1. grey fox

    Punishment for killing a free black person in the Antebellum South

    About 16 years ago I watched a documentary about John Wesley Hardin in the series "Gunfighters of the West." The documentary said that in the state of Texas during Reconstruction, John Wesley Hardin killed a free black man named Mage over some sort of minor squabble. As I recall, this killing...
  2. tomar

    Is collective punishment effective ?

    In military affairs it has been practised widely,up to and including WW2.. Its now as I understand prohibited Was it effective ? If yes, why was it stopped ? If no, why was it practised regularly by most military powers in one shape or another ? In its milder form it is practised by various...
  3. maharbbal

    Executed for cowardice in the 16th century

    Hi, I've realised that there were a few examples of senior officers being executed for cowardice in the 1500s. After the battle of Capo d'Orso, in 1528, the Catalan captain Franc├Ęs de Loria was hanged, in 1556, the Spanish governor of Bejaia Alonso Peralta was beheaded. Do you know of any other...
  4. S

    Classism & punishment

    I am curious, what were the most extreme punishments for those who broke the rules. In china, japan or India, or somewhere else even. I'm sure death was probably one of them but also,what were some offences that would seem minor to us but unforgivable in certain points of Asian history.
  5. P

    Caesar and capital punishment

    When five of Catiline's conspirators were captured, Caesar recommended imprisoning them/opposed Cato's plan of executing them. So was Caesar usually against capital punishment? Thanks
  6. F

    Objects in history that were tortured for their "actions"

    I know it may sound a bit weird, but do you know some examples? For instance, I know that La Piagnona (bell of San Marco church in Italy) was put on trial, exiled from the city and was whipped by a punisher as they were taking it out of the city in the 15th century. Reason was because it was...
  7. Darth Raidius

    Should rapists be castrated?

    I believe that the title is self-explanatory. Do you believe that it is a valid punishment to surgically remove the genitalia of convicted rapists, thus permanently preventing them from committing rape or sexual intercourse in the future?
  8. Darth Raidius

    Torture as a form of punishment

    It is generally accepted that torture is inefficient as a method of interrogation, as many innocents would admit guilt only to not endure any further pain. However, I recently entered a discussion with a friend regarding torture as a form of punishment. Some criminals, such as rapists and child...
  9. Iraq Bruin

    Indian sisters to be raped as 'punishment' for brother eloping

    Indian sisters to be raped as 'punishment' for brother eloping - Telegraph seriously?:wacko:
  10. Jax

    On the Nature of Crime and Punishment

    As far as I can tell "killed by bandits" was one of the most common ways to die in the ancient Mediterranean: Although Rome was famous for its road building it seems doubtful that it policed the roads that it built. Having ended the majority of piracy in the late Republic by wiping out the main...
  11. Kormp

    Capital Punishment

    In modern justice, capital punishment is a subject of controversy. While some argue that it brings real justice, others argue it's a violation of human rights. The poll options may be too generalized, but please give your detailed opinions on this thread.
  12. Yashti96

    Nuremberg Laws punishment for sexual relations

    The Nuremberg Laws forbid sexual relations between 'Aryans' ("German or related blood") and Jews known as Rassenschande (race defilement) but why did the punishment differ from case to case? The sentencing was time in a concentration camp. However, I've read a few books that have stated that...
  13. Menshevik

    Did punishment for the Nazis extend to their spouses?

    I'm watching a movie right now. It's about a family, in which the father is ostensibly a Nazi war criminal of some type. He leaves the family, supposedly to turn himself in. Then his wife leaves too, explaining to the eldest daughter that she too must surrender herself. I never thought that the...
  14. K

    Capital punishment for stealing in Europe

    Hello, If a thief stole food in Europe, let's say during the black plague period (14th century), can he receive capital punishment? Thanks!
  15. P

    The chair a cruel & unusual punishment

    `In 1890 during the dispute between electric current included which current would best power an electric chair. To execute a William Kemmler. Kimmler killed his lover by striking her 25 times with an axe. Edison went about testing his method on dogs, cows even a few horses. On august 6 1980...
  16. theauthor

    Why is torture acceptable?

    I'd like to know your arguments why torture is ethically right, under any circumstances. Before you post, please read my counter-arguments: Torture as interrogation method: If someone being interrogated genuinly knows nothing about where that bomb is placed that is supposed to kill 1000...
  17. theauthor

    Secret use of the Death Penalty

    EDIT: I am sorry, my sources are in Danish only. I've been reading some scary stuff about crime and punishment in general. As you probably know, I live in Denmark, and I can't really speak for other countries than my own. However, I am pretty sure that what I've read about the Danish criminal...
  18. theauthor

    Cruel and inhumane punishment

    Edit: Just reviewing my own post again, I can see the kind of... ugliness in it. I assure you this is meant only for philosophical and ethical discussion. If this post is against the rules of this forum (I suddenly came in doubt about this), I am very sorry. Please delete it then. When...
  19. Lord_of_Gauda

    Corporal Punishment

    What do you think of it ? Do you believe that the option to physically discipline a minor ( discipline, not beat the crap out of) should be an option ? If so, what would constitute a corporal punishment-worthy action and how would you administer it ? If you don't agree, please tell us why you...
  20. Jake10

    Crime and punishment in England during the Middle Ages

    So, a man killing another man resulted in hanging, but a woman killing her husband resulted in her being burned at the stake... Chances are the woman who killed her husband might have had a better reason for doing so. Anyways, what are some other punishments for crime in medieval England?