1. K

    If the invasion of Panama was wrong, why didn't the world protect Panama?

    According to wikipedia, the invasion of Panama provoked an international outrage, so why didn't the world stop America and defended Panama?
  2. W

    How did pikes and other long pole arms protect from arrows when held vertically?

    I remember reading in The Western Way of War by Hanson stating that part of the reason why Arrows were ineffective against the Greek Phalanx and later Macedonian Pikemen was that in addition to the shield Wall and Bronze Armor, the long spears hoplites and Macedonian phalangites typically held...
  3. T

    Most effective warriors. Who would you choose to protect your life?

    During the ancient time many cultures were known by their war capacity, and also many have epic battles where they defeated foes in extremely unfavorable situations, something that raised their armies and warriors to a legendary status. It would not be fair somehow, try to compare warriors from...
  4. The merchant of Venice

    Deadly force to protect property

    In the cases of self defense, many people, even those who normally think violence is wrong, would agree that if your life is at risk you are morally legitimate into using deadly force. However, when the discussion moves to the case of defending propriety, often the attitude changes, saying that...
  5. A

    APC or MRAP? Which are the ones that save lives.

    Let's leave Tanks out of the equation, since we know that they are powerful. Now as the title says. And we know mraps and apcs are technically armored vehicles. But which of the two saves lives during war time. Of course APC's made their debut in the Korean war by american soldiers, while the...
  6. thesaintoftheinternet

    If Britains stated war aims in 1939 were to protect Poland, why did it not attack...?

    If Britain's stated war aims in 1939 were to protect Poland, why did it not attack ... the Soviet Union, which had invaded Poland, murdered tens of thousands of its elites, and promptly decided to take Finland and the Baltics? We all know that Britain could never have protected Poland, and...
  7. Valens

    What would you do to protect the Roman Empire?

    Let's imagine it's the mid III century or the age after Constantine the Great, what would you do to help the Empire? Would you reorganize it? Abandon some provinces, attempt a different administrative division? What course would you take in relations with Germanic peoples on the frontiers...
  8. Lawnmowerman

    Did they die to protect their modesty??

    Just recalling a story I'd heard about some Japanese women in a fire whom refused to jump to safety because they feared the fire fighters would look up their skirts. As a result they burned to death, and this marked a move in Japanese culture away from the traditional Kimono for women and...
  9. S

    Russia will protect its market when Ukraine signs EU Association Agreement

    Russia have rightly said that Russia and other Eurasian union countries will act to protect its market from countries like Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine who will sign the EU association agreement this Friday...
  10. Y

    Chile: Supreme court recognize its fail to protect civilians during dictatorship

    Just few days before the 40th anniversary of the military inervention in Chile, a second statement that recognizes "omissions" in the role of the Supreme Court of Chile. Less explicitely than the frist one, which came few days before with the publc apology of the Association of Magistrates of...
  11. P

    Was Meriwether Lewis murdered to protect Jefferson's purchase?

    For over 200 years there has been wide speculation in the media, such as Smithsonian, and in books as to whether Meriwether Lewis died at Grinder's Stand of suicide or by murder. One such speculation presented by the History Channel 2 show America Unearthed: Motive for Murder, states that one of...
  12. Frank81

    Should the Armed forces protect schools in US?

    Hi, after the catastrophic events of Newtown, Connecticut, that resulted in the death of 28, among them 20 children, the debate in the US is open to the way that schools should be protected. In my opinion, not much informated I should be true, there is a serious problem of security in regard to...
  13. Montage

    China will protect Iran even under the threat of World War III

    Paul Joseph Watson Thursday, December 1, 2011 A military General from the Chinese National Defense University says that China should not hesitate to protect Iran, even if it means launching world war three, as more US warships are dispatched to the region amidst heightening tensions. According...
  14. wittgenstein

    Protect the environment?

    War On The EPA: Republican Bills Would Erase Decades Of Protection
  15. vera

    How far should we protect our children?

    I am starting this thread as a response to something Lord_of_Gauda said at another thread, and at the correct suggestion by Belisarius. This is a subject I contemplate often, as many other parents do, I am sure. So I will place my response to the poster, and feel free to comment. It is a...
  16. Patheya

    Is the purpose of laws to protect society?

    Again, I'm embarrassed by my ignorance, but I thought that the idea behind laws was to protect the innocent, up hold justice, and confine (punish if you will - though ideally speaking I'd prefer to rehabilitate). In Australia, we are all in shock. A man, previously convicted of child abuse...