1. JoanOfArc007

    When Mussolini was a popular Man

    One could find a # of reasons for his downfall, but by 1943 Mussolini was a pale shadow of what he once was. But there was a time when Mussolini was at the center of the stage. Many would say the Italian leader Benito Mussolini reached his Zenith after achieving victory in the Second Italo...
  2. Futurist

    Why was ethnic nationalism more popular in Europe than in other areas?

    Why was ethnic nationalism more popular in Europe than it was in other areas in the 19th and 20th centuries? To illustrate what I'm talking about, you can think of the various national unification movements as well as separatist movements in Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries. Some examples...
  3. Kirialax

    Reliable popular accounts of medieval China

    What is available to the general reader for medieval China? I'm mainly thinking post-Han and pre-Ming, and am thinking of readable but reliable works. I'm a little concerned about what one finds on the shelves in stores or top results of Amazon, as the equivalent in my own field of Byzantine...
  4. Quill And Ink History

    Hypatia of Alexandria(Important aspects popular historians apparently like to ignore)

    The late antique philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria has according to Professor Edward J Watts become the Greeco-Roman worlds fifth most well known philosopher which have a loot to do with her being lifted up by history popularizes like Carl Sagan and Bettany Hughes(plus that movie from 2009)...
  5. L

    ‘Jesus loves you’ begin as a popular slogan

    Did that popular slogan used by those wishing to spread the word, a relatively new part of Christian teaching starting in 20th century America? I don’t think it would have been used during the Great Reformation, Renaissance and movements that spawned other churches like the Quakers...
  6. T

    Is Tyrannosaurus overrated?

    Tyrannosaurus wasn't the largest predatory dinosaur species - we know at least nine meat-eating dinosaur larger than him. However, it is Tyrannosaurus, who moves imagination of people and is depicted in thousands of books, movies and games. If you ask random person meet at the street about...
  7. F

    Why did music become more popular starting in the 1950's?

    I know recorded music existed before this, but why did it seem to blow up in the 1950's, then especially in the 1960's? Was it because of the invention of the television?
  8. Futurist

    Why was Communism much more popular in Indochina than in the rest of Southeast Asia?

    Why was Communism much more popular in Indochina than in the rest of Southeast Asia? After all, Communists managed to seize power in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia during the Cold War but not in any other Southeast Asian countries. Indeed, while Communists even managed to bleed and exhaust the...
  9. Magnate

    Why did communism become so popular?

    Plenty of countries have had communism and some still do, why?
  10. F

    Politicians, power and popular protest (parties)of the past

    This thread to ask for examples of this, especially from 19.th/20.th century "democracies", since it seems something that have "popped up" again and again throughout history.
  11. F

    Popular "anti establishment" movements past to present.

    Such movements and parties (often, not always, seen as "rightwing") seems to flourish at present, but that does not mean they can´t be compared to some from the past. Are they more or less an enduring part of what we see as the "democratic world"? A part of the present that links to the past.
  12. larkin

    The rise and fall of popular music

    I am not a musician. This is just an uneducated assessment. What is the historic impact of popular music, where is it going and what do you think the future holds? AM radio is dead and FM is not much better off. The recording companies may have crashed but not music. Individual musicians...
  13. F

    Popular practices where noticeable unpleasantness remains unnoticed

    I want to expose the lack of sanitation and sanity of humanity by pointing to the unpleasantness in several popular practices, from the slight to the brain-dead. 1. Worldwide: what a shame salute is so much less popular than handshake - when no one is wearing gloves. 2. In the West (now...
  14. Space Shark

    Other popular Eastern/non Roman cults in the Roman Empire

    As we all know, Christianity started out as a small Jewish sect that ultimately came to be adopted by the Roman Empire, and consequently influenced most of the Western world. But what other popular cults/sects from the East were popular during the time period? I know of Mithras and the cult of...
  15. D

    Any objective studies of the impact of appropriation of popular culture?

    [If there's a better place to ask the question, please point me there, but I haven't found a general sociology forum that's anywhere near as active as this one.] There's much discussion lately about cultural appropriation (or misappropriation). As near as I can understand the current usage...
  16. S

    popular press in Elizabethan times?

    In The Pirate Queen by Susan Ronald, after English sailors took the Portuguese ship the Madre de Dios, that ... "Stories of disorderlies along the English sailors filled the official and popular press." (pg.330) Can anyone tell me what 'popular press' this is? Are there online copies of this...
  17. songtsen

    Polygamy and Polyandry in the modern world

    I have seen both poligamy and polyandry firsthand as it used to be quite common in my Tibetan culture. But nowadays it is quite low but still popular in the mountains. This uncommon arrangement have many unwritten social rules and interactions. Some of them are : 1)For example only sisters may...
  18. J

    Good 'Popular' history books.

    I'm going to have some holiday time soon and I was wondering if anyone could recommend me some quality history books to read. I live somewhere with a district library system that is good for getting specific books ordered in, but not good for browsing- you can only look at the small library of...
  19. C

    Examples in history where opposition to authority produced new knowledge?

    I'm trying to think about everything I can remember about history, and can't come up with a good example of this. I'm basically looking for a time when a historian opposed a popular historical belief, and through that opposition, discovered something new about history. I'm also asking with...
  20. Futurist

    How popular was Saddam Hussein among Iraq's Sunni population?

    How popular was Saddam Hussein among Iraq's Sunni population? After all, while I know that many Iraqi Sunnis were dissatisfied at the shift in power from Iraq's Sunnis to Iraq's Shiites after the 2003 fall of Saddam Hussein, how popular was Saddam Hussein among Iraq's Sunni population back when...