1. Futurist

    Could any U.S. President in the 1890s have realistically annexed Cuba?

    Could any U.S. President in the 1890s have realistically annexed Cuba? While I am aware of the Teller Amendment, could a different U.S. President have prevented it from passing had he acted early enough in regards to Cuba? For instance, could a different U.S. Administration have tried to...
  2. dlnewhouse

    Termination of the employment of the president of the United States

    Under international law, which American official has the legal controlling authority to terminate the employment of the president of the United States.
  3. Futurist

    Hindenburg demands a new German President in 1933

    What if German President Paul von Hindenburg would have made Hitler's consolidation of power (as in, the Enabling Act and the suspension of all other political parties in Germany) contingent on him (Hindenburg) being allowed to retire and replaced with someone of his own (Hindenburg's) choosing...
  4. HistoryColored

    Most Underrated President?

    We all know the names of the "great" Presidents which are primarily known for one thing such as George Washington (First President), Abraham Lincoln (Abolishing Slavery) and Franklin Roosevelt (New Deal). Who would you say is the most underrated President who had one huge achievement, or did a...
  5. SirOrmondeWinter

    If RFK had lived would he have been President?

    I'm going to give a qualified no, Nixon won on a law and order platform based on the 'silent majority' (although his percentage victory was tiny he won the electoral college but a clear margin), RFK and his supporters were even further to the left than Humphrey and would have alienated them even...
  6. E

    Vice President curse

    When Harrison died and John Tyler replaced him, Whigs saw their legislative agenda go down the drain as Tyler was a Democrat whose main connection to the Whigs was his distaste for Andrew Jackson. After this you'd think party's would be very very careful when balancing tickets to nominate VP's...
  7. S

    The most obscure US president

    It's not a poll because there're always outliers. Give your opinion based on who you think is the one the most Americans never heard of or know the least about.
  8. artistauthor

    What if RFK had been elected President in 1968?

    But if not being assassinated by Sirhan. B.Sirhan. Robert F.Kennedy had not only been nominated as the Democratic candidate for POTUS(President of the United States_) but elected to the Presidency in November 1968 instead of Hubert Humphrey or Richard Nixon)? Incidentally whilst we're on the...
  9. DavidChandler

    Film: Tracing the ancestors of George Washington

    Here is a short film, looking at the English village where the ancestors of George Washington lived. The film shows the last remaining part of their former home. z-Wetb0LFNw
  10. M

    The assassination of president john f kennedy

    Hi, guys, I'd just like to get your opinion on the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (hence the title) I was just wondering who you believe shot JFK and to justify your opinion if possible, thank you :)
  11. SirOrmondeWinter

    Who was the most divisive President in history?

    Remember 1990 rule! 1. Reagan-the darling of the conservative right, the devil to the left for re-shifting the US back to the right wing after the leftward drift of the 70s. 2. Nixon-a man with many achievements to his name but ultimately always soiled by Watergate and allegations that he...
  12. H

    China should Cut Trade Deficit, says the US president

    "China has been asked to develop a plan for the year of a One Billion Dollar reduction in their massive Trade Deficit with the United States. Our relationship with China has been a very good one, and we look forward to seeing what ideas they come back with. We must act soon!" says the US...
  13. SirOrmondeWinter

    Which President has the most impressive military record?

    Doesn't seem to matter so much these days but used to matter a lot. George H Bush served as a US Navy bomber pilot in WW2 and was shot down whilst attacking Wake Island. Ronald Reagan was an Army reserve officer in WW2 but had a non-combat role due to 'poor eyesight' and stayed in the US...
  14. P

    Your favorite French presidents

    I would like to know for you who is the best For me is Raymond Poincaré and Charles de Gaulle Louis Napoleon Bonaparte Adolphe Thiers Patrice de MacMahon Jules Grevy Sadi Carnot Casimir Perier Felix Faure Emile Loubet Armand Fallieres Raymond Poincaré Paul Deschanel Alexandre Millerand Gaston...
  15. VHS

    Thomas Sankara, the assassianted president of Burkina Faso

    Thomas Sankara was the president of Burkina Faso; unlike many other African leaders, he was known for frugal lifestyle, closeness to the public, visionary and progressive policies. While a leader with visions and competency, he was assassinated in 1987, which cut short a promising leadership...
  16. 1

    Vice President Nixon and Vietnam?

    The new Burns/Novick series "The Vietnam War" has brought something back to mind. The film states that President Eisenhower authorized the sending of the first Americans into Vietnam as participants, whether as advisers or whatever. Quite a few years ago, I was told that V.P. Nixon was...
  17. Darth Raidius

    Most communist-friendly President of the United States?

    Which American president during the Cold War (1947-1991) would you say was the most friendly towards communism, or at least most willing to negotiation and peaceful coexistence with the Soviet Union and other communist states?
  18. P

    Best biography for each president/congressmen/generals

    Im taking us history this year and i figured what better time to learn more about american history, Appreciate any suggestions
  19. Valens

    French President - a modern day monarch

    There has often been talk about the great powers of the French President, and the kind of 'caesarism' established by the De Gaulle who paved the road for his predecessors to behave like Republican monarchs (but did not match him in any other regard, I think). There was even an article of it on...