1. R

    US immigrantion policy in the 19th century

    Basically speaking, aside from a race based policy, what other policies did the US have in place in the 1800s to screen immigrants, aside from rejecting at the port of entry those people who are obviously suffering from serious comminicable diseasses? Obviously the price of a ticket from...
  2. Futurist

    Was unconditional surrender in regards to Germany in WWII a good policy?

    Was unconditional surrender in regards to Germany in World War II a good policy? As for me, I voted Yes. After the Germans began murdering people--especially, but not only, Jews en masse--I would have become strongly opposed to any policy in regards to Germany in World War II which would not...
  3. B

    Was Elizabeth I's religious policy the most politically workable one?

    She could have kept England Roman Catholic, but presumably taken a less repressive approach then her sister. However, she was brought up protestant and Roman Catholics considered here illegitimate. If she took a high Church approach like Charles I, she would have offended both strong...
  4. Futurist

    The U.S. pursues a less hostile policy towards its Native American population

    What if the U.S. would have pursued a less hostile policy towards its Native American population? Specifically, what I am thinking of is this: If Native Americans try to rebel against the U.S., the U.S. military would still crush them. However, if Native Americans want to live peacefully and...
  5. R

    What if Germany had a more pragmatic racial policy in the East in WW2

    What if the Germans had followed the conduct of the Germans in WW1 and had focused on building a puppet state in the Ukraine and the Baltic States instead of wholesale genocide of Slavs, would a lot more Ukrainians and Baltics fighting for the Whermacht in 1941 have changed the course of the war?
  6. R

    Why is a policy of demographic preservation evil?

    Why is a policy of demographic preservation evil in and of it self? For example it seems that Singapore has an unofficial policy of keeping its demographic percentages roughly constant despite large numbers of temporary gyest workers, is that evil? Japan has a policy of not accepting mass...
  7. K

    Unexpected changes in Policy

    Was wondering on than stuff like Nixon's Detente and Deng Xiaoping's liberalisations, when else has their been radical changes in foreign or economic policy by stable or new governments that weren't radical
  8. larkin

    Resource extraction as a foreign policy

    Going back to the 50's 60's 70's, we have the roots of today's “War on Terror”. Post colonialism and the history of resource extraction as foreign policy. This is an excellent doc. Part 1 _TXG70xAnSU Part 2 LTuzZ920AQs Part 3 N-Lub2ecXGM Part 4 i3tGUjGl8AA
  9. M

    Polish Foreign Policy during the Interwar Period

    I am currently tasked with comparing Finnish and Polish foreign policy during the interwar period. I have had some luck in finding litterature on Finnish foreign policy, but sadly I've hit a wall while searching for litterature on the Polish side. Does anyone have any tips? Would be greatly...
  10. M

    Why Germans ignored Britain's "No Single Power on Europe" foreign policy constantly ?

    Why Germans ignored Britain's "No Single Power on Europe" foreign policy constantly ? During 1914 when Germans declared war on Russia and France then invaded neutral Belgium why did they assume Britain would stay neutral since Germans themselves were playing role of Louis XIV and Napoleon , as...
  11. lodestar

    Did the UK & USA pursue an essentially ‘Italy & Vichy France First' policy from 1940?

    Did the UK & USA pursue an essentially ‘Italy & Vichy France First' policy from 1940? To what extent did the Western Allies pursue an essentially ‘Italy & Vichy France First’ policy from mid 1940-43? Firstly many thanks for the well considered and intelligent responses to my first...
  12. The Keen Edge

    Is it likely for the US to return to previous isolationist foreign policy

    Hey all, This thought occured to me today while I was having a discussion with a friend. Since WWII, the US has taken a militarily active role in international affairs. But, I think that there is some compelling evidence for isolantist foreign policy ideas making a comeback however large or...
  13. Madame Corgi

    Russia: Impact of foreign policy on socio-political change

    Hello Lovely Internet People :) I'm going to be starting my History coursework soon (yay!). It needs to cover roughly a one-hundred year period from 1855-1964, with a focus on change and continuity during this time frame. Would very much appreciate book suggestions, and explanations as to why...
  14. R

    China Fertility Rate, One Child Policy and the Cultural Revolution

    I'm interested to know a bit about the demographics and birth rate of China. In school (Australia) we were always taught that the One Child Policy was an essential step for China to manage its apparently out-of-control birth rate. However if one looks at any of the graphs depicting the...
  15. Porter Rockwell

    Was Churchill wrong in his policy toward Stalin?

    I'm reading Churchill's six volume "history" about WW2. In Volume 4, a lot of the correspondence between Churchill and Stalin is quoted. Hitler attacked Russia in total violation of the treaty signed between them and Russia was on the ropes (at least initially) with both Leningrad and Moscow...
  16. G

    Has the Israeli left ever been in power and how has that affected Palestine policy

    Has the Israeli left ever been in power and how has that affected Palestine policy of the country historically? Has there been any major divergence from the nation's stated theories? Why has the left been unable to win offlate and has there never been any disillusionment with the right ever...
  17. P

    Policy of Containment / Panama help needed

    I'm having trouble finding information on how the United States involvement in Panama supported the Policy of Containment and I was wondering if anyone could help me out?
  18. W

    Hanseatic policy toward pagans

    I've a question on the Hansa for anyone who knows. :) I know that during the medieval period the Hansa city of Riga and the pagan Grand Duchy of Lithuania had an interesting relationship. Lithuania often supported Riga in disputes with the Livonian and Teutonic Knights, and rulers like...
  19. Lowell2

    Roosevelt's immigration policy

    PLEASE do not bring in anything post 1950. I want to discuss Roosevelt. Franklin Delano Roosevelt so, how does this compare with policies in England or Australia and Canada at the time? Was it a good policy or a bad one?
  20. arras

    China Ends One-Child Rule Policy

    China ends one-child rule: Will it be enough? The ruling Communist Party decided Thursday at its annual meeting to finally abolish its decades-long one-child policy. The family planning restrictions will now be loosened to allow couple to have two children.