1. Voltaires Hat

    Sources/Conjecture on the Social History of Pre-Colonial Sub-Saharan Africa

    The reading I've done on Africa to date suggests to me that the pre-colonial history of sub-saharan Africa is quite incomplete. Just wondering if anyone can reference me to some sources or good reading on this topic that are less political/geographical, more 'what was likely happening on the...
  2. Kookaburra Jack

    Dark Emu: Precolonial Australian native society - agricultural or hunter-gatherer? ‘Dark Emu injects a profound authenticity into the conversation about how we Australians understand our continent ... [It is] essential reading for anyone who wants to understand what Australia once was, or what it might...
  3. N

    Book/paper on agriculture in pre-colonial West Africa

    Hello, I search a book or a paper on pre-colonial Agriculture in West Africa, do you've suggestions? Thanks.
  4. Millennium

    Pre-Colonial British accents?

    Wasn’t sure whether to post this thread under European or American history. What the English would have sounded like originally is a topic that has been frequently discussed but not examined in any detail. There only seems to be concern over it in regards to Shakespeare, in how his plays should...
  5. blingdogg

    In Depth Books (or articles) on Precolonial Somalia?

    Does anyone know of any good, in-depth sources for precolonial Somali history? When it comes to the Horn of Africa, there's a good amount for Ethiopia, but not for the Somali. I'm looking for good books on precolonial states/sultanates like Ajuran, Geledi, Adal, etc... Particularly history in...
  6. notgivenaway

    Should Africa revert to its pre-colonial kingdoms?

    If the Kingdom of Kongo could be reestablished, but with a modernised political structure, would this ensure central Africa would be more stable?
  7. H

    Did any pre-colonial Sub-Saharan African Kingdoms/Empires manufacture their own guns?

    When the Japanese were first introduced to the European matchlock in the 16th century, they quickly adopted it as their own and even improved upon it, quickly utilizing it to attack their rivals: Within a year after the first trade in guns, Japanese swordsmiths and ironsmiths managed to...
  8. H

    Precolonial African cities of stone?

    Were there any Sub-Saharan African "cities of stone" prior to the colonial era? I'm aware of the Islamic north and Swahili coast such as Kilwa as well as the Christian empires of the past including Nubia and Ethiopia. However, were there any cities of stone with paved roads, stone walls...
  9. H

    How Widespread Was The Use Of Steel In Pre-Colonial Sub-Saharan Africa?

    I know that Africans have been using iron for thousands of years. I am also aware of the Haya people of East Africa who developed advanced blast furnaces able to produce high carbon steel over 2000 years ago. However was steel the norm in most of Africa before European intervention or were tools...
  10. notgivenaway

    Greatest pre-colonial African ruler?

    For me, it's Mansa Musa. Supposedly he was the wealthiest man who ever lived, but then he seemed like a capable ruler. Then Osei Tutu, who founded the Asante kingdom in modern day Ghana. Many of the institutions he laid down still exist today, and whilst Asante traded a lot of slaves, it was the...
  11. H

    Any good animations or games based in pre-colonial africa?

    I notice a disgustingly low shortage of media based in pre-colonial Africa. For example, there are Disney movies based in just about every part of the world and culture from America (Pocahontas) Asia (Mulan) Middleast (Aladdin) and no need to even mention Europe since there are too many to name...
  12. Z

    First accounts of pre-colonial Africa?

    Hi, first time posting. In latin american colonization, there are several authors that narrate their first contact with the New World. First, explorers like Colombus and Amerigo Vespucci, then Bartolomé de las Casas and Bernal Díaz de Castillo. They document a variety of things, but most...
  13. gravyten577

    Pre-colonial African agriculture

    Please share any info on early African agriculture. The legacy of irrigation in particular has been left in the dark. It use to be believed that 'blacks' never controlled water. Here is a discription of agriculture on the Guinea coast by early European observers which reveal intensive...
  14. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    Great Zimbabwe- The largest precolonial stone structure south of the Sahara?

    A few webpages and books that I've read claim Great Zimbabwe is the largest ancient/medieval stone structure south of the Sahara, but is this really true? Times were that many said that great zimbabwe was the ONLY stone structure built by Africans south of the sahara, and this comment almost...
  15. Rakshasa

    The relationship between Central Indian tribes and the pre-Colonial rulers

    It is well known that the British were the first to come directly in conflict with the Austro-Asiatic tribes of Central India in the regions of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Orissa, who gave them a good taste of their bravery despite being heavily outgunned by the superior weapons of the British...
  16. blingdogg

    Army of the precolonial Asante?

    The Asante Empire had successes fighting off the British in the wars of colonization in the 19th century. I know that they offered a stronger defense compared to most other African states against European conquest. And they were highly effective in carving out a great empire amongst the Akan...
  17. Pacific_Victory

    One book about Pre-colonial Indian history

    Hello all, I'm looking to buy a book about Indian history before European colonization. I'm quite fascinated by the subcontinent but I've never been able to concretely begin any study of the subject. If you had to choose a single volume to get started on this subject, which would you choose...
  18. cachibatches

    West African Pre-Colonial Architecture and Engineering

    Some intersting stuff. Please add if you can: MAURETANIA Tichitt Walata Tichit, Tichitt, Mauritania :: attractions catalogue — WorldPOI;f=15;t=003635 Chinguetti Chinguetti: Facts, Discussion Forum, and Encyclopedia Article Ouadane Wikipedia (Links)...
  19. E

    To live in Pre-colonial Africa

    Though many paint the picture of a flawless and burden less pre-colonial Africa the fact is like the rest of the world there were always tensions and inter-tribal wars. Yet again like the rest of the world there were times of peace and tranquility. This description would be derived from the way...
  20. W

    Pre-colonial Burmese history

    Hey there I'm looking for some books that are based on the Pre-colonial times of Burma, and their history at that particular time. I* am struggling to find any decent readings, and In fact started looking into the Rangoon University archive, after finding out my university had one good book on...