1. M

    Ancient Pre-Roman Italy

    Latins, Sabines, Samnites... a collage of terms and I can after a bit of reading understand better what a picture of the area might be... But basically I don't really know of any places or advanced research into this area.. basically I'm just curious what the relationships between the different...
  2. S

    Judicial Druid attire & pre-Roman UK

    These plates were made in 1902. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  3. C

    The Pre-Roman 'Limes' on the Lower Danube

    The Pre-Roman settlement/fortification system on the Lower Danube:
  4. Caracalla

    Pre-Roman British Myths

    Most people know of the Christian, Norman myths of Robin Hood and the Anglo-Saxon King Arthur. But what of the pre-Roman myths? I find it hard to believe there were none. So, have any survived?
  5. O

    No evidence of Pre-Roman Steel Handles?

    Strangely, I can only find actual archaeological photo evidence of real flint and steels used in Scandivania by the Norse during the Viking age, but none for pre-Roman, Iron Age "British" people. Surely they must've used the flint and steel? Or did they only start to use them when Rome had its...
  6. D

    A question - Layers of celtic culture in pre-roman Britain

    So relatively shortly before Roman forays into S.E. Britain, apparently Belgae and Gaulish peoples had established themselves here. The Cantiaci were described as the most civilised, and presumably the Catuvelauni were quite warlike to be able to assert their dominance over this region, and must...
  7. Salah

    Political Development of the Celtic tribes of pre-Roman Britain

    Archaeology and epigraphy tell us that the Celtic tribes of what is now England and Wales were minting coins (each unique to the chieftain and the tribe in question) and being governed by both 'kings' and 'senates' within the century before the Roman Conquest. Caesar also tells us that Britain...
  8. Caracalla

    Pre-Roman Kent

    At the time of Caesar's invasion of Britain he records that Kent, or Cantium as he called it, was divided into four regions each ruled by its own king. These kings were, Segovax, Carvilius, Cingetorix, and Taximagulus. Caesar commented that the people of Kent were by far the most civilised of...
  9. Thessalonian

    'Britain's first pre-Roman planned town' found near Reading

    "Archaeologists believe they have found the first pre-Roman planned town discovered in Britain. It has been unearthed beneath the Roman town of Silchester or Calleva Atrebatum near modern Reading. The Romans are often credited with bringing civilisation to Britain - including...
  10. G

    English was spoken in pre-Roman times and does not descend from Anglo-Saxon

    The main content is based upon this website: How old is English? However, I'd like to clarify some further points, before responding to any counter-arguments. Anglo-Saxon (dubbed "Old English"): :suspicious: Fæder ūre, þū þe eart on heofonum; Sīe þīn nama gehālgod, tō becume þīn rīce...
  11. Caracalla

    War Grave - Pre-Roman Britain

    BBC News - Mass burial suggests massacre at Iron Age hill fort