1. F

    Metonym+Capitonym without mentioning proper noun

    In some context, for the sake of concision or exaltation or whatever, an event/era/place/person/etc. is referred to as one Common Noun above all the other ones that common noun applies to, e.g., Il Risorgimento: the resurgence (of Italy) Der Anschluss: the annexation (of Austria into Germany)...
  2. F

    Common noun for ordinary organization becoming proper noun for extraordinary one

    Such as the Hansa / Hanseatic League (from hanse, meaning guild), and the Soviet Union (from совет, meaning council). I'm looking forward to other examples. Please share the ones you're aware of.
  3. F

    Baja California Peninsula sealed off from Mexico Proper

    If the US were determined to annex the Baja California Peninsula in the late 1800s or early 1900s, where would they maneuver to seal off the Peninsula from Mexico Proper most rapidly and effectively? From Yuma to the Colorado River Delta? Once sealed off, how quickly would it fall?
  4. H

    London: How did children give proper respect? (17th century)

    We're used to the handshake, but I read a few books where children bowed. When was it proper to do so? Some yes/no's would suffice on each: Say, would a poor boy child, assuming he has 80% manners, bow to a/an... 1) Father 2) Apprentice master 3) Prior apprentice master 4) Guest 5) King /...
  5. G

    Are there proper Kshatriyas and Vaishyas in South India

    We know Brahmins, OBC's, Dalits and Tribals exist in distinct forms. But what about Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. Communities like Rajus (proper Telegu Kshatriyas) are there any other in the 4 states? I mean to me the kingdoms of South India such as Chalukyas, Pandyas, Cholas, Vijaynagar...
  6. cachibatches

    What would be the proper title for Ivar the Boneless' brothers?

    In his own times. Were they called Dukes back then? Thane? Earl?
  7. R

    Proper Way to Greet Middle Eastern Royalty

    Don't know if this belongs here, but - What is the proper way for an American to greet a prince/sheikh from the Middle East? I googled it awhile back and know the way not to greet them - thanks to Obama's example. I got tired of sifting through all the news articles about his...
  8. H

    Is Cathay the proper name of China?

    Khitay or Cathay is one of the common names for China. But it's a name rooted in the Khitan people, the founders of the Liao dynasty of China that is often viewed as a foreign, non-Chinese dynasty. But recent knowledge I've gained about early China seems to point to Hebei being the core area of...
  9. purpleguy89

    The proper term for people with dark skin

    Skin color is a key component of human diversity. We are simply born with it and (unless your case is like that of Michael Jackson) we eventually pass away with it. However, it has also stirred issues (of which I'll mention some pertaining to dark-skinned people): -Apartheid in South Africa...
  10. Sasho

    What is the proper response to a terrorist attack?

    My country for the first time in its history got attacked by terrorist, this was not an attack aimed at Bulgaria but it was aimed at Israel. The thing is that until now – when in the criminal world somebody blows somebody else I couldn’t care less, when a terrorist attack occurs somewhere else I...
  11. S

    Is it proper that de Gaulle judged whether Pétain is guilty?

    When the Nazi came, de Gaulle left Franch for England, stirring French to fight anainst German. After the war, he returned to French. Is this enough to hold the praise to the politician?
  12. M

    what if Hitler knows the proper strength of the red army in 1941?

    The plan of Operation Barbarossa seriously underestimated the size and strength of the Red Army. What if the Abwehr had precise data? Would Hitler have attacked Russia just like it happened or would he have finished first in England or the Mediterraneum.

    Proper citation of sources.

    Generally speaking, students today do not have a clue when it comes to citation. Below is a guide to citation (MLA) to help teach students how to properly cite their sources. Book Author (last, first middle). Name of Work. Place of Publication. Publisher. Year Published. Example: Lawrence...