1. F

    What was the role of communication technology in establishing the regime in Italy and Germany in XX century?

    I'm searching for any publications that will give me the information about how was the comms tech used by Mussolini and Hitler - I know that during the Nazi rule the ministry of propaganda distributed FM receivers so the people could hear the propaganda, but I can't find any publications about...
  2. Maki

    Anti-Soviet movie propaganda in socialist Yugoslavia

    1948 saw the Tito-Soviet split. This caused a massive shift inside Yugoslavia, the former main ally suddenly became the no. 1 enemy. The split with the Soviet Union also caused a shift in Yugoslav movie industry. Before the split, Soviet movies dominated the Yugoslav market. However, even after...
  3. xMathFanx

    Are Public Schools Designed to be Propaganda Systems to Indoctrinate the Young?

    Are Public Schools Designed to be Propaganda Systems to Indoctrinate the Young? Are Public Schools designed to be propaganda systems to indoctrinate the young or are the overwhelming majority of the Adult population (i.e. parents, teachers, principles, school administration, politicians, US...
  4. M

    German Propaganda Posters

    Can anyone translate these German posters for me, please? Thanks, and Happy Christmas!
  5. Lawnmowerman

    Nazi Propaganda movie becomes an Allied propaganda movie

    I just watched this short video on D-Day, it was originally published by the Nazi's but the allies were able to get their hands on it, translated it and showed it in the US and UK to show people back home what their soldiers were up against. pLJ-3T7K9rE I found it interesting that both sides...
  6. Theodoric

    Propaganda explanation for King Arthur

    This is a topic I am interested in, but I know that there are going to be those with a lot more knowledge in it than I have. The question - Given that the Saxon Kingdoms had a hero in King Alfred the Great, was King Arthur an adaptation for anti-Saxon propaganda during the Norman era? The...
  7. C

    Sulla vs Archelaus Roman propaganda

  8. Valens

    Augustian Propaganda

    Following Augustus' victory over Anthony and Cleopatra at Actium, the Roman world was left with one master. In the subsequent years, Augustus solidified his position atop of the Roman world (although not without difficulties and setbacks), to which aim he employed a masterful and very...
  9. aldo12

    Jesus Christ as Ethiopian propaganda ?

    Was Jesus an invention of Ethiopian Christian Church that is 1900 years old ?
  10. Seabas

    WWII, April-May, 1945. Red Army. Photos with no propaganda

    Seelow heights. Going to hospital. April 1945 Berlin. Blood transfusion in the hospital. May 1945 Seelow heights. Evacuation of wounded soldiers by dog team. April 1945 Through the fire. April, 1945. Bunzlau city, Silesia (now polish city Bolesławiec) Germany, April-May 1945...
  11. P

    American Revolution Propaganda

    Need an idea for a homework project. It is regarding American Revolution Propaganda. Here are the directions. On a piece of plain white paper, must include a catchy slogan that captures the event and a short description (three sentences only) description of what happened. The purpose it to take...
  12. M

    (aggressive) propaganda text collections

    I am a linguist and currently looking for (historical) propaganda text collections for research purposes. It does not really matter to me from which period that texts originate as far as the level of propaganda displays a notable degree of hatred/violence/aggressiveness. I have been searching...
  13. Sobo

    Did the east german government immunize the eastern germans against propaganda?

    Its quite interesting. Chancellor Merkel rules germany since 12 years now and basicly deluded the entire nation. There is no opposstion. The media sing how great Merkel is. You hear no criticism at all. She is like a lighter version of Putin. This worked as long evrything was fine. Then last...
  14. N

    Was Tokyo Rose Propaganda effective in WW2?

    Was the propaganda of Tokyo Rose effective at all in World War 2 ? How so ?
  15. Baltis

    WWII in the USA - Cartoons & Propaganda

    This thread shows a less intense side of the war. What we did with posters, images, cartoons, and various propaganda tools. First up, a few scattered anti-German and anti-Japanese posters. The picture of the Japanese soldier carrying off a naked woman reminds me of the images used...
  16. Yashti96

    Nazi propaganda describing Slavs as subhumans

    Anyone who has read any books on Adolf Hitler, Nazism and the Third Reich will have read how the Nazis considered the Slavs to be subhumans (Untermenschen) yet it's never referenced. The closest I've ever came to seeing the Slavs being described as such from a quick Google search is Himmler's...
  17. shailesh001

    The Greece

    So, our friends think here bout this glorified land called Greece, what is its derivation? And most importantly, when it was created? In 324 AD, 1830 or 1971? Since we have contributive information and confirmation from various pockets globally, it becomes imperative that we hear about the...
  18. P

    cartoons & WW2 propaganda

    Bugs Bunny, Warner brothers made a series of WW2 cartoons. A few were censored. This is one of my favorites Song written by Irving Berlin, first performed by Danny Kaye. 3/4 of the way through bugs comes out in black face (it makes no sense) Today I can not imagine...
  19. D

    History of national history Propaganda

    "The fact that wars give rise to intensive propaganda campaigns has made many persons suppose that propaganda is something new and modern. The word itself came into common use in this country as late as 1914, when World War I began. The truth is, however, that propaganda is not new and modern...
  20. Magnate

    Putins propaganda machine in the west

    Russia Today feeds the huge western audience that wants to believe that human rights are a sham and democracy a fix. Believe that and you will ask: what right have we to criticise Putin? At least he is honest in his way. Russia Today’s second mission is to spread conspiracy theories that...