1. JM1906

    Vladimir Putin Speech and Russia's most recent nuclear powered missile

    https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/03/putin-boasts-new-strategic-weapons-will-make-us-missile-defense-useless/ So, some days ago, Rússia anounced a new tecnological inovative weapon, a nuclear powered missile. Various articles were made about the projects of having nuclear power planes...
  2. VHS

    Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union

    Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union has always been an intriguing topic, and I know a history professor who has been repetitively interviewed for current events in Ukraine and Russia. I refuse to give his name here; I usually don't reveal my full identity. How was governance under...
  3. R

    Someone like Putin or Deng Xiaopeng replaces Chernenko?

    What if someone like Putin or Deng Xiaopeng replaced Chernenko? Basically someone who tries to modernized the Soviet economy gradually but keeps the Soviet politiavl system in place.
  4. artistauthor

    Indict Putin on charges of waging aggressive war!

    This may sound bizarre(or maybe infuriating to some Russian posters) but I think that this is a valid proposition- indict Vladimir Putin on charges of waging aggressive war in Georgia( 2008) and more recently the Ukraine, preferably by the International Criminal Court at the Hague If indictment...
  5. ThePharaoh

    Trump Putin Erdogan Alliance

    What do you think would happen to world in such scenario? Say these trio make an over-the-Nato alliance
  6. Earl_of_Rochester

    Is Putin's strategy for control of a warm water port?

    As the rusty Russian tubs scoot past Dover on Trafalgar Day the Brit press are going into meltdown that those dastardly commies are daring to twitch the lion's tail. Naturally this is absurdly biased reporting to make the Russians out as the bad guys, if it were the French or Spanish it...
  7. Valens

    WikiLeaks claims Panama Papers are a US funded attack on Putin and Russia

    It was published on WikiLeaks Twitter account, but I don't know are we allowed to give links to Twitter here. It says Panama Papers are funded by the US via USAID and Open Society Institute.
  8. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Putin denounces Lenin

    Kruschev denounced Stalin. Putin denounces Lenin. Vladimir Putin denounces Soviet founder Lenin - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
  9. Valens

    UK investigation says Putin 'probably' ordered the murder of Litvinenko

    Russia's Putin probably approved London murder of ex-KGB agent Litvinenko: UK inquiry | Reuters Given that the West and Russia are currently experiencing a major cooling down of their relations, such reports could serve to further erode them. Could this be true, or is it another politically...
  10. holoow

    Putin acknowledged Russian military presence in Ukraine

    Vladimir Putin: there is Russian military presence in Ukraine ? video | World news | The Guardian
  11. C

    Putyanin the Illegitimate

    Is Putin a Russian ? Yes. What else is known? "Vladimir Putin is a relative of all royal families of Europe Russian president Vladimir Putin was a mystery almost for everyone during the moment of his election. He seemed to be a man with no past, inspired with the symbol of the new epoch...
  12. Excalibur

    Putin vs. Obama in UN

    Which speech was better in UN? Putin speech http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q13yzl6k6w0 Obama speech http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHnqsHnFeN4 Any reviews?
  13. Romanianboy2013

    Putin opens Moscow's largest mosque, warns against extremists

    I know that Russia has a large muslim population, but why would you make a Mosque in your own capital? Why not in Caucasus or somewhere near the border with Kazakhstan? As it is ,with the current problems Europe faced with muslims,the russians just invite trouble.And if the radical islam get's a...
  14. Magnate

    Revealed: Putin's army of pro-Kremlin bloggers

    A very simple question... Why does russia need to pay people to write pro-russian posts? If russia is doing the right thing, there should not be a need to pay people to write good things about them? Here is some from the this fresh article: "Hundreds of workers are paid above-average salaries...
  15. T

    Documents Reveal Putin Plotted Ukraine Invasion

    Who knows whats true these days, but seems logical with the degree of "support" Russia is giving the "seperatists," all Russian volunteers, not regulars, we are told. I'm surprised this news outlet hasn't been shut down....yet. And, will the "documents" see the light of day? World War 3...
  16. wearybanker

    Putin, is this the truth?

    I put on here some time ago that he was a thug. Seems I may have been right! Is Vladimir Putin the richest man on earth? Yet, here we are , trying to negotiate a reduction of deaths in Ukraine with the very man who is trying to send his fellow countrymen into penury!
  17. A

    How Putin's new authoritarian Russia now threatens to reignite the Cold War

    While officially a democracy, the Russian Federation has been slowly sliding back towards the Soviet Union's authoritarianism under the guise of patriotism and nationalism. In power for over fifteen years, Putin’s militaristic polices have even led him to invade Ukraine, threatening to push...
  18. Perix

    Putin helps islamic terrorism?

    I just watched a tv political broadcast, where a journalist issued the ideea that Putin, by his secret services, would help and assist different islamist terrorist fractions to attack NATO countries, as a revenge for Russia isolation. He said even Putin warned that, when he said the sanctions...
  19. C

    Book on Putin

    Please delete this thread. Posted in error....................... I belong to Goodreads, the readers' website. A friend of mine there says she wants a book about Putin. "I was wondering if you could recommend to me the best history of Putin? I am lost trying to find one book that...
  20. Magnate

    Putin working for CIA

    I find it peculiar that everything Putin done since he got to power did not serve the interests of Russia but rather destroyed it from within. We all know that he worked for KGB and was stationed in East germany. There was plenty of CIA activities in those areas, and maybe just maybe he got in...