1. M

    When did Japan become a Great Power?

    When do you think Imperial Japan emerged as a Great Power?
  2. jameen

    Power struggle between Xi Jingping and Jiang Zemin

    Do you believe that there is power struggle in order to control the Chinese Communist Party between Xi and Jiang and Xi Jingping's anti corruption drive is also his means to eliminate Jiang's clique in the Party in order for Xi to gain absolute control of the Party? Do you believe on the...
  3. K

    If America is an incompetent power, why doesn't the world take that power away?

    I keep reading over and over again on Quora, Reddit, Youtube and so many other websites out there that America is, in a nutshell, evil; it's selfish, it's a hypocrite has a lot of crimes against humanity and that a lot of people living there are just no good. I also read that there are so many...
  4. dlnewhouse

    Black power

    Does anyone know when Black Power started? I learned about it from the movie Jumpin' Jack Flash form Whoopie Goldberg.
  5. L

    Is the British constitutional Monarchy stripped of real power ?

    Is the present day concept Of ‘constitutional Monarchy’ where the Queen is independent and does what she is told and simply signs bills passed by Parliamentand the Prime Minister an illusion? The weekly discussion with the PM is permanently classified and details are never released. It has...
  6. artistauthor

    Billy Mitchell, forgotten visionary advocate of air power?

    Although it is nearly 93 years since General William "Billy" Mitchell was court martialed for protesting the US military's indifference if not active hostility to the concept of air power( this 1925 court martial was made into an Otto Preminger film of the same name in 1955), I think it worth...
  7. W

    Princely states of India-mere puppets or do they have meaningful power?

    So did the princely states of India under the British have actual meaningful power or were they just puppet mouth pieces for the local British comissoners? How did they compare to other British protectorates? Or the protectorates of other colonial powers? Also were the princely states...
  8. Tammuz

    Legitimation of political power by divine grace

    As far as we look back into the historical past (I ignore prehistory), religious institutions and concepts always seem to be closely connected with the authorities of a community, i.e. with chiefdom and kingship. Either priests acted as servant functionaries of a ruler or the priesthood was a...
  9. F

    Imagine the dominant world power elected

    And here I don´t think like now, were the USA has elected itself as the dominant power. Could we imagine another way? Some sort of international procedure for electing the dominant power, perhaps for a limited span of years?
  10. J

    Carthage:The Roman Holocaust. Power struggle & Roman frustrated inferiority complex

    Carthage:The Roman Holocaust. Power struggle & Roman frustrated inferiority complex About the Roman made Holocaust against a higher civilization: E6kI9sCEDvY 0DnXV6R0nh0 It was more than just a power struggle between Rome and Carthage. Romans had a lot of cause to have frustrated...
  11. artistauthor

    Could ANYTHING have been done to prevent the Bolshevik seizure of power in 1917?

    Could ANYTHING have been done to prevent Lenin's Bolsheviks from coming to power in Russia in 1917. My guess is NO: There were simply TOO MANY things wrong with the Czarist autocracy. John F.Kennedy once observed that "those who seek to make peaceful evolution impossible tend to make violent...
  12. No Bias FTW

    Worst Axis Power in Anti-Submarine Warfare/Convoy Protection/Factory Protection WW2

    Of the main (often 3) Axis powers during WW2, which had the worst protection of its industry and resources? I doubt that Germany should be included, but I included it anyways in case there is something new I could learn. Japan was notoriously bad at Anti-Submarine Warfare (through its lack of...
  13. B

    How much power did 18th century British Monarchs have?

    I always thought that by the 18th century the monarchy was largely a constitutional monarchy, but recently i have realized this isn't the case. Can you guys tell me more about what powers the monarchy had during this time period.
  14. J

    Which was the strongest military power of late medieval Europe?

    Which was the strongest military power of late medieval Europe (XVI-XV century)? My firm candidate is Hungary, but can you name a single other European challenger for that title? As we know, medieval French society was not a very militaristic society, H.R.Empire was not a real politically...
  15. Jake10

    Almost all wars are fought for money, power and/or religion

    While the motive of religion is not as significant in modern times, it can still be found in some wars. However the motives of money and power are alive and well, and motivate almost every war that is/has been fought. The entire concept behind communism was that a few people a lot of wealth and...
  16. T

    who has the most power (to controll) during marshal law

    if your city declares marshal law, and the police have special orders from the ranking chief that goes against the orders from the military does the military orders out rank the highest ranking police officers?:suspicious: understand I'm thinking about a EMP attack that wiped out all...
  17. Valens

    Great Mothers in History

    Mothers of some of history's most significant personalities often played a critical role in the development of their character and often represented a power behind the curtain. Many of these women were ambitious, power hungry and completely devoted to their children and their cause. Some of the...
  18. F

    Divide of economic power in Austria-Hungary

    Hello there! So, I stumbled across this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_regions_by_past_GDP_(PPP)#1830%E2%80%931938_(Bairoch) Seeing the GNP of Austria-Hungary made me wonder, how much did Austria and how much did Hungary contribute to that number(, also how much did Bosnia)? I assume...
  19. S

    Will Somalia become a super power if this happened?

    Let’s say all countries on Earth were destroyed but still habitable and 90% of the population of each country is dead except for Somalia which is left untouched. Will that make Somalia a super rich country and become the next superpower?
  20. JM1906

    Cabinda, Angola - How real is the separatist power?

    I don't know if there is anyone from Angola, or living in Angola, or familiarized with Angolan politics in Historum. I've been hearing from years about FLEC (Liberation Front of Cabinda enclave), but never realize if it's a true menace, or if there are other organizations. In 2016, they made...