1. Escritor

    Hate the portrayal of Celts in Hollywood

    Notice the portrayal of Celts in the following films: Braveheart King Arthur The Eagle Brave They all have in common that they have no tactics and strategies when fighting other opponents, are naked or semi-naked, and paint their bodies with very crude tattoos, as well as lacking in...
  2. 2

    Portrayal of Native Americans by British colonists

    I am writing a 6-page research paper for university. My topic is the perception of Native Americans by (British) colonists in the 17th century. I want to compare the author's descriptions of culture, gender roles, society etc. with what we know today, my thesis statement being that the source of...
  3. I

    The role and portrayal of women in Medieval Japan

    Hi, I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me some book recommendations! I'm currently trying to research the role and portrayal of women in medieval Japan for an EPQ project but I'm finding it really difficult to search for non-fiction resources. So any recommendations to do with women...
  4. M

    Nasty portrayal of the Crusades and Crusaders

    In school, I learnt terrible things about crusades. Why crusaders attack muslims ? Did they want to christianize muslims by force ? What is a scholarly source for this topic ?
  5. benzev

    Best Portrayal of Henry VIII?

    Henry VIII has been portrayed many times on film and TV. Currently of course, Damian Lewis is reprising the role of the King in Wolf Hall. But who do you feel gave the most believable, convincing performance? In what performance might Henry have recognised himself, so to speak? I attach a...
  6. FrankLeeDeRainged

    What is the best portrayal of Sumer-Mesopotamia in film

    Does anyone know of any good portrayals of Sumer-Mesopotamia in film Or anything at all bronze age in that region. There doesn't seem to be much and the bulk of it like D.W. Griffith's 1916 Intolerance seem to be... fanciful... 1916 D.W. Griffith - "Intolerance" (Babylon 539 B.C. sequence...
  7. Cavanboy

    Is this an accurate portrayal of Islandwana?

    I watched a clip on youtube and was wondering if this is an accurate portrayal of the battle of islandwana? its from the movie ZULU. Battle of Isandlwana (1879) HQ - YouTube
  8. Cuish

    Best portrayal of a US president in film or tv?

    * doesn't matter if the title in question actually depicts their time in office or not. Paul Giamatti as John Adams has to be a contender. Ditto for David Morse and Stephen Dillane in the same mini-series (even though we don't see the latter as POTUS at any point in the aforementioned...
  9. V

    Contemporary Bolshevik portrayal of Krondstadt rebellion

    Bolsheviks had to rally and persuade many people in order to win over Krondstadt from rebelling sailors. This had to be hard propaganda task, given that these very sailors were the backbone of red army ever before, and their demands were essentially what Lenin originally asked for. So I wonder...
  10. J

    Persia: Darius' Portrayal of Cambyses.

    Hey, I am trying to find Darius' portrayal of Cambyses, Someone a while ago, told me to look up the 'Behinston inscriptions'. However they provide only a small bit of information on Cambyses killing his brother and also his suicide. Can anyone tell me if there is another source of Darius'...
  11. okamido

    Best Portrayal of Caesar

    Rex Harrison Ciaran Hinds Jeremy Sisto Karl Urban Claude Rains Louis Calhern