1. Kirialax

    The hajj in early Islam

    In early Islam (and of course, today), the hajj brought together Muslims from all corners of the Islamic world. After the break up of the single Islamic polity into multiple successor states, how did the hajj function on a political level? Were rulers concerned about potentially disloyal...
  2. Menshevik

    Politics, war and terrorism in post-WWII France

    I'm reading Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth. I understand the book is fiction, but I'm assuming that it's based quite a bit on actual people and events. (********please don't spoil the book for me. I get that De Gaulle probably lives in the end, but I'd still like to be in...
  3. NordicDemosthenes

    Representational politics in Asia

    My primary interest is ancient European History, as can probably be guessed from my avatar, but I've lately been thinking (also, partially fishing for information for an eventual thesis :cool:) a lot about to which degree representative government is a uniquely western phenomenon or not. I've...
  4. Voltaires Hat

    Good sources on contemporary African politics, history, culture?

    Last year I subscribed to the American Publication 'Foreign Affairs' which often includes a sprinkling of articles on African politics and history. The articles that I've read in it so far are quite fascinating, and so I'm hoping to find other good sources of contemporary African history...
  5. F

    A question about American politics

    How do the American conservatives respond to the notion that the America's involvement in the Yugoslav Wars (the bombings of Belgrade) is responsible for the rise of socialism (as an opposition to the "capitalism") in Croatia?
  6. A

    When is Ignorance Bliss in History or Politics?

    Hi! I am looking for examples when ignorance (or not knowing or revealing some facts) actually helped a situation or people in history or politics? Thank you!
  7. P

    Welfare politics

    We are planning to organize a discussion program on the topic 'REINVENTING WELFARE POLITICS: SOURCES AND FUNCTIONAL MODES.' The program is yet to be scheduled, but it will take place in Kerala, South India during the month of February or March 2018. We look forward to holding a...
  8. B

    Cicero and Politics question

    Hey!!! So I'm fresh from doing a mock question on this statement and was curious as to all yours opinions on the statement and thought it might make a good topic of conversation- During the period of 62 to 50BC Cicero became increasinly irrelevant to the governing of Rome and the provinces :)
  9. A

    China claiming Benham Rise?

    Hello, magandang hapon po! (good afternoon to you!) :laugh: [To mods: If this kind of thread is not allowed, just delete it. x) ] So has anyone heard about the “Benham Rise”? It is 13 million hectares of land mass that is already forming in the Philippine coastal area. The new...
  10. T

    Challenge: Radical Liberals a major force in British politics by 1910-1913 and after

    What could happen after 1900 to make the Liberal Party become Radical and still one of the two major political parties by 1910-1913 and after? Further, how would this make Britain different from IOTL?
  11. tuesdayschild

    If Politics is not a current event, What is?

    I see mr. Duterte is now paying his Police offers to kill anyone they think is associated with drugs! Apparently, if they only arrest them, no "Bounty" is paid. Guess what!
  12. VHS

    Former soldiers in politics

    To prevent military dictatorship or overtly military governments, some democracies require 10 years of retirement before former soldiers can become politicians. Yes, at least in the USA, the top job of presidency hasn't been filled with a former soldier since Eisenhower. Still, do any people...
  13. I

    If You Made Your Own Government What Would It Be and What Would The Name Be?

    This thread is based off another really old thread of the same topic, except I added in names. You should post the ideas, etc. about the government type and the name of it. Mine is called "Horrifrikism". The ideas are basically: Everything is government owned, homosexuals/bisexuals are...
  14. H

    Religion in europe

    In Europe during the Medieval times Christianity (Catholic), The lives of the Medieval people were dominated by the church. From birth to death whether a peasant or a king. religious institutions (monasteries and convents) became very important in wealth and power to influence the masses...
  15. civfanatic

    Rome as Glorified Banana Republic: The Primitiveness of Roman Politics

    On pp.440-441 of Vol. 1 of his tome The History of Government, the political scientist and historian Samuel Finer has this to say about the nature of the Roman Republic: As you can see, the author draws a direct comparison between the Roman Republic and Latin American banana republics of...
  16. Menshevik

    How would you rate Olympias and her skill at intrigue and politics of court?

    From what I can tell, Olympias was quite the plotter and quite the schemer. She had a hand in making sure Alexander's legacy and future was secure. While he was away on campaign, she managed to remain relevant and influential. And even after his death, she remained a player in the war of the...
  17. T

    The most politically significant event in modern US history

    I was thinking about events that have brought us where we are today in politics, and one event came to mind, the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Heres what I think it indirectly caused. The election of Richard Nixon due to the chaos caused by Bobby's assassination at the convention, and the...
  18. Valens

    How would a Roman manage in modern politics?

    I thought this would be a very interesting topic. The Romans have, in many ways, formed a basis for Western politics which is still more than evident today. Do you think a Roman, from say, Late Republic, would manage well if he, by some chance finds himself in a modern representative democracy...
  19. VHS

    Is politics a critical part of history?

    Honestly, many online forums forbid discussions of politics (even when it means historical politics.) I guess you cannot quite fully discuss history without politics, since political forces are major historical factors.
  20. M

    Any sources on daily governance in the ancient world?

    Hello, new member here, specifically joined to see if you anybody could help me with the following question: If any admin feels like this is in the wrong forum, I'm sorry. Let me know if you would like me to delete/move/whatever needed to remediate that. here's the TLDR version: I'm looking...