1. R

    Are incels as big a potential problem as Islamic radicalism among men

    Are incel men as big a problem in the future as Islamic radicalism is now? Is there any truth to the widely quoted statistic that only 20 percent of men have sex and monopolize the women while the bottom 80 percent have no sex at all, do incels in the future have a potential to cause as much...
  2. Imperia

    Potential Superpowers

    Potential superpowers What nations over the last 200 years could have become a superpower at the level of the US and Soviet Union and have survived with that status to this day? Q. I am mentioning nations that could have become superpowers but never achieved this status (Brazil example) and not...
  3. Z

    What was Carthage's potential manpower pool on 2nd punic war?

    https://www.warhistoryonline.com/ancient-history/ed-ok-4-reasons-hannibal-couldnt-win-war-carthage.html This site claims that Italy alone had a potential manpower pool of 700,000 men. How about on the Carthaginians' side? From Carthage all the way to Gibraltar and then all the way to the...
  4. T

    Do all ethnic groups have the same innate intellectual potential?

    I would say no, because of two reasons: 1. IQ tests which consistently show very big differences in intellectual abilities among the different peoples of the world. 2. Lack of new revolutionary inventions, among everyone else, except the European descended people, and the Northeast Asian...
  5. R

    11 potential presidents from history

    This interesting article lists 11 possible presidential outcomes had history turned just a little bit differently. Some of these names are known, but others may be a bit more obscure. History News Network | These 11 People Came Close to Being President of the United States ? What do you think...
  6. notgivenaway

    Vikings season four - potential spoilers and thoughts

    It's only a month until it comes out. :cool: Big thing for me is if Rollo will betray Ragnar again, or if Floki will be punished for killing Athelstan. I personally sided with Rollo to some degree in the earlier betrayal with Jarl Borg. King Ecbert needs some seeing too, on many levels. imho...
  7. Futurist

    Countries with unfulfilled Great Power potential after 1800

    Out of curiosity--exactly which additional countries could have realistically become Great Powers and gone on an extremely massive conquering spree after 1800? In other words, I am talking about managing to go on a conquering spree (at least temporarily) like Napoleon, Hitler, the Imperial...
  8. G

    Potential areas where Hinduism can be spread and acquire new converts

    Are there any potential geographies or ethnic groups of people who could potentially convert to Hinduism. Please mention only those which are not Hindu already but belong to other persuasions. What could be done to spread Hinduism outside its base in Indian subcontinent? What kind of people...
  9. Jeff0803

    Donald Trump as a potential president compared to past Presidents

    It seems like allot of Americans are on board with the idea of Donald Trump becoming the Republican nominee, and perhaps even President (God forbid). Hypothetically, if Trump became President, are there any Presidents in American history that are similar to Trump in any way? In other words, is...
  10. EmperorTigerstar

    Which Failed Invasion of England Had the Best Potential?

    There were many planned or unsuccessful invasions of England / Great Britain that maybe could have won if things weren't so unlucky for them. Which do you think had the best chance to succeed?
  11. G

    Potential allies of Vijaynagar

    One of the missed opportunities was the Western Gangas. I think Vijaynagar instead of attacking the Kalinga kingdom could have allied with it against the Deccan sultanates. Vijaynagar defeated the Orissan powers in 1356. There were other potential allies in Tamil Nadu, the states of Malabar...
  12. Naomasa298

    Should all Muslims be considered a potential threat?

    The title of this thread will no doubt create some outrage but please read on before commenting, and then you can lay into me. First of all, I do not believe that all Muslims are extremists or support extremism. Of course, they are not. After all, more Muslims are killed by extremists than...
  13. Jake10

    Do you find potential mates of your own race more attractive?

    This would not mean that potential mates from other races would not be attractive, but do you have a preference?
  14. Aberc

    Little man with huge potential

    Very interesting find recently. Little man with huge potential For those who dont know, these anthropomorphs are common in North India dating around 1500 BC. But that one has inscriptions, Indus type figure, and a boars head.
  15. Stefan Nemanja

    Meritocracy-Ideology potential political system?

    I wonder,is there a chance for a permanent establishment of an meritocratical society,with the principle being applied to the most important forms of governing and employing?
  16. Pacific_Victory

    Does Space Exploration have the potential to unite the World?

    If there is one endeavor which I think has the potential to unite the world and make us forget our petty squabbles down here on our little green and blue ball, I believe it is the exploration of space. What think you?
  17. Salah

    British Military Potential in the Victorian Era

    Apart from the Crimea and the Boer Wars, Britain's enemies in the 1837-1901 period consisted predominately of China and various Indian and African peoples. Almost invariably, their foes were far inferior in terms of organization, leadership, and the successful application of modern weaponry and...
  18. F

    Which regions in the world hold the most potential for archaeological discoveries?

    What are the chances of places like India, China and other similarly overpopulated countries hiding tons of ancient artefacts under their cities? It seems to me that unlike ancient Egypt or the middle east Asia became very overpopulated before people got a chance to have a look under the ground...
  19. B

    New member, potential book recommendations?

    Hi, I'm new here. Had a quick look through a few threads on the forum and it seems like a good site for this sort of stuff so I thought I'd sign up. The reason for this post is that I'm looking for some people's initial thoughts/recommendations for books I should look into. My interest in...
  20. G

    Some Potential Essay Topics for My AP Euro Test

    To what extent was renaissance a distinct new modern period Northern/southern renaissance Did women have a renaissance Rise of middle class, the effects What were the causes of the growth of the nation and state Printing press I have basic answers to all of them, but would anyone be kind...