1. Visigoth Panzer

    Combat Vehicle/Squad Size Problems

    Modern infantry squad sizes are often determined by the carrying capacity of combat vehicles, which leads to problems as many are realizing squads with 7-9 soldiers are two small to function after taking casualties. So then how can this be fixed? Should vehicles be built larger or should the...
  2. Jake10

    Why did Henry Ford have problems with Jews?

    Ford does not appear to have been a racist, and he did business with Jews, yet he constantly sent negative messages against them. Where did this originate from?
  3. F

    EU army problems

    I've been reading a lot on this forum for a couple of weeks and it seems that most people think that if the EU would 1v1 Russia ,Russia will win even with the superior military spending and equipement of the EU .Can someone explain me what are the problems in the EU armies since i don't know how...
  4. P

    America Uncensored: China Exposes US Human Rights Problems China uncensors America/America Uncensored (by China Uncensored). I love this guy's humor - this is one of my favorite satire shows (though there wasn't much satire in this one). His episodes generally received pretty good ratings (this episode, for...
  5. Menshevik

    San Francisco's Homeless Problems I don't know how many of you have been to San Francisco, but the place is overrun with homeless people. They urinate on the streets, they sleep on the sidewalks and parks, some of them are even...
  6. gladiatrice

    Why did the Stewarts/Stuarts have so many problems?

    One of my favourite families in all of history is the Stuart dynasty. As I learn more and more about them, I find out that they all had one similarity: they had so many problems. It didn't matter if it was pre or post union; they all seemed to have some sort of political failure, or some other...
  7. T

    Problems with clinker

    The history of clinker and carvel built ships seems like a pretty complex one, considering the fact that some discoveries have been made relatively recently that have challenged conventional thinking about why carvel became a more prominently used design... Is there a definitive answer to...
  8. P

    Housing Problems Any solutions?

    I am not sure where the number that housing costs should be no more then 35% of ones income. comes from? at least in the U.S. that number is not a reality for many people. A Harvard study stated, that people paying 50% or more has risen by 2.5 million since the recession & by 7 million in the...
  9. V

    Social and economic problems of the 1930

    In America and in some other countries in the 1930 the great depression broke out after the stock market crashed. Many banks failed and people lost trust in them. There was a lot of unemployment. What would you classify as economic and social problems?
  10. HowardD

    America's biggest problems and the Presidents

    I'm reading a bio of each US president in chronological order (almost finished with Jefferson, so I have a long way to go), and it's got me thinking... What do you consider the biggest problems in America today? And do you connect them to a specific president's historical decisions or...
  11. Epix

    Mexican Bonds and default

    Mexican Independence is today Sept. 16. There are some tv channels having Mexican movies that deal with Mexico and its independence against the Spanish and then the French invaders. I was watching a Mexican movie from 1943 on the anthem of Mexico. Seems the composer had sort of a rough time...
  12. SafavideIrani

    Arabs having problems with the word W/V

    So yeah, i looked on some Middle Persian words and names, and then i saw that Shahrbaraz was in fact an Arabized version of Shahrvaraz, how come Arabs can't say certain words with v or w? i mean they can say ''Wallah''. I also saw that the Arabs called Khosrau for ''Kisra'' and Yazdegerd for...
  13. The merchant of Venice

    I still love you, honey, but our marriage has problems

    There are some countries that have, and have been during the course of their history, a sort of "special but troubled" relationship with another one. I'm not talking about simple enmity, but a relationship in which there has been rivalty, even hate in certain moments, but also a deep cultural...
  14. H

    Enlightment Problems

    I'm doing a paper and I was wondering if anyone could better help me understand the problems between englightment and modernity? Thanks in advance. -HS
  15. K

    Economic Problems of Socialism in USSR - by Stalin

    Link: Gives an idea of knowledge this man had. Soon after reading this report to the party, Stalin was murdered. Full report...
  16. C

    Exploring the Seeds and Roots of Modern Problems

    Hello all, I am an avid historian, long time lurker and occaisional poster from the U.S. I found this site at a time when I thought I had a solid understanding of history and that I'd exhausted the historical resources available to me, but I am glad to see that neither can ever be true. Looking...
  17. Jake10

    Wives with money means erectile problems?

    The study shows that men with wives who make more are more likely to use erectile dysfunctional drugs. Why? Because the wives demand more? Because the wives pay for it? Men married to women with higher incomes more likely to use erectile dysfunction medication Does it have anything to do with...
  18. WeisSaul

    Did the British avoid several huge problems in North America?

    Let's think under this scenario: The rebellion fails to spread outside of New England, NY, NJ, Pennsylvania, and later Nova Scotia. The colonies are again crushed and again put under Dominion status with colonies being renamed districts. Bigger colonies are broken into smaller districts as...
  19. F

    Vietnam and their decolonization

    I've got a couple questions for you: 1. how did the proces of decolonization developed in Vietnam? 2. what were the problems that came with the deconolization? and how were they solved? 3. is Vietnam still a third-world country? and why? 4. what does the world do to help Vietnam to establish a...
  20. C

    Current US housing & economic problems and past Savings & Loan Crisis & bailout

    Current US housing & economic problems and past Savings & Loan Crisis & bailout This is really the second time a large government bailout was done because of a federal guarantee. Savings and Loan Crisis, that started about 1986, required a large bailout of FSLIC (Federal Savings & Loan...