1. R

    Massacre of the Praetorian Guards?

    A while ago, I remember reading something that was rather odd to me, and I wanted to know if anyone had any information on this. I had been reading about Emperor Caracalla (at least I think it was him, it might have been someone else), and I read something about how he had taken some of his...
  2. dlnewhouse

    Praetorian Guard loyalty

    Who were the Praetorian Guard loyal to? The emperor? The senate? The republic? The people? The senate declared emperor Nero an enemy and had him killed. But we have DVD burning software named after Nero to this day. America?
  3. FrostWyrm96

    How elite were the Praetorian guards?

    First of all, I want to know how "elite" were the praetorian guards in terms of strength, mobility, quality of equipment and their duties to protect the emperor. How were they actually raised to be a praetorian guard in service to the emperor? Were they handpicked by the emperor himself and/or...
  4. Polynikes

    The Praetorian guard's relationship with Trajan and role during the Dacian Wars?

    How would you define Trajan's relationship with the guard during this period, and how did he perceive their combat effectiveness in comparison to other legions during his invasion? Were they held in high esteem as the virtual elite of the Roman army, or were they just another bodyguard unit?
  5. Polynikes

    Italian service in the Praetorian guard?

    From what I understand it was a uniquely Italian unit for much of its history, but at what point do we see other groups enter the guard? And how revolutionary were Severus' reforms? From there on out, do we see Italians continue to serve under the Severan emperors within the guard? And what...
  6. I

    Praetorian Guard Uniform

    How did their uniform differ from a regular Roman legionary?
  7. Bellicose

    Liberius (Praetorian Prefect)

    Hello Historiumites, I am very fascinated with Medieval Roman History (Byzantine/ Eastern Roman), and over the years I keep coming across the same figure in all of my books, although for a very short time. His name is Liberius c. 460 – c. 554 AD, and he is briefly mention for leading an army in...
  8. P

    Role of the Praetorian Guard

    I have been recently studying Rome, more importantly its decline and fall, largely based on the work of Edward Gibbon. While reading about the Praetorian guard I couldn't help feel that the Praetorian Guard were acting with a self-interested realpolitik. My argument is based on the fact that...
  9. M

    What if the Praetorian Guard had restored the Republic after assassinating Caligula?

    Was the Republican system definitively obsolete or could it have made a comeback?
  10. Belloc

    A comparative study of the Mongol Imperial Guard and the Roman Praetorian Guard

    This looks interesting. I was unaware there was a formal Imperial Guard for the Mongol rulers. To Protect, Serve, and Sell Out: The Mongol Imperial Guard and the Roman Praetorian Guard
  11. Caracalla

    Who protected the emperor after Constantine I disbanded the Praetorian guard?

    Who protected the emperor after Constantine I disbanded the Praetorian guard? My wife just asked me and I realised... I had no idea! :o
  12. Inc

    Caligula - Praetorian Guards Family also?

    I've read somewhere that Caligula's wife and baby daughter were murdered around the same time as the infamous one. As he was murdered by his Praetarian Guards suspicion would seem to point in their direction, but then again why would they do that? :unsure: Did his guards kill his family also?
  13. Salah

    The Muscle behind the Throne - the Praetorian Prefects

    The informally-named "Praetorian Guard" was a paramilitary force of armed cohorts, stationed in Rome from the time of Augustus until the rise of Constantine I in 313 CE. The number of cohorts fluctuated from nine to sixteen over the centuries, as did the number of officers commanding them. The...
  14. Salah

    The Praetorian Guard

    The Praetorian Guard - custodes praetoriani - are probably the most iconic and notorious unit in the Imperial Roman Army. They are also (like most iconic and notorious people or entities in history) the subject of some urban legends, fabrications, and stereotypes. In the days of the Republic...