1. bolero982

    Ancient Egypt TV Show Question

    Not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but I'm honestly getting a little desperate in trying to trace a copy. About 15 years ago there was a TV show that was basically reconstructions by actors of certain events from ancient Egypt mixed with documentary. One episode I recall was about a...
  2. maTiasddsm

    How do you see the LEBENSBORN nazi program and it’s consequences?

    Hy members. It’s the first time I start a thread in this European forum. Some time ago I saw that “Mothers of the third reich” movie. After that, I’ve been reading a lot about the “Lebensborn” nazi program to reverse the declining birth rate among the...
  3. Hessian Historian

    Academic Guidance History Grad Program Acceptance Rates

    As some of you may know, I am in the process of applying to Master's Degree programs in History. I have narrowed my selection down to 17 programs that I am in the process of applying to. (If anyone's curious, I'm applying to: Binghamton, Brandeis, N. Illinois, Princeton, Syracuse, Texas Tech...
  4. D

    The Marshall program (1945-1950)

    Hello.During the german occupation the society of my grandfather has lost two lorries,stollen by the Waffen SS of the famous nazi s division Hohenstauffen.With the Marshall program we have recuperated two american lorries,with little mashine gun towers that we have transformed.Is it possible to...
  5. F

    Any historical exogamous eugenic program with traditional gender roles reversed?

    Traditionally, polygynous countries across the Old World systematically imported women (female slaves for the most part) from foreign lands to be impregnated by local men in order to perpetuate local stock; paradoxically, foreign male slaves were denied access to local women by castration or...
  6. B

    Academic Guidance Is there a need for a program that converts historical fonts to more readible fonts?

    When historians want to look through historical resources and encounter fonts like these: The Art of the Book - The Book of Durrow Do they have to take a long time to be able to read it. (understand make out the letters)? Would they have some use for a program that automatically converts all...
  7. C

    The German nuclear program

    It is an often heard story that the Germans were on the brink of developing an atomic bomb or that the Americans used German scientists to build their bomb. But this seems all like speculative nonsense to me. I am curious as to the actual proven state of the German nuclear program. As far as I...
  8. R

    The 12 step program?

    Any thoughts? Is it without merit for an atheist?
  9. Hessian Historian

    Academic Guidance Apply for Phd-track Masters program if I intend to switch universities for PhD?

    I am looking at applying to the University of Iowa history program for my Master's degree. My plan is to complete my Master's at UoI, and to then apply to one of the top-ranked universities for my doctorate in history. Degree Requirements | Department of History | College of Liberal Arts &...
  10. Idris

    Did a Classics MA program and was thoroughly disenchanted.

    Hello all, I commenced a Classics MA program in 2013 and finished in May 2015. This experience left a bitter taste in my mouth for the whole field of Classics, though I achieved a 3.95 GPA. I had high expectations about what would be learned, but, in the reality, most of the courses were...
  11. DrGuru

    U.S Government proposes spending $4 Billion on self pilot car program. I'm curious as to why? Is this the near end for independent driving? Or do you think the U.S Government just wants a piece of the possible future profit? Tesla, Google and others have already been...
  12. Tsar

    3D medieval city

    What programs would be best to make a movie or at least a 3D model of a certain medieval city? I have plans and all the other historical materials to do it. I'd prefer a free program, but I'll accept other as well.
  13. Micheal Weston

    Iran and its nuclear program, healthy or unhealthy

    Going with the assumption that Isreal is telling the truth this time that Iran is building a Hydrogen Bomb, do you think this is healthy for the Middle East or not? In other words do you believe Iran will attack Isreal with it as Isreal claims Or do you think that this is some sort of ploy to...
  14. L

    Weight Loss Program

    No one but....
  15. C

    What if Germany didn't pursue an atomic program during WW2?

    What if when the war started for whatever reason Hitler decided against pursuing the creation of an atomic bomb and instead ordered the personnel, money, time, and resources that would have gone to the various nuclear development programs elsewhere? If they put these resources into their...
  16. Futurist

    Why Exactly Didnt Israel Panic About Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Program in the 1980s?

    Why exactly didn't Israel panic about Pakistan's nuclear weapons program in the 1980s and before? After all, Israel is currently panicking about Iran's nuclear program and was previously panicking about Libya's and Iraq's nuclear weapons programs. Why exactly is the case of Pakistan different...
  17. Menshevik

    A strike on Iran's nuclear program and the aftermath

    Some random thoughts and questions. 1. If the U.S. were to strike at Iran's nuclear facilities, I would assume cruise missiles and stealth bombers would most likely be used. 2. How would Israel strike at these facilities? I've heard that Israel lacks the long range bombers that would be...
  18. M

    What if Hamilton's financial program had little to do with the 1790's prosperity?

    Let me begin by saying that this isn't a question I have specifically plumbed the depths of myself. It's a sudden strike of possible insight that I just had to try and discuss that hit me while I was reading through the Oxford History of the early American Republic: Empire of Liberty: A History...
  19. Naomasa298

    WW2 Japanese pilot training program

    I have read that the failure of Japan to replace the pilots lost as the war progressed was partly down to institutionalised restrictions in pilot training program. Within 10 months of Pearl Harbor, over half the pilots who took part were dead and there was no trained reserved. Can someone shed...
  20. Jake10

    Design a program to reduce racial tensions in your school

    Well, I finally completed this book, and, while some parts are a little basic, it does pose some interesting questions that made me think. I wanted to present you guys with one last question from it. If you were to design a program that would improve racial tensions in the high school you...