1. LordZ

    If you were in charge of waging a war against guerrillas

    If you were in charge of waging a war against guerrillas, how would you do it? What tactics and strategy would you use? Discuss.
  2. Menshevik

    Prosecuting atrocities committed during war

    I've always found a certain irony in putting soldiers in dangerous and ugly situations and then expecting them to behave in a civilized manner. That's not to say that I think fighting men and women should be given carte Blanche to go around killing, raping and looting. I just wonder if a certain...
  3. Naomasa298

    Prosecuting old men - justice?

    Recently, former Khmer Rouge leader Ieng Sary died at the age of 87 during a trial for genocide. He had been indicted in 2009. While the crimes carried out by men such as Ieng Sary were horrific to say the least, I wonder what purpose prosecuting and possibly jailing men in their 80s is? Had he...