1. C

    Why did the Nazis prefer the Western Allies over the Soviets?

    In the European theater of WWII, the Nazis sent the bulk of their forces to the East for Operation Barbarossa; only a small percentage of the German military fought against the Western Allies (UK and USA). Hitler had also tried to bring peace between Germany and Britain, but those attempts kept...
  2. Earl_of_Rochester

    Hong Kong would prefer to be under British Imperial rule.

    20 years after the Brits left in 1997 some people in Hong Kong still want to remain under British rule. Anti-Beijing protesters rally outside British Consulate-General, urging UK to take back Hong Kong | South China Morning Post China's Xi sees 'challenges' in Hong Kong as Beijing dismisses...
  3. O

    Something to explain about why Chinese people prefer white skin

    In deed, what Chinese people like is not just simply white skin, it is a whole package, like what is described in countless literary works as the prerequites of being an absolute beauty, having a skin that resembles jade or pearl, that is, very brilliant visually, clearly off any defects...
  4. Socrates of Athens

    Which Rome do you prefer

    A lot of people on this forum seem to really like Rome, my question is which Rome and why?
  5. C

    Which Decade Do You Prefer

    Which decade out of these choices do you prefer and why? a) Current Decade b) 2000s c) 1990s d) 1980s
  6. J

    Do humans in general prefer a fairer complexion?

    We've seen it throughout history that fairer skin has been considered very beautiful in most cultures, so would it be accurate to say that humans prefer fairer skin general?
  7. kdbooklover16

    Do you prefer the social or military aspects of history?

    Title says it all- do you prefer the social or military aspects of history? I say social- but I appreciate a good battle!! And some of my favorite historical figures were great military tacticians, and are so for that reason...
  8. notgivenaway

    Which do you prefer, a presidential or parliamentary system?

    A presidential system is derived from the US Constitution. There are separations between the POTUS, Congress and Supreme Court, in a system of checks and balances. So COngress makes laws, the POTUS signs them off/vetoes them/institutes them, and the Supreme Court intreprets them and all other...
  9. Futurist

    Was Saddam Hussein or ISIS better?

    This question is pretty simple--was Saddam Hussein or ISIS better? Also, to clarify, by "better," I mean "the less bad option here." As for me, I am tempted to vote for Saddam Hussein here. After all, in spite of the fact that Saddam Hussein was certainly an extremely vile, cruel, and evil...
  10. P

    Do you prefer British or French historians of the French Revolution?

    I tried reading Simon Schama but hated his style. I have only read Georges Lefebvre. Do you think the Brits would be more objective than the French?
  11. Futurist

    Do the Arabs of East Jerusalem Prefer Israeli or Palestinian Rule?

    I hope that this thread is okay to post here; after all, this topic also applies to pre-1991 events; plus, I think that I previously saw a thread about a gay marriage occurring in Russia in the General History section which wasn't locked despite the fact that it is obviously talking about a...
  12. Jake10

    Do some couples prefer adoption over giving birth?

    I recently heard the claim that modern couples are turning more to adoption, and some even prefer it over giving birth to a child. Is this really the case? If so, what are the reasons for it?
  13. A

    Which Body Armour Would You Prefer?

    Imagine you are a foot-soldier going to war in the medieval (pre-handgun) period. You don't know where and how long you will campaign. You step into the armoury and can choose any body armour you like. Which one will you pick?
  14. Jake10

    Would you prefer living in a society with more women than men?

    We all prefer balance, but if there were no balance would you prefer a society with more women? Why/why not?
  15. ucanefan

    Why do you not prefer American history?

    I know this sounds really American if you will haha. But I imagine most people here prefer Euro history. What is it about your side of the world that you're more interested in? I love American history. It's so short you can go so deep lol
  16. Jake10

    Do teachers prefer female students?

    Do girls have an advantage in school? According to this study they do. Does this mean females are on their way to dominating future societies? New UGA research helps explain why girls do better in school | UGA Today
  17. Jake10

    Do people prefer robots for domestic help instead of humans?

    If you were to choose between having a person come to your house to do the cleaning or having a robot that could do it, which would you prefer? Why? GT | Newsroom - Robots in the Home: Will Older Adults Roll Out the Welcome Mat?
  18. sylla1

    Which conqueror would you prefer to conquer your nation?

    The OP is self-explanatory. There are three explicit options, ostensibly some of the most popular ones among the Historumites. You may choose any other out of the list; being such the case, please specifi who. Please explain your answer as detailed as possible. Thanks in advance :) :) :cool:
  19. sylla1

    Which European power would you prefer as a colonial master for your nation?

    The OP is self-explanatory. If your actual nation is European, please select any option different from your own. If your nation had already been a colony, you may or may not select your own former master nation. Even if the "none" option was chosen, please explain your choice as detailed as...
  20. jeroenrottgering

    Anarchy vs Authority: Which do you prefer?

    The OP speaks for itself.