1. Futurist

    A Mar. 1918 article about the possibility of a German annexation of the Baltic states

    Take a look at page 21 of this book to see and read this specific March 2, 1918 article :)...
  2. mark87

    Big shipwreck off of Colombia found, inmense treasures a possibility

    The colombian government just announced that they found (along with others) what may possibly be the largest shipwreck treasure ever found. The court case will probably drag on for years, the amount of money that the wreck could concern is unbelievable. A Shipwreck With Treasure Worth Up to $17...
  3. P

    The result of Peter the Great never being Great

    Now, first, I'm an US american with very little education behind European History beyond standard US education, so I'm not that educated, but on the other hand I do have a lot of european friends who've been helping me out on this, so I think I understand half of what I'm saying. Please correct...
  4. G

    Possibility of a Sanskrit revival similar to Hebrew revival

    Both were liturgical languages, spoken in ancient times, used by a religion for scriptural purposes, a body of ancient literature, lost in vogue in modern world. Barring priests they were barely understood. Hebrew overcame all this and using original old Hebrew roots formed amodern tongue. Can...
  5. Magnate

    Is there any possibility to a peacefull solution in ukraine?

    How would a peaceful solution look like between the west and russia over the ukrainian crisis? Could there be a chance to restart the relationship between the west and russia. If the west accepts Crimea as a russian state and promises that Ukraine will never be able to join Nato, and in return...
  6. Hrulj

    Possibility of finding out about holocaust?

    Did SS men know about Holocaust, before the end of the war? How easy/difficult was it to find out about death camps for SS officers, lets say lieutenants or equivalent? How were members of execution squads chosen? Did they volunteer? Were they picked? And if they were picked, how did they know...
  7. Li0nHeart

    Tenth Crusade Possibility?

    Assuming that syria egypt jordan and iran reclaim "israel" in the not too distant future could a tenth crusade plausibly happen?
  8. Valens

    Is there a real possibility of nuclear confrontation in the near future?

    We are all witnesses of increasing hostility in our modern world. Conflict in Ukraine, wars in Syria, Iraq and Libya, tensions in East Asia and growing antagonism between world powers such as US vs Russia, US vs China, Japan vs China... etc. Is a nuclear conflict possible in the near future...
  9. Son Of RA

    My stance on the possibility of West Africans REACHING the Americas

    I decided to indulge in this topic. Since it has been a popular topic lately and since the other thread got derailed. Anyways I wanted to show people my thoughts on this controversial subject. Again I made sure to be objective and back my claims up with sources. And I also came to what I call...
  10. MarshallBudyonny

    Possibility of a Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

    In recent days we have seen a large buildup of Russian forces near Ukraine's eastern border, tanks have rolled in, fighter jets are put on standby and an estimated 40,000 soldiers stand poised to strike. On the other side of the border Ukraine is struggling to gather sufficient forces, economic...
  11. R

    Was a Franco-Soviet war a possibility in the 1940s ?

    I was watching a documentary made by one of the best historians in the country I live in. He mentioned that when the Germans captured Paris, they found plans about a French operation against the USSR in the area of the Black Sea and the Caucasus (?). First of all, does anyone know anything...
  12. frankota

    What did Native Americans think of the possibility of an outside world?

    I've always wondered what Native Americans thought about there possibly being a world beyond their own before European arrival. Does anyone know? :D
  13. K

    WW3 possibility

    So my contemporary affairs class was talking about the israeli-palestinian conflict and how there's a chance it could escalate in the next for years, and that at this point with these conflicts the latest ww3 will possibly happen is 2020 approximately. the conditions we have hypothosized for it...
  14. Mohammed the Persian

    2012 : A bluff or possibility ?

    I'm quite surprised to see such an issue to be undiscussed on our forum. So I thought it would be a fun discussion if we were to. As of late, an increasingly number of people believe that 2012 is the doomsday and that we would all be dead by then :eek: Citing that what happened in Haiti, New...
  15. T

    Any possibility of the Bible being accurate?

    I don't mean any way for it to be true if we change the facts or shoehorn in a theory- within what we know of the history of Canaan, is it possible for the stories within the Bible to be true? I asked because I was raised as a religious Jew, and I've been trying to figure this out for a little...