1. artistauthor

    Reporting the NI"Troubles"by the British press

    Now that sufficient time has elapsed after the cessation of the NI"Troubles" with the Good Friday Agreement of April 1998, I think it is time for an assessment of the way the British press(esp the "tabloids") reported the Troubles. So how GOOD was the coverage of this conflict by Fleet Street...
  2. M

    Time-Traveler Introduces Printing Press and Paper to Ancient Sumeria (3600 BCE)

    What if a Time-Traveler went to Ancient Sumeria (around 3600 BCE) and introduce two important things -Hundreds of Printing Presses with Sumerian cuneiforms (their alphabets) -Ten Tons of Paper -And the knowledge to use and create more of both items Would humanity progress much faster both...
  3. Robert165

    Which caused more change, printing press or internet?

    I'm going to say the printing press, hands down. What do the History experts say?
  4. Sobo

    German system press strikes again...fakes refugees helping in desaster hit city

    We currently have massive floods in southern germany. Many cities there faced desaster and massive destruction. 11 people died so far oncluding one fire fighter who was sucked into a drainage tube. The people there lost evrything... Yesterday suddenly reports appeared that "refugees" do...
  5. S

    popular press in Elizabethan times?

    In The Pirate Queen by Susan Ronald, after English sailors took the Portuguese ship the Madre de Dios, that ... "Stories of disorderlies along the English sailors filled the official and popular press." (pg.330) Can anyone tell me what 'popular press' this is? Are there online copies of this...
  6. deaf tuner


    radio moskva-pekin-Tirana- agriculture
  7. Vladimir1984

    Press Freedom in your country

    Describe it. There are protests going on in Venezuela and my Venezuelan friend says nothing about it on their TV or anything in newspapers. We can find some news on BBC. Here's press freedom index 2014. Our media is biased. Stephen Cohen in his recent article tells us how newspapers are...
  8. Axel

    1st Victim of Tabloids: Marie Antoinette

    “Let them eat cake”… It is one of the most famous quotes in history and forever linked to Queen Marie Antoinette who supposed said that when told her subjects, the French people had no bread. Yet, that quote – so arrogant, so indifferent, so callous …was actually...
  9. El Cid

    Why did they reject printing press?

    The period from 1000-1500 in Europe was a rich period with important development and inventions that lay the ground to Western's later global victorious due to economically, scientifically and military. However, one of the important inventions in medieval ages, printing press, was rejected by...
  10. Gmann101

    The Printing Press, why so late?

    So Gutenburg is credited with the invention of the printing press and movable type in the 15th Cnetury AD. But what I do not get is, what exactly was the technology that was so hard to develop? Was it simply coming up with the concept of movable type? Or was there something else that I am...
  11. L

    If Rome had Invented Paper and the Printing Press in the 1st Century BC?

    How would the world be different if Ancient Rome had invented both paper and the printing press in 1st Century BC? Would this have had an effect on education and technological development? Would it have strengthened or weakened the Roman government? Ideas?
  12. A

    France in 1720 - plague in Marseilles, John Law, press gangs, Madame Tencin and more

    Hiya, Lately I have become obsessed with this year in France. It seems phenomenal to me that so much happened in such a short time. I would like to find out more about Madame Tencin but am having trouble finding anything in English. Are there any good books anyone can recommend for her or French...
  13. blacksmit049

    How important is Printing Press?

    How did the Printing Press changed history? What are the effects of Printing Press to the whole world since its first invention?
  14. A

    Henry VIII & printing press

    I have been asked to discuss Henry VIII's worries/fears/concerns over the printing press in a seminar tomorrow - I can't find anything! Help?? :confused: