1. Ultimatium

    How did the Egyptians manage to build pyramids?

    Hello everyone, my apologies if this question has already been asked. The question above has always been fascinating me. How did the Egyptians manage to build these huge pyramids and monuments, granted the fact that the technology available back then were extremely primitive in comparison to...
  2. Satuf

    Pyramids of Egypt and the Ziggurats of Mesopotamia

    Which ones are older? the pyramids of Egypt? (I mean the Saqarra), or the Ziggurats of Mesopotamia? (Don't know when the first ever was built). And who influenced the other to build a pyramid? Mesopotamians influenced Egyptians? or Egyptians influenced Mesopotamians?
  3. F

    Egyptian Pyramids

    Hi, This is my first post here. I was watching a documentary some time ago regarding dating of the pyramids in Egypt. The documentary explained that a French man, in around the 17th century, was trying to estimate the age of the hieroglyphics to get an idea of the age of the pyramids. From...
  4. AncientDigger

    Radio Station In Florida Says Pyramids are Less then Impressive

    There was radio station here in Orlando that mentioned a recent trip to the pyramids, saying since they were built by slaves, that didn't see what the hype was about. For me, this comment was entirely short sided and just plain ridiculous. I believe that structures that have been standing for...

    Pelasgian Pyramids

    "Afterwards, when most of the inhabitants of Greece were destroyed by flood, and all records and ancient monuments perished with them, the Egyptians took this occasion to appropriate the study of astrology solely to themselves; and whereas the Grecians (through ignorance) as yet valued not...
  6. Kronos

    Building up the Egyptian Pyramids

    In this thread i ask you what's your opinion about this great achievement from the ancient egyptians. Meaning the 3 main and higher pyramids, the question is: was it the working force made of slaves, unpaid, labouring 'till death and fustigated with whips, or there was a specialized group of...
  7. Aleks

    Pyramids in Europe!?

    Hi guys its nice to be back after long time, now I am studying as achaeologist next year anyways, on my back to my home country I discovered an link about Bosnia. As it says Who could build this kind of pyramid? -The proffessional pyramid proffessor from Cairo arrived and he said "Digg deeper"...
  8. P

    Bosnian "pyramids": hills shaped by Romans

    did Romans shape Bosnian hills so-called Bosnian pyramids :D : official description: -Expert view on the bogus story that caught attention of world media (CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Reuters, AP...) in 2006-2007. See why the "pyramids" could represent a historical...
  9. C

    UFOs, God and the Great Pyramids God, UFOs and the Great Pyramid New documentary looks at who built Egypt's monuments Who really built the great pyramids of Egypt? In school, students are taught that the pharoahs used slave labor and existing technology to build tombs for...
  10. old_abe

    pyramids across the world

    The Egyptians built there pyramids and, within them, placed their mummified dead. In South America this practice has also been observed. Do you think this was an evolutionary practice or a skill maintained in one direction by 'emigrants'? I guess what I'm saying is, were the pyramids in each...