1. LatinoEuropa

    Portuguese Civil War

    The Portuguese Civil War, also known as Liberal Wars, Miguelista War or War of the Two Brothers. is a part of the history of Portugal. Maybe less known https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberal_Wars
  2. Hanslune

    First Portuguese steam warship?

    Does anyone know the name, when and what type of ship this was?
  3. LatinoEuropa

    War Ultramar - África Portuguesa 1961/1974

    friends have here some visuals on the colonial wars of Portuguese Africa. me and many Portuguese can give thanks to the revolution of portugal on April 25, 1974 the Portuguese dictatorship lasted 48 years that made millions of Portuguese suffer ... amigos tem aqui alguns vedeos sobre as guerras...
  4. LatinoEuropa

    Portuguese volunteers in China in 1906

    Portuguese volunteers in China in 1906 friends I do not know this history of presence Portuguese presence in shanghai in 1906 someone here has knowledge about this story and can give me more data.
  5. LatinoEuropa

    Did you know that Madrid came to be occupied by the Portuguese?

    Did you know that Madrid came to be occupied by the Portuguese? The Spanish capital came to be in the hands of Portuguese troops, coordinated by António Luís de Sousa, Marquis of Minas. This episode occurred during the War of the Succession of Spain, between 1701 and 1714 A warlike conflict...
  6. Naima

    Why Spanish and Portuguese colonies lagged behind?

    Compared to the British ones?
  7. Rodri96

    Who was more important to the Age of Exploration? The Portuguese or the Spaniards?

    It's pretty useless to bring other countries in the discussion since I think everyone here can recognize that the pioneers of the Age of Exploration were the Iberian kingdoms, what I'm going to ask you is something different, which was more important? Portugal or Spain? On one hand Portugal...
  8. B

    Would the Portuguese have gained more by peaceful trade in Indian Ocean?

    Due to numerous custom duties imposed in the Mamluk ports on goods transported from Indian ports to the west, the goods were incredibly expensive when they reached say, Flanders or Italy, compared to their prices in India. The Cape route was much cheaper in comparison, and using this alone the...
  9. LatinoEuropa

    In 1918 German submarine filmed Portuguese ship to be sunk

    I honestly did not know this case, I did not want to find out in the net. I am aware that there are German submarines sunk on the Portuguese coast of World War II ...
  10. LatinoEuropa

    Portuguese Restoration War

    The Restoration War was a set of armed clashes between the kingdom of Portugal and Spain, with the exception of Catalonia, in the period between 1640 and 1668. They began in the coup d'etat of the Restoration of Independence of December 1, 1640 - which Put an end to the dualistic monarchy of the...
  11. LatinoEuropa

    The day that the Portuguese army

    The day that the Portuguese army conquered Madrid. Yes, the title is not misleading. There was the day when the Portuguese army conquered Madrid, commanded by the Marquis of the Mines. On June 28, 1706, in an army of 14700 Portuguese and 4,200 Anglo-Dutch, under the command of Marquis of the...
  12. Devdas

    Why did Portuguese abandon Inquisition in Goa in 1812

    Why did Portuguese abandon Inquisition in Goa in 1812 after 3 centuries of persecution of Hindus.
  13. LatinoEuropa

    Battle of La Lys

    The dawn of April 9, 1918 awoke violently in Flanders, where Portuguese troops were crushed by a much superior German force. The battle of La Lys was marked by the loss of thousands of men among the dead, wounded and prisoners. The Germans called it Operation Georgete and the aim was to break...
  14. LatinoEuropa

    Origins of the Portuguese people

    Origins of the Portuguese people. So as not to raise doubts I researched hard, about the origins of the Portuguese people, basically boils down to this ... The Portuguese are a population of Southern Europe. Its ethnic origin is essentially a mixture of CELTAS and IBERAS tribes (called...
  15. LatinoEuropa

    There are three Portuguese words that have no translation

    There are three Portuguese words that can not be translated into the whole world. Are these - Saudade - Desenrascanço - Desbundar.
  16. LatinoEuropa

    Was a great Portuguese in 1940

    Aristides de Sousa Mendes was a great man to give visas to many Jewish people more than 30 thousand who were saved from the holocaust of nazism. It was a pity to be just a man it was good if he listened to more men like this Portuguese yes I know he hears a citizen German who also saved many...
  17. LatinoEuropa

    Portuguese dictatorship.

    Seeing that Salazar was unable to govern, Americo Thomaz called Marcello Caetano on September 27, 1968 to replace him. Salazar. If 25 April 1974 was made at the time Salazar ruled Portugal. If Salazar surrendered as Marcello Caetano surrendered, or else with Salazar could have civil war in...
  18. LatinoEuropa

    Cod fishing by the Portuguese

    Cod fishing by the Portuguese fishing - bacalháu. For those who ask what this topic has to do. I give this answer your country was not yet born, my ancestors already ate this fish as I still do today as on the topic do your research on the cod that has a lot to do with the Portuguese culture as...
  19. LatinoEuropa

    Portuguese arrived in America 19 years before Columbus

    A museum in Toronto wants to recognize the Portuguese presence and prove that the navigator João Vaz Corte-Real was in Canada in 1473. "History is very complex because there are always several versions of events," stressed the president of the Royal Canadian Portuguese Historical Museum There...
  20. LatinoEuropa

    Portugal was the last country in Europe to lose its empire

    Portugal was the last country in Europe to lose its empire, with the delivery of Macao to China on December 20, 1999 only that the history of Portugal would remain alive for ever, a small nation that made great nation.