1. C

    How the Great Pyramid was built

    The ancient Egyptians who built the pyramids may have been able to move massive stone blocks across the desert by wetting the sand in front of a contraption built to pull the heavy objects, according to a new study. Physicists at the University of Amsterdam investigated the forces needed to pull...
  2. Y

    Pyramids — the legacy of the Apocalypse

    There are many versions of who built the pyramids and how they were built, but I want to touch on only one question – for what purpose they were built. Having understood it, it is possible to make further assumptions to whom it was necessary to build them. There are many versions of the purpose...
  3. Azad67

    The reason Sphinx and pyramids escaped destruction at the hands of early Muslims

    They simply could not destroy it or the monuments were buried under sand at that time. Al-Zarkali (1029–1087) was asked about the Pyramids and the Sphinx etc: Did the Sahaabah who entered Egypt see them? He said: They were mostly covered with sand, especially the Sphinx. The caliph...
  4. S

    Piecing together the First Intermediate Period

    XTVofY2E1ow Very hard period to but together, all we really have is fiction for the most part with some very scanty archeological evidence. All this makes it very interesting. I have my own speculations as to what happened. I would love to hear yours.
  5. S

    Piecing together the First Intermediate period

    XTVofY2E1ow Seasons Greetings I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and just a lovely day in general if you do not partake. Below I have tried to make a brief but concise summary of the First Intermediate Period. Hard as that is with the limited evidence, All I had was speculation to help me...
  6. S

    Who Built the Pyramids

    FtowGG5XpeA I do not begrudge anyone who does believe that Aliens built the Pyramids. I understand that view, they are Amazing! It does seem improbable that we built them, but we did. The fact that we did is the greatest thing of all about it. I enjoy Sneferu but are there any other cool...
  7. S

    How the Pyramids were built

    FtowGG5XpeA I do not begrudge anyone who does believe that Aliens built the Pyramids. I understand that view, they are Amazing! It does seem improbable that we built them, but we did. The fact that we did is the greatest thing of all about it. I enjoy Sneferu but are there any other cool...
  8. S

    How the Pyramids were built

    FtowGG5XpeA I am not a subscriber to the ancient aliens theory, at least not as it pertains to the Pyramids, but I dont dismiss people that have this view. To be honest I just think it is due to lack of information. You cant be angry with that. Anyway here is a video examining the Pyramids...
  9. K

    Pyramids of China

    There are lots of threads on Egyptian pyramids already... but no thread of the other nations that made pyramids. So here I present you the pyramids of China Enjoy!
  10. James Cook

    Possible controversy about the age of the Pyramids

    I have been reading a book named "Egyptian Dawn", by the (very) controversial Robert Temple. In it he uses a luminescence dating method on Menkaure's Pyramid, and finds out that it is too old to be built in Menkaure's lifetime (even considering the huge - almost 1000 years - margin of error; the...
  11. Kapyong

    Ten Times Older than the Pyramids !

    Greetings all :) This is rather new, and quite exciting news - Recently found was a man-made rock structure 45,000 years old. Ten times older than the pyramids, more than four times older than the Jericho stone tower. The oldest man-made stone structure by far. It's called "Nawarla...
  12. B

    Why the Orientation of Pyramids Correlates to Ice Ages

    The correlation between the orientation of about 300 (ancient) structures spread around the world and the last four glaciations is so compelling that it in fact proves the true age of ancient structures. Forget about 10,000 years BC, think in terms of 110,000 years, and 240,000 years, and...
  13. B

    Mathematical Codes Encrypted in the Pyramids of Giza

    Many people are aware of the many mathematical codes that are 'encrypted' in the Pyramids of Giza. For example the ratio between half the basis (which has then a value of 1) of the pyramid and the height is equal to √φ, while the hypotenuse equals φ itself. There are many more...
  14. B

    Falsification of Our History

    Why crustal slips and ancient pyramids are related to eachother: Alignment of Pyramids to Former North Poles I hope you enjoy it!
  15. Sertorius1066

    The pyramids

    I am wanting to really study the pyramids after reading a book about Khufu and the great pyramid. Which book would you recommend that is best for a chronological account of all the pyramids? The Pyramid Builder: Cheops, the Pharaoh Behind the Great...
  16. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Scientists given green light to scan pyramids

    From the Belfast Telegraph Scientists given green light to scan Egypt's pyramids at Giza - Antiquities Minister Mamdouh Eldamaty says the project will begin south of Cairo with the scanning of the so-called Bent Pyramid at Dashour, followed by the nearby Red Pyramid...
  17. Jeff UMN

    The Feasibility, Effectiveness and Ethics of Restoring the Great Pyramids.

    Thankfully, the Great Pyramids at the Giza complex (and many others throughout Egypt) have endured the ages; however, largely thanks to nearby building projects of the past, their outer casings have been lost to time. Unfortunately, this leaves them more vulnerable to damage and erosion than...
  18. Otranto

    Jews Building Pyramids

    Maybe you guys have read that Egypt banned Riley Scott's movie Exodus. One of the reasons the censors gave was that the Jews did not build pyramids. Since Egypt is now banning movies for historical inaccuracies, I expect they will ban every movie ever made. Exodus 1:11 tells us that Pharaoh...
  19. O

    De-railing the 'Chariots of the Gods'

    I would like to pass on some ideas, some of which are (I believe!) my own and some I have learnt from others. I am not an academic so please try to not expect me to debate like one. My efforts are not perfect, my knowledge is scant and I do not have all the answers. My ideas are not all...
  20. cachibatches

    Ancient European Pyramids (not the Bosnian Hills)

    Good day all. Unlike a lot of the rest of the world, ancient European societies very rarely made Pyramid structures. Megaliths, temples, stadiums, aqueducts, fortifications...the Romans even made something like an ancient shopping mall. But they very rarely delved into the realm of Pyramids, and...