1. Futurist

    Territorial claims in Europe in the pre-WWI and post-WWI time periods

    I want to do a list of territorial claims in Europe in the pre-WWI and post-WWI time periods. Basically, I want someone to correct me if I missed some territorial claim(s) and/or got anything wrong. Anyway, here goes: Pre-World War I: *France: Alsace-Lorraine *Belgium: Malmedy? *Germany: None...
  2. Futurist

    The thoughts of Woodrow Wilson's advisers on the post-WWI map of Europe

    I previously shared this information in the thread about the war guilt clause of the Versailles Treaty, but it does not appear to have gotten much attention there. Thus, I decided to create a separate thread about this topic. Basically, in the run-up to the 1919 Versailles Peace Conference...
  3. Futurist

    Post-WWI European Situation and Alliance Systems Without a Bolshevik Russia?

    If the Bolshevik Revolution would have never (successfully) occurred in Russia (due to both Lenin and Trotsky never being able to get to Russia in time) and the Russian Provisional Government (barely) survived until the end of World War I, then how exactly would the post-WWI European situation...