1. P

    A new Halloween and Stonehenge Theory

    A new Halloween and Stonehenge Theory ?
  2. tomar

    4th pyramid

    What do people think of this ? Subsidiary question.. The ancient egyptians seem to have put a lot of "passive" protection to guard the insides of pyramids and tombs... Why could not the pharaohs put a couple of platoons of armed soldiers to protect them ?... its not like its easy to penetrate...
  3. cachibatches

    Interesting. This European "Pyramid" seems legit

    Even if they did cheat to make it by terraforming a hill: This is (apparently) a legit version of what the crackpots claim the Bosnian and other hills are. And a thousand...
  4. MrKap

    Psyonic Warfare began with Pyramid Amplifiers.

    There is a hypothesis floating around that spirits, and jins, and other underworld entities, were telepaths, and these telepaths assisted great pharohs and leaders throughout history. This article discusses how pyramids amplify geo-electromagnetics of the earth to amplify untrsound frequences...
  5. J

    Good study of the Great Pyramid

    I'd like to find a good study of the Great Pyramid of Cheops that looks especially at the amount of labor it took to build.
  6. Sertorius1066

    Favourite pyramid

    It's a simple as the title suggests, what is your favourite pyramid and why? You can base it on a host of reasons, pure size, design, innovations, your favourite pharaoh built it. Mine is the Pyramid of Amemenhat III, the black pyramid. I have always been fascinated by the failures rather than...
  7. W

    Bent pyramid guide

    Hi all, Not content with the few pages normally given to each pyramid in most books, l have decided to do a series of laymans guides, that will hopefully provide more detail and discussion, my second guide is on the Bent pyramid...
  8. W

    Meidum pyramid guide

    Hi all, Not content with the few pages normally given to each pyramid in most books, l have decided to do a series of laymans guides, that will hopefully provide more detail and discussion. My first guide is on Meidum.
  9. Fomorian8

    Where did the pyramid builders come from?

    I'm referring specifically to the 'Great' Pyramids. Around 2600-2500 B.C. Basically out of no where there appears the giant pyramids of Giza. (and of course the pyramid of Djoser which is supposedly slightly older than the large pyramids, though quite clearly not designed by the same builders.)...
  10. C

    Secret hid under Cheops´ Pyramid

    Well, how many millions exactly? Egypt had no money. Into New Kingdom, accounting was done in terms of grain. Who, precisely, built Cheops´ Pyramid, and what WAS in his contract with Cheops? The first Pyramid, that of Djoser, was built by Imhotep, and he´s become a god. A builder of Cheops´...
  11. Lord Harry

    Unlocking the Final Mystery of the Great Pyramid

    The past decade has provided us with a hitherto untold wealth of information regarding the Great Pyramid of Khufu. In 2008, a brilliant French architect by the name of Jean Pierre Houdin, with the support of the eminent Egyptologist Dr. Bob Brier, has conclusively proven that the Great Pyramid...
  12. AlpinLuke

    To orientate a pyramid

    As curious today it can sound, it wasn't that easy to orientate a pyramid in early Egyptian dynastic history. We can think that they observed the sun rising on the day of the equinox to find the real East. Once found the real East, to orientate the faces of the pyramid was easy ... Ehm, the...
  13. Edratman

    Worlds Largest Pyramid

    I just stumbled across this story that was published in the Daily Mail about the largest pyramid, The Great Pyramid of Cholulaabout , about 1/4 mile wide, ust outside Puebla, the fourth largest city in modern day Mexico. Read more: Mexico's Great Pyramid of Cholulu lay beneath a church...
  14. Marcellus

    Ancient Logbook Documenting Great Pyramid's Construction Unveiled

    A logbook that contains records detailing the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza has been put on public display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built in honor of the pharaoh Khufu (reign ca. 2551 B.C.-2528 B.C.) and is the largest of the three pyramids...
  15. Commodus

    What did Napoleon see in the Pyramid?

    There is an old story, the truth of which I cannot attest to. And it basically tells of how Napoleon went inside the Great Pyramid during his time in Egypt. He went in alone, and when he came out was pale and shaking. I also heard that on his deathbed someone asked him about the whole thing, and...
  16. X

    Anyone Still Interested in Pyramid Construction?

    Mod edit: link removed ========== XerosterX, While this topic will be of interest to some of our members, we take the view that we want to see something more than someone posting here with the sole intention of promoting their website. You are, of course free to post links to your website if...
  17. Jeff UMN

    The Feasibility, Effectiveness and Ethics of Restoring the Great Pyramids.

    Thankfully, the Great Pyramids at the Giza complex (and many others throughout Egypt) have endured the ages; however, largely thanks to nearby building projects of the past, their outer casings have been lost to time. Unfortunately, this leaves them more vulnerable to damage and erosion than...
  18. M

    Bent Pyramid, Red Pyramid, Great Pyramid - why is burial chamber *inside* substance?

    Hi guys, I have just finished The Pyramids by Miroslav Verner. It says that the burial chamber is always "located under or level with the pyramid's base", the only exceptions being the Bent Pyramid, the Red Pyramid, and the Great Pyramid. He goes on to say that in those cases "we can determine...
  19. N

    Napoleon and the Great Pyramid

    During Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign, he and his troops visited the Great Pyramid. Whilst inside, Napoleon asked to be left alone in the King's Chambers. When his men returned to the chamber later, Napoleon looked noticeably shaken. When asked by one of his men what he had seen in the...
  20. M

    The Great Pyramid's Stepped Core

    The micro-gravimetric scan done by H.D. Bui indicates the existence of a stepped core inside The Great Pyramid .The breach in Menkaure's Pyramid shows it has an inner stepped core, The Queen's Pyramids are stepped, so a stepped core in The Great Pyramid wouldn't seem out of place. There is other...