1. Pessimist Crow

    The psychological advantages of armor

    I’m not sure if this thread needs to be in speculative history, but I think this topic needs references to historical circumstances to be answered. Will armour be able to give a line of heavy infrantry men (A) the psychological push to aid them to wave through the pikes of an opposing of...
  2. A

    Great Depression (psychological)

    How efficient/effective was FDR's new deal psychologically? Is there any evidence (like letters from citizens, maybe??) I can use to prove it's psychological effect on America's citizens during the depression? Many thanks for any insight!
  3. VHS

    What do you think of giving historical figures psychological assessments?

    We seem to have the odd habit of giving psychological assessment to historical figures: For example, some believe that Albert Einstein might have Asperger's Syndrome. Or, upon speculation, some tyrants or very efficient rulers might have antisocial personality disorder. Henry VI might have...
  4. Excalibur


    A new series just airs: SS-GB. Germans won Battle of Britain and WW2. A British detective decides of his way in occupied Britain. I liked Man in the High Castle, i saw the first episode of this series tonight and it looks very good yet. IMDB: SS-GB (TV Mini-Series 2017? ) - IMDb Trailer...
  5. WhatAnArtist

    Most successful examples of psychological warfare used?

    Alexander's siege of Pelium in 335 BC. Peter Green writes of it in Alexander of Macedon, 356 - 323 B.C, p.132-133: I believe there's also a story of Vlad the Impaler having thousands of people impaled along the road to Wallachia so that when a huge Ottoman army (outnumbering Vlad's by...
  6. S

    What are social, psychological and economic impacts to non jews in Germany after Nu

    What are social, psychological and economic impacts to non jews in Germany after Nu - Historum - History Forums What are social, psychological and economic impacts to non jews in Germany after Nu
  7. S

    What are social, psychological and economic impacts to non jews in Germany after Nu

    We already knew the victims, jews' stories. We got books, papers, documentaries and films. But how about non jewish persons? Did all of them become haters and followers of Hitler? Did they get any real advantages in short term or long term from this law?
  8. Otranto

    Psychological effect of (religious) shield decorations on the enemy

    What were their actual effects on men? Cambyses II ordered his men to decorate their shields with images of Bastet, assuming that the Egyptians would have been hesitant to strike a sacred image. I've read that this was a major factor in the Egyptians losing against the Persians, but I can't...
  9. Fabius Maximus

    What were the psychological effects of the Muslim conquests on the Byzantines?

    So the Muslim conquests undoubtedly had a major impact on the way the Byzantine state was run, but I haven't really been able to find anything about their psychological impact. In particular I was wondering if anybody knew how they affected the Byzantines' self-image, their attitudes towards the...
  10. Fireatwill

    Psychological wounds

    A physical wound is visible, even if it is internal, but a psychological wound, where is it exactly? If psychology is in the brain, then a psychological wound must be in the brain, but where and in what form? Imagine someone hurts your feeling and then that hurt stays for ages and is always...
  11. R

    Psychological features of German society

    I was reading about Hitler's psychological analysis done by Americans, and I stumbled upon this passage: What are these "sociological evidences" and how did the stereotypical German obedience evolve ? Direct link to this passage:Hitler Psychological Analysis, OSS Survey, Part 1 Original page...
  12. C

    Psychological Trauma in Antiquity

    Given the extent of violence and death witnessed by individuals in ancient societies, what do you believe the prevalence of PTSD and other psychological trauma was? There appears to be a relative dearth of research on the subject, and what is available is often contradictory (although what I've...
  13. theauthor

    Psychological defence mechanisms

    What would happen to the world if every single human being had their psychological defence mechanisms broken and thrown away? I mean, if everyone realized the realities of life (and death) and everything - especially the hard and unpleasant facts of life? Suppose if God did not exist and we...
  14. Robespierre

    Abortion - The Psychological

    This thread isn't about abortion being right or wrong. Personally, I think the issue has been clouded in extremes. There should be some level of compromise. Not everything in life (or prebirth) is simply right or wrong. So lets try and ignore that part of it, for now. I think one major mistake...