1. VHS

    What led to the current African poverty?

    Except a few spots of prosperity, much of Africa is behind the rest in Human Development Index other socioeconomic indicators. "Blame the colonizers" sounds simplistic; if history is as simple as typical alternative history, we would not have that much debate about history. Ethiopia is never...
  2. J

    Poverty & White Supremacy

    Explain how and why poverty and white supremacy are foundations upon which the post-Civil War South was built. (Intellectual answers ONLY!!! PLEASE no negativity or race/status bashing!)
  3. Bullit


    Those who live in the first world are too distant now to know what real poverty looks like. This video brings out the desperation in poor farming communties in rural Pakistan with huge debts which they struggle to pay off. It also evinces where the migratory drive comes from. CwLgLDOVJdQ
  4. C


    What problems would arise if world poverty just suddenly ended? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. C

    Poverty in the Middle East

    What would you think it would take for the poor middle eastern economies to become rising world contributors each year?
  6. VHS

    Historical reasons for the relative poverty of Canadian Maritimes?

    Canadian Maritimes, which includes the Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, are still developed areas by global standards; however, their development levels lag behind the rest of Canada. Are there any historical reasons for the relative underdevelopment? How geographical...
  7. VHS

    Colonial prosperity vs current poverty: A pure illusion or the partially truth?

    Some may mention that some countries were more prosperous as colonies than as independent states. Let's pick Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. If inflation is taken into account, the GDP per capital at independence might be substantially higher than today. Did...
  8. gustavolapizza

    Can We really get rid of poverty?

    Lets say We sincerely embrace this goal as humans. Can it be obtained? Not saying we Will all end up living in mansions with an iPhone and a 50 inches tv for anyone but talking about guaranteeing rights like fresh water, a decent amount of food, healthcare able to deal with things that in the...
  9. G

    Why is India still facing poverty issues despite 70 years of freedom

    I would like to understand the historical perspective with this because we can no longer just blame foreigners, invasions, rainfall, population etc. Many other countries have overcome these issues in shorter time to rebound quickly. After WW2 most European economies were destroyed. Germany and...
  10. Garlaban

    Africa: What Went Wrong?

    Let's take Zimbabwe as an example. Under European rule, Zimbabwe was an industrial giant which spawned a strong manufacturing sector, iron and steel industries, and modern mining ventures. After removing the "oppresive" Whites, now it pleads for $1.5bn in food aid to prevent mass starvation...
  11. U

    Sociology- Poverty Social Crisis.

    Hello all, I am doing a research paper for my sociology 101 class, and it is on the poverty crisis. It is 5-6 pages in the terms of length requirement, but I am asking for advice from fellow scholars on where should I begin with my paper? Should I show the origins of poverty in a couple of...
  12. C

    Is a vote for the LibLabCon a vote for poverty and mass immigration?

    Neither was accidental. The idea is to replace the British population with immigrants and to turn the British into slaves for the bankers and corporations.
  13. A

    Climate Change conference and the poverty cycle.

    Assuredly the international issue of climate change is one for wondering in history if nations can come together at the goal of an agreeable belief that the economic state of globalized mankind can be understood with a common threat. Besides internationalism there is the probe of that the...
  14. Naomasa298

    Medieval poverty relief

    I'm interested in knowing more about how medieval society cared for its poor. In England, I understand that the Church and monasteries took on this role but how was this carried out? Was it simply the giving of food and shelter to the destitute? Or was it more institutionalised, with rules and...
  15. P

    Solutions foe Spatial Poverty

    Paul Jagueosky studying census track units. A census track unit consists of 4,300 preople. His findings showed that tracks having 40% of the residents under the federal poverty level ($23,000 family of 4. were increasing by the fastest margins. And that it was true for the white as well as the...
  16. Sharks and love

    Should poverty be the main concern of religion?

    According to Michael Sean Winters, an American journalist and writer who covers events in the Roman Catholic Church for the National Catholic Reporter, responding to Pope Francis' selection as Time's man of the year says: "Very prominent Catholic conservatives like professor [Robert] George...
  17. Tairusiano

    Cangaço (highwaymen)

    Cangaço (highwaymen) Between the 19th and the mid-20 (in Brazil), a specific type of banditry was developed in the northeastern hinterland: the cangaço. The Cangaço was a phenomenon in northeastern Brazil formed by nomads who used violence to commit crimes in the region. The very term...
  18. theauthor

    Why would people rather choose consumerism and work above poverty and liberty?

    I never quite understood the reason most people in the world would rather choose a life of wealth and prosperity, and then having to worry about work or losing your job, rather than living a simple life, working only to cook your own meal and provide for yourself and your family and have your...
  19. Jake10

    Are people who grow up in poverty more likely to make decisions which keep them poor?

    That's what this article says. Do you agree? http://healthland.time.com/2013/01/21/how-scarcity-leads-to-spending/
  20. Zeno

    Would abolishment of poverty lead to abolishment of wealth?

    I'm aware wealth and poverty aren't absolute concepts, that they are to a large degree defined in relation to each other, but taking our today standards of povertyand wealth, is it possible to still have wealthy people while at the same time not having poor people anymore?