1. T

    Reading recommendations - post-Civil War Georgia

    Hi! I am looking for some help on a reading list for a non-academic research. I hope this is the right part of the forum to post in ( I've seen the Help section, but it seems to be for students only?). Could you please point me in the direction of the autobiographies, diaries or memoirs of...
  2. heirtothewind

    America's post-Civil War struggle to become a more humane society-- comments welcomed

    I see the industrialization and urbanization of America after the Civil War as the manifestation of the rift between the rich of the Gilded Age with its conspicuous consumption and the working class poor that reflected the social evils of Dickensian England. The Progressive Movement was an...
  3. Salah

    The "Tramp Scare" in post-Civil War America

    The mid-to-late 19th Century was, in general, a period of social and technological progress in the Western world. In Gilded Age America, however, there were many displaced poor, most often called "tramps". Many of these people suffered as a result of the Civil War - particularly Southerners...