1. xMathFanx

    Are Public Schools Designed to be Propaganda Systems to Indoctrinate the Young?

    Are Public Schools Designed to be Propaganda Systems to Indoctrinate the Young? Are Public Schools designed to be propaganda systems to indoctrinate the young or are the overwhelming majority of the Adult population (i.e. parents, teachers, principles, school administration, politicians, US...
  2. F

    To destroy public figure through his own social media account

    Once a public figure tweets something bad, the damage is done, no matter how quickly the tweet is deleted and who actually tweeted it. So why don't the powerful and resourceful enemies of Public Figure X hack into X's account to tweet something so bad that it would destroy X? Who would...
  3. Naomasa298

    Free public transport

    I had a radical thought. What would be the effect if all public transport in a city was, say, totally free? I contend that it would be a massive boost to the city's economy. One, it makes it easier for people to travel to and from work, and to take part in leisure activities away from home...
  4. C

    The military doesn't release the internet to the public

    What if the internet was made, but all it was ever for was for military use, and was meant as a point of leverage for the military (similar to how nukes were a huge leverage and advantage when only the US had them). How would the world we know today be different, and how would recent history be...
  5. F

    How did public opinion on racism change so drastically between 1945-1970?

    I have made posts similar to this, but I thought I would rephrase it to get see if I could find the answers that I'm seeking. Prior to World War II, Europe and the United States were obviously very racist places. The worst of which being Nazi Germany. By 1965, both the USA and UK had passed...
  6. maharbbal

    Looking for books about Ottoman public finance

    Hi all, As the title says I am looking for some books about Ottoman finances specially for the period 1453-1700. I've found a few things here and there (chapters in S. Pamuk's Monetary History of the OE and in T. Papademetriou's Render Unto the Sultan, as well as in the biography of Joseph...
  7. WhatAnArtist

    What was the public opinion on the European colonial empires like?

    This has been fascinating me recently, the fact that the great European colonial empires lasted until so (relatively) recently, in some cases lasting until the 1960's and 1970's (as with France and Portugal), within the same lifespan as my parents. It's somewhat surreal, since the age of...
  8. F

    Public display of affection as diplomatic protocol?

    When did the first ladies and wives of top officials become so visible in summits, state visits, and other televised diplomatic events? Is the protocol designed to show what a monogamous and affectionate husband the top official is? If not, aren't the wives of top officials mostly average...
  9. E

    Reaction of the German public to the July 20th Plot

    I'm currently conducting research into this subject, but primary sources have thus far been quite sparse. I am looking for anything such as letters, journals, diaries that act to catalogue the reactions of Germans (civilians and military personnel) to this plot. I can read both English and...
  10. A

    The Holocaust was hidden from the public?

    I heard someone say that the Nazis tried to keep the Holocaust hidden from the public, because they expected that it would not be accepted. Is that true? How well known was the existence of concentration camps and what went on in them to the German public?
  11. C

    Frontier Women Retreating from Public Life

    I have encountered in my readings that women living on the American frontier had more opportunities/ freedom/ responsibilities/ power than did women living in more civilized or settled parts of the country. This was due to a shortage of men on the frontier. There were not enough men to do all of...
  12. F

    Spectacle of public execution: spectators' mentality

    Throughout history, across cultures, what were the most common mentalities among the spectators at public executions? Vindictiveness Curiosity Schadenfreude Sadism Mixture of more than one of the above What else?
  13. Jake10

    Should governments build more public housing?

    Should more public housing projects be added to the ones that already exist? Why/Why not?
  14. dreuxeng

    Does Public Art today borrow from the Nazis

    'Art has social functions when it addresses aspects of (collective) life, as opposed to one person's point of view or experience. For example, public art in 1930s Germany had an overwhelming symbolic theme. Did this art exert influence on the German population? Decidedly so. As did...
  15. S

    How were the noble "kicked out" of public office during the Renaissance?

    So I'm technically a student of history so maybe that's why this isn't self explanatory to me. I've been reading several books on the Italian city states during the 14th-16th century, and recurring references are made to "The disenfranchisement of the nobility", for example in Florence in 1282...
  16. Naomasa298

    Public nudity, yea or nay?

    In Germany, public nudism seems to be a movement, or perhaps a way of life even. Germans go skinny dipping, and nudist culture was arguably born there ( Over here, we arrest the Naked Rambler and jail him (although given that he goes rambling...
  17. E

    Architectural Criticism : Part of Public Debate or Autonomous "Discipline" ?

    Architectural Criticism : Part of Public Debate or Autonomous "Discipline" ? Université Rennes 2. Département d’Histoire de l’Art et Archéologie. Archives de la critique d’art. Architectural Criticism between Public Debate and Autonomous Discipline First International Workshop of the...
  18. Valens

    Privatization of media, yes or no?

    Do you support the privatization of media, or do you think it is better that the state should be partially involved in the media sphere and not withdraw completely from it. Most countries, as far as Europe goes at least, have a mixed public/private system, with the state usually owning a single...
  19. Precedence

    Glossed over aspects of U.S. history in public schools?

    I didn't even know about the genocide and brutal war tactics the U.S. commited against the Phillipines shortly after the Spanish-American War. It wasn't mentioned at all in elementary or middle school. I think my high school's curriculum (Lord McGraw Hill) mentioned a vague sentence about it...
  20. The merchant of Venice

    Should people be allowed to have sex in public?

    What do you think? In most countries sex in public areas is prohibited by law, with various degree of punishment. But an argument could be made that such punishment are bigoted and outdated, because who has the right to tell people what to do in their life? You could argue that sex in public...