most of the next generation of slaves. Is there some historicity to that? Legend has it that some well-endowed ones were at the service of some mistresses and heiresses of plantations / haciendas. Is there any...
  3. P

    corporate Utopias or Company plantations.

    Corporate Utopias I know of 3 Corporate 'Utopias that were attempted to be established: Fordlandia (Name of a interesting Book on this topic. Henry Ford in the middle of the Amazon purchased land approximately the size of Connecticut. The city was built according to Ford's expectations. A mess...
  4. B

    How were southern plantations acquired?

    In the original colonies were from royal land grants? Was the land purchased from the government in AL, MS, and so on?
  5. S

    Measuring size of Virginian Plantations

    A book I'm reading, Measuring America, describes the measuring of a plantation in Virginia, using the rod and a river. Assuming a straight section of river, measured 25 rods long, then going inland one mile, gives an area of 50 acres. As a rod is 16.5 feet long, the math would seem somewhat...
  6. jehosafats

    Rape on plantations a "great exaggeration"

    I was reading Roll, Jordan, Roll (1976) by Eugene Genovese and came across this interesting passage:"The frequent charge that slaveholders and overseers seduced or forced most of the young, sexually attractive slave girls appears to be a great exaggeration and an injustice to blacks as well as...
  7. wittgenstein


    My 80 year old mother in law does volunteer work at a plantation. It's like Greenfield village. Thousands of slaves died in agony on the plantations. Suppose, in Germany they had a gentle, tourist friendly concentration camp.My mother in law is not...