1. Valens

    Exit Polls Put Macron and Le Pen in the Lead in French Election

    The turnout - 69,42 percent - is lower than in two previous elections. First exit polls claim Macron leads with 24 percent and Le Pen second with 22. TASS: World - LIVE updates: French presidential election 2017 PS Not politics. We have had similar threads before and they were allowed to go...
  2. David Vagamundo

    Old Gallup Polls

    Some years ago, OpanaPointer posted a link to some Gallup poll for the run-up to WWIIs in the American History Forum, and that thread has recently been bumped to the present. I thought the questions and answers--not just about the war, but many different topics-- were fascinating enough to be...
  3. Valens

    Front National leads in French regional elections - first results say

    According to first results, Marine Le Pen's Front National, considered as an extreme party by some, leads in the French regional elections, ahead of former president Sarkozy's party and the incumbent president Hollande's Socialist Party. Europe - LIVE: French regional elections 2015 - France...
  4. Wenge

    The Polls are Open

    To all my American Brethren: I don't care if you vote Red or Blue, however, I beg of you to get out there and make your voice heard. Democracy depends on it. I had to vote absentee so I am not able to experience the thrill that I have felt in the past on Election Day. It is one of the...
  5. P

    A poll on polls

    I removed my message because it duplicated the poll above. This is my 1st poll on Historium, and I did not understand that we structure the poll after pressing submit.
  6. Mohammed the Persian

    Croatians go to the polls in EU Membership referendum

    BBC News - Croatians vote in referendum on EU membership Thoughts ?
  7. Thessalonian

    Thailand opposition set for big poll win - exit polls

    "The party allied to ousted and exiled former leader Thaksin Shinawatra is set for a big victory in Thailand's general election, exit polls suggest. One poll suggested the opposition Pheu Thai party would win 313 seats, compared with 152 for the Democrats of PM Abhisit Vejjajiva...