1. Princess Of Manchester

    Hey, I want to the study the popes. Does anyone know any online sources for me to loo

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  2. Naima

    Good Popes?

    In every tv series or historical movies about middle ages , Catholics and especially Popes are always represented as vicious , corrupted , bad , evil and power hungry people .... in contrast with good muslims or protestants Was it like so or had ever been once anything good? And why that...
  3. H

    Popes fighting against democratic revolutions of the 19th century

    I've recently read this article that mentioned in one sentence: "The Catholic church has spent much of the past century fighting against the sexual revolution, much as it fought against the democratic revolutions of the 19th century, and in this struggle it has been forced into the defence of an...
  4. Salah

    Historically significant popes

    The medieval and early modern papacy contains a long list of rulers, some of them just as interesting as their peers elsewhere in Europe. I was thinking about this the other day - there have been so many popes, and yet only a minority of them are well-known or often spoken about. Who are some...
  5. T

    Popes, words and myths

    I recently looked at the names of all the popes and noticed some weird, everyday-words names like "Hilarious" or "Innocent". I first assumed we took these words from their names and stories about them Looking a bit more I have found no place to mention these guys' stories Is this just me...
  6. P

    Why so few non-italian popes?

    What are the explanations that there have been so few non-italian popes. For example my country (the Netherlands) and England have only had 1 pope both, Spain only 2, Germany, Poland and Portugal not that many more. The only countries with a reasonable amount of popes outside Italy are Syria...
  7. G

    Pre-reformation popes

    I'm doing a short course on the Reformation. We've started off with the popes from about 1450 - 1520, who seem to have been a bunch of profligate, spendthrift, militaristic, nepotistic, power-hungry fornicators. I mean that in the nicest possible way. I asked a question at the end on the lines...
  8. Maundu

    Popes John Paul II and John XXIII to be saintified

    BBC News - Vatican to make John Paul II a saint
  9. T

    The Prophecy of the Popes... Is it Truly Real?

    Prophecy of the Popes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A man named Saint Malachy suddenly had these "visions" and started writing down names and stuff. These names appeared to be hints/hunches for Popes. But... The question remains. Is this artefact truly authentic in the regards that it...
  10. jeroenrottgering

    Why do kings, popes and emperors reffer to themselves as ´we´?

    It´s quite the simple question why does the pope say ´we bless you´, the king ´we declare war on´ and the emperor ´we pardon´. Not that these quotes belong to any of the three, but you get my point. Why do the monarchs and popes of Europe reffer to themselves as we? The pope is perhaps the most...
  11. Inc

    Year of Four Popes - wrong year?

    Sounds like a title for a Shane MacGowan song :wacko: Was looking into which years had a few Popes and came across this article: The Year Of The Four Popes - from the Catholic Herald Archive I considered 1276 as the sole "Year of 4 Popes". Who's correct - our catholicherald friend or moi?
  12. Maundu

    Book suggestions on the Popes and Papal History

    Hello everybody, I am very interested in the history of the Popes and of the Papacy and would like to read more on the subject. I have found these books online.. Has anyone read one of these and whats is the opinion? Or does anybody has other suggestions? Thanks! Saints and Sinners: A...
  13. kbear

    why do popes change their names??

    just curious. the names they pick are usually completely different from their real name. and how do they come up with the names they pick? like pope innocent III? borgia became pope alexander vi...
  14. Inc

    928 - Year of 2 murdered Popes?

    I've been reading up on those Pope chappies and their shenanigans (of which there was quite a bit :wondering:), and came across: John X (914-928) who I read was deposed, probably murdered. Succeeded by Leo VI (928) who was murdered, Stephen VIII (928-31) then succeeding. So, 3 Popes in...
  15. R

    Reasons for why Popes feared conciliarism?

    Hi, I have an essay to do on the above, and was wondering if anyone can help me? I need some paragraph themes basically. From my notes, and reading, all I can gather is that because they'd lose power - the Councils effectively controlled the Popes, but I thought there must be other reasons...