punishment and torture

  1. halomanuk


    A visual deterent for all other would be criminals,often suspended by city/town gates,crossroads,bridges or high on a hill for all to be seen (often by other counties by telescope or if the hill is high enough) . It was most often used for traitors,murderers,highwaymen,pirates and cattle/sheep...
  2. sturm

    Notorious serial killers through history

    Who are the most popular serial killers trought history? Andrei Chikatilo, is one of the most notorious serial killers in the world, he killed 53 people and was sentenced to death. Alexander Pichushkin was sentenced to life imprisonment in Russia for the muder of 48 people, he claims to have...
  3. Inc

    When was Jesus Crucified?

    Of course I'm referring to the year here. Straightforward enough question, the answer may be a different story though. Any views?
  4. avon

    Arthur Miller, The Crucible

    Image source. Presented by okamido: Arthur Miller, The Crucible, 1953. Text available from HERE and HERE! Open for discussion on Sunday, 09 January, 2011. ...
  5. kbear

    What punishment did Dr. Josef Mengele deserve??

    i have recently been reading about dr. mengele, aka "angel of death"--appallingly evil man who escaped justice by fleeing to south america. medical doctors take an oath that says "first, do no harm" so how does a doctor take that oath and then conduct some of the most inhumane medical...
  6. Nick

    Santa Claus and pirates

    Klaus Stortebeker was a 14th century German pirate captain who was said to be able to drink a mug of beer in a single gulp. His crew went by the motto "friends of God and enemies of the world." Eventually he was captured by the Hanseatic league and sentenced to be beheaded with his crew of 70...
  7. L

    Slavery in Great Britain

    I live in America and i know quite a lot about slavery in America and the abolitionist movement and how it helped start the civil war but i dont know a lot about slavery in Great Britain I watched Amazing Grace (2006 film i cant post a link) which is a film about British Abolitionists but i...
  8. G

    Gunpowder Interview

    I am in my last year of school studying Tudor history for my final exams. I'm doing an investigation on the Gunpowder Plot, focusing mainly on the symbolism of the movement and its impact after 1605. As an internal assessment, I have been asked to interview an expert. I was wondering if anyone...
  9. Nick

    Was Jesus really crucified?

    A Swedish pastor and academic has made headlines by claiming Jesus didn't die on the cross. Although Christ definitely died on Calvary hill Gunnar Samuelsson believes crucifixion was an unusual method of execution. The word used in the original Greek translation: Stauros was a broad definition...
  10. Son of Cathal

    The Witch Hunts: A War On Women?

    Do you think the witch hunts that took place in Early Modern Europe were part of a war against women or rather a war on those who refused to conform?
  11. Nick

    Crucifixion of Jesus

    Around 30AD Jesus is led away by the Romans to be crucified. He has been found guilty of robbery, insurrection and murder. Meanwhile, Pilate releases a long-haired carpenter's son turned mystic after giving him a good whipping. What if Jesus Barabbas was excuted instead of Jesus Christ?
  12. Tudor chick

    Anne Boleyn; Guilty or Innocent

    I thought it would fun to retry this case with the evidence now given and decide was Anne Boleyn guilty charges of committing adultery and plotting the Kinds death, or innocent of these charges. Also state who was behind her downfall, Henry, Cromwell, The Seymour’s or some one else? Have...
  13. Freudian

    Public executions

    I'm wanting to know your opinions on this matter. What do public executions tell us about the beliefs of seventeenth and eighteenth century Englishmen and women? This was brought to my attention in a homework question and I realized afterward that it would be interesting to have seen your...
  14. Tudor chick

    re: Thomas Cromwell

    re: Thomas Cromwell "Lock Cromwell in a deep dungeon in the morning, says Thomas More, "and when you come back that night he'll be sitting on a plush cushion eating larks tongues, and all the gaolers will owe him money". This is from the book - Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel, which is based in...
  15. HistoryFreak1912

    Samurai and Prisoners

    Today in my Asian Civ. class, my professor is going to be talking about Feudeal Japan, particulary the rise of the Samurai class, which is one of my favorite period in Japanese history. This is just a random question I have. Anyone who had seen The Last Samurai knows what happens to the main...
  16. Nick

    Mary I

    Bloodthirsty mass-murderer responsible for torturing and burning countless innocent men, women and children for their faith? Or victim mistreated by her father and husband and demonised by later protestant propaganda? Discuss.
  17. M

    The inquisition in Rome

    ..sorry if this is the wrong spot BOOORING. But I have to write a paper based on "You are the pope: defend the inquisition". I do not know enough about the inquisition to submit this to my professor, and it's the "final exam" of essays. I know the inquisition in Rome was in reference to...
  18. Pedro

    Nursery Rhymes, History of

    An article quoted . . . Mary Mary quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells The Mary alluded to in this traditional English nursery rhyme is reputed to be Mary Tudor, or Bloody Mary, who was the daughter of King Henry VIII. Queen Mary was a staunch...
  19. T

    The Spanish Inquisition

    What can you tell me about the Spanish Inquisition?
  20. T

    Medieval torture

    There are many different forms of torture. How did it evolve through out the ages? Presumably things started simple and got more complex as technology advanced. When the conqueror built the Tower of London and other famous castles I imagine that they didn’t originally have the morbid torture...