1. K

    San yan chong produced after Ming dynasty?

    Does anyone know if the San yan chong (三眼銃) handcannons continued to be produced in China under Qing rule? I've seen that the Qing continued use of other Chinese artillery (such as Hongyipao, 紅夷炮) and small arms (such as matchlock muskets) as late as the...
  2. I

    The greatest statesman history has ever produced

    In your opinion who is the greatest statesman. My vote goes to Otto von Bismark. What do you think Sent from my vivo 1603 using Tapatalk
  3. VorpalxBlade

    Philip II of Macedon: Best Captain/General Europe Ever Produced?

    I met with my friend today, and we talked about a lot of topics (American Civil War, Roman Republic etc.) and I asked him, "Who was the greatest European general in history?" He responded, "Philip II of Macedon." I queried further, "Why? Surely Napoleon would outclass him as a general. Even...
  4. Polynikes

    Greatest Generals Italy ever produced?

    I figured this would be a rather interesting discussion, for a variety of reasons. None the less, who do you think was the greatest Italian born general in military history? Who would you list if you could? Could someone classify Napoleon and Caesar as ethnic Italians at the very least, what...
  5. G

    Has India produced enough historians who studied foreign history? If not why?

    What I mean is a kind of reverse Orientalism considering the disproportionate presence of westerners with their lense on Indian history and Indology. Has India produced many history intellectuals and researchers in the history of the world outside India? (Like Indian historian who is an expert...
  6. R

    How Western Europe produced so many influential individuals?

    Why was Western Europe (UK, France, Germany) able to produce so many important and influential individuals in areas of science, math, arts, politics, philosophy, etc. I know many other civilizations made more contributions then Western Europe in the past, but it was France, UK, and Germany who...
  7. F

    Why Britain never produced legendary conqueror/military commander in history?

    Don't you find it strange that Britain which had the biggest empire in history never produced any legendary conquerors or military commanders? For example: France had Napoleon, Italy had Ceaser, Greece had Alexander, Germany had Hitler...etc. But in case of Britain there's nothing. Even most...
  8. G

    Which Darshana produced the most innovative minds

    If you consider only the six astika darshanas along with the Charavaka as well as Ajvakins; what was the contribution of their proponents or adherents in terms of scientific, artistic and innovative achievements outside the religious spheres. Would like a generic mention to sum up and some...
  9. K

    Why Has the West Not Produced Any Major Religion?

    It's really interesting that all the major religions throughout history were born in the East: Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Manichaeism, Mithraism, etc. I cannot think of any single major religion coming from the West, not counting Western pagan cults that...
  10. D

    How much quality handwork was produced by medieval craftsmen and peasants?

    Hi. I’ve been reading a lot of William Morris recently, who wrote about how much beauty came from the hands of ordinary medieval weavers, woodworkers, stone-smiths, artists and other artisans. How true was his assessment that massive quantities of extremely high quality (beyond anything...
  11. bunnyman987

    What country has produced the greatest generals?

    Overall what country do you think produced the greatest generals?
  12. A

    Which nation produced the greatest gernerals?

    Which country produced the greatest generals? It may help to consider: if you had to take them in bulk, which national group would you choose to win a war? Please: Consider the long course of the chosen nation's history Give your reasons Don't feel limited...
  13. jeroenrottgering

    Which country produced the best military talent?

    Which country produced the most capable commanders? In my personal opinion I think France or the United Kingdom what do you think?
  14. dschardt

    USS Indianapolis movie being produced by Robert Downey Jr.

    From Russ Fischer at SlashFilm "To movie fans, the WWII sinking of the USS Indianapolis is a familiar tale. Robert Shaw’s gruff, poetic account of the ship’s fate — and of the shark-infested waters into which the crew plunged after torpedoes broke the ship into pieces — is one of the...
  15. CIowa

    A laser has been produced by a living cell

    BBC News - Laser is produced by a living cell IMHO this has nobel prize written all over it. (I think the music goes well with the article) YouTube - ‪Daft Punk - The Game Has Changed [Music From Tron Legacy OST]‬‏